Bodycount Game Guide

Bodycount Game Guide: Weapons and Upgrades

Bodycount is a first-person shooter video game developed by Codemasters Guildford for PS3 (PlayStation 3) and Xbox 360.

The title was published on August 30, 2011, in U.S, and it was rated M for Mature.

In Bodycount, the player assumes the role of a former soldier, recruited by a strange company called The Network, which is focused on solving worldwide armed conflicts.

Eventually, the player, as well as the main character, will find out that The Network’s intentions are different than those exposed in the beginning of the game.

Featuring a fast paced gameplay and destructible environments, Bodycount engages players in a never-ending combat, divided in missions. Each mission is graded, based on the player’s ratings and shooting skills.

The video game also includes a vast list of weapons that can be unlocked by completing missions. Jackson, the main character, can be equipped with two weapons; however some weapons can be can be used only in specific missions.

Additionally, the main character can use several power-ups (perks) by collecting energy points, which are dropped after each kill.

These power-ups are upgraded automatically during the game, and they can grant temporarily invincibility, increased damage for all weapons, etc…

The following game guide reveals the full list of weapons and power-ups available in Bodycount, the video game.

The guide was created with the purpose of helping players who wish to beat the game, and offers useful information and tips for each weapon and perk included in the game.

Unlockable Weapons

The list below reveals all the weapons that can be unlocked in the first-person shooter video game,Bodycount:


Description: Low range, high power shotgun. The closer the shot the more damage inflicted. Reloads take time and fire rate is low, only suitable for close range encounters.


Description: SMG with heavy effect on cover. Highest range and capacity in its class, but less effective against flesh.


Description: Capable assault rifle. Most effective damage against flesh in its class. Marginally slower fire-rate than others, but with higher capacity.


Description: Covert hand gun. The only silenced weapon available. Low damage to flesh and surfaces means accuracy it’s a must.


Description: Highest range in Assault Rifle class. Excellent damage against both flesh and surfaces. Highly accurate but with low capacity.


Description: Advanced Target Assault Rifle. Huge fire-rate makes the Kaluka perform more like an SMG. Very effective in taking down cover.


Description: SMG with very high fire-rate. Extremely effective against flesh, but hampered by a low range and low ammunition capacity.

CQB. 45

Description: Super-powerful hand gun. Effective damage against flesh and surfaces. Huge recoil slows fire-rate.


Description: Advanced Target Shotgun. Slow fire rate, but incredible damage and lingering area effect make this one of the most effective weapons available.


Description: High damage and range, as well as a huge ammo capacity makes the Minimi a formidable part of any armory. Marginal inaccuracy and long reloads are the down-side.

Unlockable Power-Ups (Perks)

The following list contains all the upgrades that can be unlocked in Bodycount:

Adrenaline Upgrades

Level 1: Temporary invincibility.

Level 2: Level 1 upgrade plus increased speed.

Explosive Bullet Upgrades

Level 1: High damage projectiles.

Level 2: Enemy detonation bullets.

WMD Airstrike Upgrades

Level 1: Airstrike , normal power.

Level 2: Increased Airstrike power.

TPW Pulse Weapon Upgrades

Level 1: Enemy reveal world ping.

Level 2: Target termination chip pulse weapon.

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