BioShock Infinite The Hand of the Prophet Telescope #1 Location

BioShock Infinite The Hand of the Prophet Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite The Hand of the Prophet represents the mission that starts after DeWitt rescues Elizabeth in The Operating Theater.

Reunited with Elizabeth, DeWitt has to battle his way to Comstock’s flagship, the Hand of the Prophet, even if he doesn’t agree with Elizabeth’s idea.

The Hand of the Prophet is a short chapter, but that doesn’t mean players can’t miss the BioShock Infinite collectibles available in the mission.

Their locations are revealed in the following BioShock Infinite collectibles’ guide.

Voxophone #1

When you start the mission, you have to open the locked balcony door to reach the roof. Then you need to deal with some enemies on the bridge (roof) that leads to the next part of the building.

On the other side of the bridge you should see a locked door.

Clear the way so that Elizabeth may use her lockpicking skills on that door. Go inside and check the room on your left in order to find the BioShock Infinite The Hand of the Prophet Voxophone.

“AN ULTIMATUM; Rosalind Lutece; October the 16th, 1909”

The Hand of the Prophet Voxophone #1

Telescope #1

Nearby is a smaller ship (a gunship) that can get you to Comstock’s flagship. Before boarding the gunship take a quick look to your left (while facing the gunship) to see the BioShock Infinite Telescope in The Hand of the Prophet.

After you look through it you should unlock the Sightseer achievement/trophy if you followed our complete guide and collected every Kinetoscope and Telescope in the video game.

Board the gunship and then repel the airborne assault so you can reach Comstock’s flagship and start the next chapter titled Hangar Deck.

The Hand of the Prophet Telescope #1
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