BioShock Infinite Raffle Square Voxophone #1 Location

BioShock Infinite Raffle Square Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

BioShock Infinite Chapter 3, also known as Raffle Square, is the second mission of the video game that includes collectibles.

After DeWitt familiarizes himself with the city (in Welcome Center), he is branded as the False Shepherd, so he must escape the law forces if he wants to reach the Monument Island.

There is only one BioShock Infinite collectable in the third chapter, but it can be easily overlooked in the heat of the battle.

Because of that, players are advised to use the collectibles’ guide below which reveals its exact location.

Voxophone #1

When you acquire your first weapons, you need to fight off the enemies and then board a gondola (there’s a vending machine near the ramp).

Nearby there are two cages, and between them is the first and the only BioShock Infinite Raffle Square Voxophone.

“SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS Jeremiah Fink September the 16th, 1893”

After that, you need to play until you find The Blue Ribbon Restaurant. If you get inside, you trigger the next chapter in line, named Comstock Center Rooftops.

Raffle Square Voxophone #1
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