BioShock Infinite Monument Island Gateway Telescope #1 Location

BioShock Infinite Monument Island Gateway Voxophones, Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

The fifth chapter in BioShock Infinite is named Monument Island Gateway, and it is triggered when players access the gondola station they find at the end of Comstock Center Rooftops.

After he reaches the station, DeWitt must find a way to reach the Monument Island.

This is the first mission that features a new addition to the BioShock series, the sky-line system, which is a very fast method used to travel within the game world.

Players who encounter difficulties in locating every BioShock Infinite collectible in Monument Island Gateway should use the information in the following collectibles’ guide.

Kinetoscope #1

Immediately after you enter the station, turn right. You should see the first BioShock Infinite Monument Island Gateway Kinetoscope between the benches (where you see the two posters).

“Uncanny Mystery in Columbia…”

Monument Island Gateway Kinetoscope #1

Telescope #1

The only BioShock Infinite Monument Island Gateway Telescope is very easy to miss because of its position. After you exit the gondola station, you need to use a gondola to reach Monument Island.

Unfortunately, the gondola isn’t working, so the new sky-line system is introduced to you for the first time. You can use the grappling hook attached to your arm in order to access the sky-line rails.

Therefore, grab the rail and pay attention, because at some point during your ride two enemies attack you and you need to quickly jump onto their balcony.

Finish them and then look through the Telescope located on the same balcony.

Monument Island Gateway Telescope #1

Voxophone #1

Shortly after you pick up the previous collectable, your path on the sky-line is blocked, so you have to find a way to clear the freight off the tracks.

The lever is in the room that’s on the right side, and if you go inside you can see there’s another smaller room to your right (as you enter).

In this room is a desk which holds the first BioShock Infinite Voxophone hidden in Monument Island Gateway.

“ANOTHER ARK FOR ANOTHER TIME; Zachary Hale Comstock; September the 9th, 1893”

After you escape Comstock’s Zeppelin, get through the door to reach Monument Island and start the next chapter.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone #1
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