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Binary Domain Walkthrough Chapter 2 Yearn for Refuge

Yearn for Refuge is the second Binary Domain chapter, and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it in order to advance in the game.

Yearn for Refuge continues the events started in the previous mission, known as Hit and Run. You will begin the chapter, after you meet your new team.

When Yearn for Refuge starts, after the introductory cutscene, you are asked to select two team-members to accompany Dan. We have decided to play this specific mission with Dan, Big Bo and Faye.

After you choose your team, you will receive the first objective.

Objective 1: Get to the Japanese contact via Spain-zaka

Follow your team and enter the building to the right. Assuming that you play with Big Bo and Faye, you will hear Bo making a remark about Faye’s body.

If you agree with him, your trust level will increase, but Faye will hear you and you will lose some trust with her. On the other hand, if you disagree with Bo, your trust level will decrease, but Faye will be pleased to hear your answer.

Continue to follow Bo and when you exit the demolished building, on the street; to the right, you will see a shop. If you look to the left, you will see two crates. On them you will find the Assault: Auto Repair I nanomachine (for Dan only).

Next, move down the street and you will encounter a pack of robots. Move from one cover point to another and eventually Bo will inform you that a sniper holds a great position up in a building, just in front of you.

On the right side of the street on a blue crate is the Sniper Rifle. Pick it up and take out the sniper.

When you reach the end of the street, go left and enter the building. Follow the stairs up, kill the robots and jump through the window. To the right you will find a crate containing more ammo and grenades. Clear the area and Faye will tell you that a Grand Lancer approaches.

Objective 2: Defeat the Grand Lancer

Quickly cross the street and enter the next building. In front of you, on a crate is the Rocket Launcher. Grab it, and then go to the second floor.

Take cover near the hole in the wall and when the Grand Lancer gets near, shoot a rocket. Now, that his armor peeled off, shoot the cable above the robot’s head. Next, go to the top floor and take out the robots in the building across the street. When Bo tells you to jump on the Grand Lancer, press B.

On top of the Grand Lancer, hold down LT to aim and RT to fire. Make sure you maintain your balance by moving the Left Thumbstick. When the Grand Lancer leans to the right push the Thumbstick to the left.

Repeat this step and fire all the time, until the mech falls to the ground. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Jumper.

Talk to Faye and Big Bo for additional trust points, and then follow them into the next building.

Objective 3: Get to the Japanese contract via the slums

Open the shutter and continue to follow your team. Eventually, a new cutscene triggers when you enter a bar. Pay close attention to the cutscene and to the damaged robot.

After the cutscene you will receive a new objective and you will have the chance to re-customize your team. We will continue with Big Bo and Faye, in order to reach the maximum levels of trust.

Objective 4: Head for the Shibuya Underground Mall

After you complete your team’s customization, exit the building and you will enter a large courtyard. Big Bo will inform you that in order to advance you must open the blocked doors on the right side of the area. Head towards the other side of the courtyard and interact with the robot who will refill the gas tank.

Big Bo will move it for you, but you must buy him some time, since more robots will enter the courtyard.

During this phase, keep in mind that if you fail to protect Big Bo, your trust levels with both characters will decrease.

The trick is to shoot the dropping sentries before they deploy the robots. You will notice that when a sentry is damaged, it will explode at high altitude; therefore the robot it carries will also explode when it hits the ground.

Stay near Big Bo all the time and protect him until the fuel tank reaches the blocked door. Shoot the tank, and continue to advance through the damaged workshop. When you exit, a new cutscene starts, introducing the next boss, and the next objective.

Objective 5: Escape the crumbling building away from the Spider

As soon as you receive the objective, you should start sprinting. Avoid the falling debris and follow your team. Eventually, you will see Faye (or other team-member) entering a building.

Make sure you press B to complete the quick-event; however be careful because the moving indicator must show the blue area, not the red one.

Inside the building, talk to Big Bo for additional trust points, and follow him, on the roof. At this point your objective should change.

Objective 6: Get to the Underground Mall via the rooftops

This objective is very clear. All you have to do is to push forward killing waves of robots. Your team-members will show you the path you must follow; but make sure you give them the right answers when they talk to you.

Don’t play as a weak leader because the levels of trust will drop. Additionally, you should always be polite and encourage them. Remember that you can issue orders and adopt different strategies to defeat your enemies.

Advance slowly and you will reach another shutter. Open it only when you are ready to face the Spider you saw earlier.

Objective 7: Defeat the Spider

To kill the Spider, you should know that the weapons you carry have little effect on him. That’s why you have to pick up the Rocket Launcher, located on the left side of the area where the battle takes place. Look for it near a truck.

Stay in cover all the time near the truck, because here you will also find more rockets. The trick is to immobilize the Spider by destroying its legs. Observe the glowing containers on the Spider’s legs, and try to shoot them. Some of these containers are protected by armor, but with the Rocket Launcher you can destroy them faster.

Usually, Bo will tell you where you can find more rockets, while Faye will yell at you when the Spider targets you. Stay in cover all the time, because the rockets fired by this boss are devastating.

If you fall, ask your team to revive you. If you manage to destroy all legs, the boss will fall and you will unlock a new achievement/trophy: Spider Killer.

Watch the next cutscene, and you will receive a new objective.

Objective 8: Pursue the unidentified shadow

Follow your team into the underground passage to complete this objective, and trigger a new cutscene. You will enter Shibuya where Yuki will lead you to Mifune, the Japanese contact.

Before talking to Yuki, you should interact with your team members for more trust points. Near Rachel is a Japanese vendor who is willing to sell you the Assault: Trust Enhancement nanomachines (Dan only), for 5.000 Credits.

Approach Yuki to start a new cutscene, showing a Japanese Hallow Child caught by Mifune’s men.

Next, talk to Yuki but don’t accept her proposal to date her, because you will lose trust points. Follow her and talk to Mifune who will show you the route you must follow to reach the Upper City.

The next cutscene reveals that you must fight your way out, since the robots have followed you inside Shibuya.

Select two members to join your team (Big Bo and Faye in our case) and follow Yuki.

Objective 9: Head for the jet skis in the subway

For this objective you have to follow Yuki all the way to the jet skis. First clear the bar, and look in the central area, for a tablet. Next, continue to follow the tunnel until you reach a blocked door. While Yuki tries to unlock it, take cover and keep the robots away from here.

You have to defeat several waves, coming from two spawning points. While one of your team-members covers your back, deal with the robots spawning near the elevator.

When Yuki tells you that the door is unlocked, head downstairs and enter the next area. Move forward because on the other side, near the fence, to the right, you will find the Assault: Muscle Regeneration I (Dan only) nanomachines. Next, use the shop to purchase more upgrades, then hop on the Jet Ski.

During the race, you must stay away from all obstacles, except for the red robots that can be destroyed. Make sure you don’t hit the walls or the mines. Follow your party-members until you reach the end of the sewers.

Climb the ladder to the next level and you will meet a new boss: Iron Raptor.

Objective 10: Defeat the Iron Raptor

To beat this boss, you have to use the Stinger located in the chamber below the platform you are standing on. The Stinger helps you to lower the Raptor’s defenses; then using your assault rifle, take out the robot’s engines (all four of them).

You will notice that from time to time, the Raptor changes its position. When it flies from one point to another it is very vulnerable. Aim for the engines and when the boss stops, take cover to avoid its missiles. Keep in mind that you can shoot the rockets coming towards you.

You have plenty of space to move around and there are multiple ammo crates around you, therefore this boss fight is very easy.

After you defeat the Iron Raptor, you will receive a new objective.

Objective 11: Head for the sewage treatment plant entrance

The entrance becomes accessible after you defeat the Iron Raptor. Your team will show you the way, so all you have to do is to follow them. After Rachel blows away the doors, select two members and head inside.

There is only one path that can be followed to reach the elevator; however stay alert because you will encounter some new types of robots. The first model looks like a red spider. Don’t let them get near you because they will explode and eventually you will be killed. The second model is more human, and uses melee attacks. Fortunately, both of them can be killed with only few bullets.

When you reach the central area, you will hear Charlie (or other team-member) asking for your help. At this point, you will have to go back, and after you kill the green robots, look for a ladder, on the left side of the first room.

Climb the ladder and continue to advance killing all robots you encounter. Eventually, you will find your team trapped inside another elevator, and you must set them free before the water kills them.

After the cutscene, go left and kill all robots, in order to reach the ladder that takes you to the second floor. Repeat this step until you reach the top floor, and look for a small chamber to the right.

Kill all robots inside, and then pick up the Assault: Physical Enhancement II (Dan only) nanomachines, located on a table to the right.

Next enter the backroom and use the console to activate the drainage system, which will stop the water. Meet with the trapped members of your team, and then head back to the central elevator. Activate the switch to trigger a new cutscene, but stay sharp, and eventually equip a shotgun, because you will be attacked by a vast number of robots.

Keep them at bay until the elevator arrives, then get inside the lift and watch a new cutscene.

When it ends, shoot the robots that grabbed your team-member (Rachel), and watch the final cutscene of the second chapter.

New achievement/trophy unlocked: Yearn for Refuge.

NOTE: The third Binary Domain chapter, named Bad Ground, starts now.

Binary Domain Walkthrough
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