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Binary Domain Walkthrough Chapter 1 Hit and Run

Binary Domain is a tactical third-person shooter, developed by Yakuza Studio, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The title was published by Sega and was rated M for Mature, being released on February 16, 2012 in Japan, February 24, 2012 in Europe and February 28, 2012 in U.S.

Binary Domain was created by Toshihiro Nagoshi, who is also the creator of the Yakuza franchise.

The action in Binary Domain, takes place in 2080, in a world threatened by an imminent between robots and humans. A multinational corporation known as Amada starts to create a series of humanoid robots, breaking the 21th clause included in the Geneva Code.

The robots, called Hollow Children, managed to infiltrate the population, distorting the thin line which separates humans from robots. The main character in the game, named Dan Marshall, along with his Dust Crew, must find Amada, and stop its actions, at all costs.

Binary Domain, features three difficulty levels (Cakewalk, Rust’em Up and Survivor), as well as 6 different chapters. The player can issue vocal commands to his squad-members via a compatible headset connected to the gaming system.

These commands as well as other actions in the game, can change the trust level of a team-member towards his leader, through a system called Consequence System. The Consequence System modifies the behavior of all party-members, along with the gameplay and the story-line.

The following Binary Domain walkthrough explains how to complete the video-game from beginning to the end. It is a complete game guide divided in parts which outline how to beat all bosses and how to find as many collectibles as possible.

Since the game’s plot changes based on the player’s decisions, fans of the game, should know that our complete Binary Domain walkthrough presents the choices we have made while playing the game; however this doesn’t mean that these decisions are the best. The purpose of this walkthrough is to help players who don’t know how to advance in the game, and need additional help, tips and tricks.

The first chapter in Binary Domain is called Hit and Run. It starts with an introductory cutscene which reveals the main objective as well as the main character, Dan Marshall, and his first team-member Big Bo.

The cutscene is followed by a short tutorial regarding the communication system and the game’s controls. To communicate with your party you can use a headset to issue orders, or a normal controller. Press LB (on Xbox 360) to discuss with Big Bo.

Big Bo will also introduce the combat controls. Press Y to focus on a point of interest, followed by LT to aim, and RT to fire your riffle (Sowsar-17 Assault Rifle SBMOD).

Destroy the targets to the right, and then reload your weapon (RB). For a melee attack press X.

Change your weapon by pressing Up on your D-Pad, and then equip your side-arm (Soldado 38P Auto). Focus on the next sign, and destroy it with your pistol, to complete the tutorial.

Follow Big Bo and jump over the first obstacle, by pressing A and pushing the Left Thumbstick forward. Pick up the ammo box  (B) and continue to stay behind Bo, to receive your first objective.

Objective 1: Head for the seawall via the Rainbow Bridge

Continue to follow Bo through the wrecked train and tell him your plans when the mission ends. We decided to go with “Definitely”.

Contact HQ, and jump off the ledge.

Move forward, but stay alert because you will be attacked by several robots. Take cover, and aim for their legs, to slow them down. If a robot is behind cover, aim for the head. Take out the sentry turrets, and don’t forget to issue your commands to Boateng. When the area is cleared, advance and you will reach a blocked zone.

To activate your Burst, equip the rifle and look behind the car near the explosive barrels. Charge your weapon, then aim for the barrels, but make sure you press and hold RB.

Advance following Boateng, and take out the robots, until you reach the next area, and a cutscene showing a huge white robot, starts.

Objective 2: Avoid the Grand Lancer on your way to seawall

After the cutscene, take cover immediately and look around. Don’t waste your ammo on the Grand Lancer, because you can’t kill it; but if you wish you can stun the Grand Lancer for a short period. Press and hold RB, and aim for one of his legs, then exit cover and sprint forward.

Advance and jump off the next ledge.

At this point you will start the swimming stage. Complete it before the time runs out and you will unlock and achievement/trophy called Seek and Destroy.

During this stage, all you have to do is to follow Boateng. Press and hold A to swim faster, and B to dive. The trick is to avoid the sentinels that float above water. If they spot you, they will start shooting at you.

If this happens, dive as quickly as possible. Stay near Boateng and if he stops, you should also stop. The goal is to get to the tanker and ride it past the seawall. When you reach the other side the objective changes.

Objective 3: Break through security and infiltrate the slums

Continue to follow Boateng and you will reach an area where he tells you to ready the line gun. Press B and aim for the glowing spot above you, to reach the next level. Advance and keep your eyes on Boateng and on the crates around you. To the right you will find a briefcase containing an upgrade for Dan.

Move forward and jump down to reach a lower level. Big Bo will ask you if you wish to learn about the commands you can issue to your team. You should follow this tutorial, because these commands will help you later in the game.

Take out the robots that attack you, using your grenades, and when the area is cleared, advance. Bo will show you an elevator to the left, but first check the area behind the crates, to the right, for a Secur-Rom.

Continue to follow Bo and activate the elevator to go up. In the next area, go right and use the shop terminal to upgrade your weapons or purchase additional equipment.

You will also unlock a new trophy achievement called Weapon Crafter.

Stay near Bo, and take out the machine-gun, in the next area, by shooting the explosive barrel near it. Continue to kill all robots, and make sure you don’t hit Bo, because your trust level will decrease. When he praises your skills, thank him to increase the trust level with this character. Remember, being polite is a great way to earn more trust.

Follow Bo up, and on the second floor, go left and you will see a control panel. Activate the crane and move it all the way to the right, then rotate the cargo and lower it, to create a bridge. Ask Bo to cover you, because you will be attacked.

Use the bridge you have created, to reach the other side, and advance. Talk to Bo and tell him you are ready to go, to increase his trust, and then continue forward.

In the next area, you have to kill multiple robots. One of these robots is on a small balcony, to your right, when you enter the chamber.

There, you will find a hidden Secur-Rom, but you have to go around the central area. Make sure you kill the red robots on the other side, then advance and go right to reach the balcony. Now turn back and go through the next door. Upgrade your weapons and talk to Bo to initiate the attack in the next chamber.

Make sure you don’t enter the room, because there is little cover. Take out the robots, while firing through the broken window, then when they are all dead, sprint and grab the machine gun used by the black robot, and return. Kill the next robots, and help Bo open the large gate.

Now, get ready, because you will have to fight a Grand Lancer; however, don’t fire because you can’t hurt the robot. Use the control panel on the left side of the hall, to drop the boxes on the robot. The panel is up on a platform and you have to climb a ladder to reach it.

After you stun the enemy jump down and activate the lever on the other side of the hall, to enter a new area. Sprint forward and use the ladder to reach a higher level, then go right and right again, to get near a new panel. Use it to hit the Grand Lancer and watch the cutscene which presents the events that occurred 10 days before the actions you participate in.

When the cutscene ends, the game continues with Bo and Dan who must escape the facility. Stay alert because you will begin the giant slide stage. After you jump, you have to avoid the obstacles in front of you while sliding down.

Press B to avoid the obstacles above and the Left Thumbstick to move left and right. At the end of the stage, press B again to kick the fence, and then watch the next cutscene. For completing this stage you will unlock the Water Slider achievement/trophy.

Objective 4: Check the rendezvous point through the slums

At this point all you have to do is to advance slowly from one cover point to another, and take out all robots you encounter. At the end of the passage, on a crate, you will find a briefcase containing the Assault: Bulletproof Skin 1 skill.

Pick it up and don’t forget that you have to equip it. Jump on the crates to enter the next area and take out the snipers; however, pay attention because to the right you will see an upgrade station near a small building. Go around the building after you kill all enemies, and you will find another Secur-rom.

Enter the passage and kill all robots, then when you reach the end, pick up the riot-shield on the ground and open the gate, using the switch on the left wall. Expect multiple enemies, behind the gate. Take them out, then advance and watch the cutscene.

Continue to follow Bo, and talk to him. Be polite to increase your trust level. When you reach the next area, you will see a truck. Prepare some grenades to take out the robots that come out, and focus on the black one. After you kill it, grab his weapon and continue forward, around the truck.

Watch the next cutscene, introducing Charlie, Rachel and Faye Lee. The final movie of the chapter is in fact Dan’s presentation of the events that occur around the world. At this point, the first chapter in the game ends. New achievement unlocked: Hit and Run. The second chapter, called Yearn for Refuge starts now.

Binary Domain Walkthrough
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