Big Joe Bean Bag Product Review

Bean bag chairs are known for the comfort they offer. This is based on the type of fillings used to make the chairs. However, the Big Joe is definitely more than a chair. It is perfectly designed and filled with high-quality FUF foam to provide optimum comfort. The chair is specifically designed to provide an incredible environment where you can:

  • Relax
  • Cuddle
  • Lay on
  • Sit in
  • Lounge with kids
  • Even nap after a hard day’s work

The Big Joe is more than just a chair because it is a multi-functional unit. If you are looking for a marvellous bean bag that is patented with precision, this is the unit for you. It features a mix of memory and shredded foam to help you enjoy the excellent support and unrivalled comfort.

Features of the Big Joe

Superior comfort

The Big Joe is a chair that offers superior levels of comfort. It is designed to work best in different positions while offering excellent back support. With the chair, you do not worry about your weight as it can comfortably accommodate you. It doesn’t suck you in as you sit.

It has an amazing space where you can gently sit, flop and pounce as much as you need. When you are tired from work, you can lounge in the chair as it perfectly fits all sizes/weights.

High-quality material

The bean bag is also made of high-quality materials both on the outer cover and the fillers. It combines the quality of memory and shredded foam to provide room for relaxation and comfort. The outer part of the chair is made of microfiber, a comfortable and soft material for you to lie on.

Stylish and easy to use

The other impressive feature about the bean bag is that it is very stylish. It comes in an amazing design and a variety of colours and styles. For this reason, you can always choose what best suits your needs. Depending on where the chair will be used, you can consider a chair that will complete the theme of the house. This will enhance beauty and elegance in your home.

A point to note is that the colours are customized and you will always find one that:

  • Matches your décor.
  • Completes the look of your bedroom.
  • Suits a kid’s bedroom.
  • A chair that matches the overall style of your home.

Similarly, the chair is easy to use. The chair can be adjusted to different positions and nothing offers peace of mind knowing that you can always relax indoors or outdoors as you unwind. Keep in mind that you can go for the large couch or simply a more adjustable model that you can flatten to use as a bed. Whatever your choice, the bean bag guarantees heightened levels of comfort.



As the name suggests, the Big Joe is a large piece to conveniently use in your home. It offers enough space where two adults can lounge in. The good thing is that it comes in a variety of sizes. For this reason, you can always settle for a model that perfectly fits your space.

Easy to set up

Setting up the chair is also an easy task. You only need to fluff up the FUF to your desired position. With the fluffs, the bean bag will expand. Remember, the foam used in the bean bag is tailor-made to help you attain a shape and style that match your sitting or lounging needs.

In addition, once you have set up the chair, it stands in a good relaxing position compared to many other bean bags in the market. This feature among other quality options is what makes the Big Joe one of a kind.


The Big Joe bean bag is definitely one of the chairs that offers superior comfort. It is stylish and gives you the luxury of lounging in different positions. Its quality is unrivalled.


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