Best Online Racing Games in 2018

We’ve put together another selection of games but these ones are selected based on their popularity. They are the best thing going right now for one reason or another, be it be it the graphics, the gameplay, or the high level of fun. Some of the games we’ve chosen for this section also have the ability to become quite addictive (and maybe piss you off a little in the process.) Some games are racing games, others are physics based, and there are even a couple of thinkers in this group that will work that noodle of yours a bit. There are three different games for each type of vehicle: Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks, so go ahead and dig on in.

Car Games

Jet Velocity 3D

If Futuristic racing is more your thing, you’ll like this simple 3D racer. Climb aboard your jet and race along challenging tracks against a few computer opponents. You have the ability to create your own custom tracks and choose from a handful of ships. The graphics will remind you of Super-Nintendo era gaming as will the tracks and gameplay. Definitely a game worth checking out when you’re bored.

Highway of the Dead

Are you into killing zombies and into driving cars? Do you want to do both at the same time? Well, if so, then this is the game for you. I kid you not – the whole point of the game is to drive your car down the highway, taking out as many zombies as you can along the way. Each zombie you run over gives you some money that you’ll use to upgrade your car and get better cars down the road. The only downside is that you have limited time on each drive or you’ll get caught in the nuke zone. Make sure to take advantage of the turbo feature when you have it if you want to avoid the ferocious burn of nuclear hell!


This is one of those addicting car games that, for some reason, encourages you to keep playing out of sheer hope that you can go a little further. When the game starts, you’re thrown into a car at speed on the autobahn and the whole goal is to last as long as possible, zigging and zagging through traffic. One little mishap and that’s the game, which is exactly enough to make you want to start over and do it all over again.

Motorcycle Games

Dare Devil

If you have 10 minutes to kill and dream of being a stuntman at night, then Dare Devil is right up your alley. Gameplay is rather short but you take turn after turn complete jumps and doing stunts, with the option to upgrade your bike between levels. Make sure you choose the right upgrade, though, or you might not make the next jump. It’s not the most graphically intense game or the most in-depth but it’s a pretty awesome way to spend a spare half hour here and there.

Cyclo Maniacs

It’s not necessarily a motorcycle game but it’s fun nonetheless and your character is on two wheels. He might be pedaling, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s important here is that you’ll have run racing from one end of the level to the other as your little character pedals his ass off. There’s a bunch of levels to tackle from the dunes to Sunset City, to the Moon, and even a Volcano, to name a few. You can even take choose between 20 characters for each race. Of course, like the levels, you have to unlock them – but that’s part of the fun, right? We were supposed to spend 10 minutes reviewing the game and played for well over an hour – it’s definitely worth checking out if you need to kill some time.

ATV Offroad Thunder

This is one of the best-looking side scrollers you can find at the moment. It features a well-designed physics engine and takes a similar approach to the trials franchise, albeit with four-wheeled vehicles. The tracks are well thought out and the controls are simple enough. You can collect money and letters throughout each track for a bonus and can perform tricks as you go for a little extra fun. There are eight levels total, three different ATVs and a total of seven tricks available. Two of those ATVs and four of those tricks need to be unlocked via gamplay, though, but they are so worth it. It’s definitely a high-quality game for something you play in a browser and even looks good when you go full screen too.

Truck Games

Truck Loader 4

If you’re in for a bit of a challenge, Truck Loader 4 is probably for you. Your job is to drive a forklift-like vehicle with a magnetic arm and load cargo into trucks. It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. There are puzzles to solve to get your cargo and if you mess up, there’s no going back without staring the level over. There are some 30 levels of gameplay with the first level being relatively simple and difficulty of the puzzles increasing as you go. It’s a relatively simple game as far as design goes, but some of those puzzles are some real thinkers.

Big Monster Truck

Monster trucks and racing – two things that almost never go together. In the case of Big Monster Truck, however, they go together splendidly. The game is all about racing your red, “Ninja” monster truck against three other opponents. You can choose to do a single race if you’re short on time or choose to play career mode and take on track after track as you decimate your opponents. There’s nothing extra in this game – no guns and no jump button – but there are blacks along the track that can either give you a boost or slow you down. As a fair warning, though, the gameplay is about as unrealistic as it can get with computer players flying back and forth. Oh, and you have the ability to control your truck while it’s in the air, so that’s interesting. When it comes down to it, though, these simple online games are about having fun and Big Monster Truck does exactly that.

18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo

Challenging games are always fun and this is one of those games that can keep you entertain – or frustrated – for hours without you even realizing it. It’s your typical side-scroller game but you’re responsible for driving your truck from one end of the level to another without losing your cargo as you traverse obstacles. Your cargo, by the way, is a loosely chained pickup with five pieces of cargo in the rear. If you want to successfully complete the level you need to get to the finish line with at least two of the five pieces of cargo remaining. Think you’re up to the challenge? Give it your best shot bucko.

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