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Battlefield 4 Collectibles Locations Guide

Battlefield 4 features many collectibles that can be found throughout the single-player experience and the following guide explains how to get all of them in the first playthrough.

Battlefield 4 Collectibles are divided in two categories: Dog Tags and Weapons. Both collectibles are available in each mission.

The Battlefield 4 Dog Tags are attached to knives that are stuck on different surfaces, usually walls. Keep an eye out for their distinctive glow.

There are hidden weapons in each level and you have to pick them up in order to unlock them. However, enemies may drop different weapons and if you want to complete your arsenal you have to pick them up as well.

Once you acquire a weapon you can drop it anytime because it will be available at the Weapon Crates.

Completing mission assignments also unlocks new weapons. Battlefield 4 includes ten achievements/trophies that are related to collectibles and assignments and unlocking them all is not an easy task. Therefore you should follow the guide in the exact same order as below.

Battlefield 4 Baku Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (Nice Play)

At the start of the mission, after the sequence with the car, you need to complete a tutorial.

Follow the corridor and head upstairs. As you reach the second floor open the first door to you right and you should see the knife holding the Dog Tag stuck in the wall.

Mission 1 – Collectible 1

Weapon #1 (M39 EMR)

After you reunite with all members of your squad and you are familiarized with the new Engage mechanic, drop down from the balcony and kill all the enemies.

When there’s no one left, look on the left side for a damaged balcony. Use it to reach the locker with the first weapon collectible.

Mission 1 – Collectible 2

Dog Tag #2 (One Way Trip)

After you pick up the previous collectible follow your squad but do not drop down in the hole or you’ll miss the collectable.

The second Battlefield 4 Dog Tag is inside the room with the hole in the floor, and you need to carefully jump over the lockers in order to reach its position (next to the middle window).

Mission 1 – Collectible 3

Weapon #2 (MG4)

When you are out in the open follow the road and eliminate the first set of enemies. When the backup helicopter arrives head further down the road and check the concrete cylinders that are on the right side. Inside one of them is the second hidden weapon in Baku mission.

Mission 1 – Collectible 4

Weapon #3 (CBJ-MS)

After you go through the drain pipe you will need to battle a lot of enemies. You can be quick and grab the weapon right at the start or you can wait to finish them off. On the right side of the area is a catwalk.

Climb on the catwalk and halfway across you can find a metallic beam. On top of the beam is the weapon collectible.

Mission 1 – Collectible 5

Dog Tag #3 (Sergeant Dunn)

The last Dog Tag can be collected after the building collapses. Before helping your teammate jump through the fire and check the right seat of the crashed helicopter to find the knife.

Mission 1 – Collectible 6

Battlefield 4 Shanghai Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (A One-Man Riot)

After the van crashes don’t go after your team. Instead, follow the alleyway on your right and turn left at the first intersection. If done right you should reach a dead end.

The knife with the first Dog Tag is stuck in one of the wooden doors to your left. Alternatively you can save this collectible for later when you are chased by the tank, because the game will spawn you right in front of this alleyway.

Mission 2 – Collectible 1

Dog Tag #2 (Going Up?)

As soon as you exit the elevator turn around and look above the elevator doors to spot the second Dog Tag in Shanghai mission.

Mission 2 – Collectible 2

Weapon #1 (QBS-09)

From the previous collectible go around the corner (crouch to avoid detection) and watch a soldier exiting from a storage room.

Head inside the room and check behind the cardboard boxes to find the first hidden weapon next to the lockers.

Mission 2 – Collectible 3

Weapon #2 (RFB)

After you clear the rooftop take the elevator to reach the lobby. Inside the lobby is a statue of a lion next to a Weapon Crate. The hidden weapon is under the lion.

Mission 2 – Collectible 4

Dog Tag #3 (Business Casual)

When the tank chases you follow the alleyways until you jump over a broken fence. Advance a little further to reach an area with two trees.

The third Battlefield 4 Dog Tag is behind the tree on your right (the one with a red light), stuck in the wall of the iron gate.

Mission 2 – Collectible 5

Battlefield 4 South China Sea Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (Carcharodon)

When you wake up from your bed follow the corridor and enter the last quarters on the right (just before the man on the ladder).

The Dog Tag is on the middle bed of the bunk on the right side.

Mission 3 – Collectible 1

Weapon #1 (P90)

After you board the USS Titan, Kovic tells you to locate hatch G-46. Follow the corridor until you find a closed door. Behind the door is the hatch and you must not press the action button to open the hatch or you will lose the collectible.

Head in the opposite direction and get around the corner. The weapon is sitting right there, on a crate.

Mission 3 – Collectible 2

Dog Tag #2 (Lord Of The Waves)

Shortly after that you have to dive in the water in the flooded deck (through the hatch). Follow your team and look for the knife with the second Dog Tag next to a metal door, near the point where you have to climb up (do not get out of the water before collecting the Dog Tag).

Mission 3 – Collectible 3

Weapon #2 (U-100 MK5)

When the ship breaks in half and you jump down, pay attention to the fighter jet that falls from the deck. It destroys another jet in the process, thus creating a hole in the deck.

Get inside and run along the corridor all the way to the end. Turn left and you should see the hidden weapon right next to the water.

Mission 3 – Collectible 4

Weapon #3 (SPAS-12)

After you get back to the Valkyrie, fight off the enemies and eventually you will find the hangar.

There are Osprey helicopters in the hangar and inside the one on your right (as you enter) is the third hidden weapon in South China Sea.

Mission 3 – Collectible 5

Dog Tag #3 (Agent Kovic)

Near the end of the mission you’ll be back outside on the deck. Ignore the enemies on your left and head right, to the crashed helicopter. The Dog Tag is on the right seat of the helicopter.

Mission 3 – Collectible 6

Battlefield 4 Singapore Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (Horizontal Rain)

When you arrive on the beach head left, past the hovercraft, to find a shipwrecked sail boat. The knife with the fist Dog Tag is stuck on the side of the boat that is next to the water.

Mission 4 – Collectible 1

Weapon #1 (SCAR-H SV)

Follow the main road until you need to board the tank. On the left side of the road there are some scaffoldings around the pillar of the bridge.

Head up and walk on the scaffolding until you reach a dead end (after a jump). The hidden weapon is lying on the scaffolding right in front of you.

Mission 4 – Collectible 2

Weapon #2 (M240B)

The second weapon in Singapore is really tricky to find. When you drive the tank you will eventually find a parking lot and you can’t go any further until you lower the remote-controlled bollards. Head upstairs on the rooftop and go towards the enemies.

On the left side there are some crates and you can use them to jump on the ledge of the building that’s next to the parking lot. Carefully walk on the ledge around the building until the ledge widens and look for the weapon close to the edge.

Mission 4 – Collectible 3

Dog Tag #2 (Armored Column)

After you leave your tank you need to drop down through some broken windows inside a bar. Get rid of the enemies first and then go over the counter and turn around to spot the second Dog Tag.

Mission 4 – Collectible 4

Weapon #3 (M16A4)

When you reach the airfield you will enter a hangar with fighter jets. Head in the room to your left (follow the team) and you should see some cardboard boxes on the far right corner next to a pipe.

The hidden weapon is behind the pipe and in order to get it easily you need to destroy the boxes (a grenade does the job well).

Mission 4 – Collectible 5

Dog Tag #3 (Grounded Dog)

Soon after that you find the main hangar with the passenger plane. The knife with the Dog Tag is stuck in the door that’s above the left wing on the plane (the one that’s farthest from your position).

Clear the hangar then head to the plane and use explosives to blow the engine in order to create a ramp (alternatively you could use the staircase that’s next to the wing).

Mission 4 – Collectible 6

Battlefield 4 Kunlun Mountains Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (Cage Fighter)

After saving Irish follow him into the next room where more prisoners await you. Head right (in the opposite direction from your objective) and look at the last cell on the left.

The first Dog Tag collectible is inside the cell, behind the bars, but you can grab it from outside. If you have the shotgun you can use the flashlight to see it in the dark.

Mission 5 – Collectible 1

Dog Tag #2 (Freedom At Any Cost)

After you take the elevator to a lower level you need to get rid of a few enemies. The next area looks like a large storage room.

Clear the first wave of enemies and when the path is clear use a ladder to reach the catwalk. Ideally is to use the ladder that’s next to the pillar on the left that is marked A2 because this way you can find the exact location of the Dog Tag. The collectible is on the side of a power box (next to a door).

Mission 5 – Collectible 2

Weapon #1 (338-Recon)

When you get outside of the prison you need to fight your way through on a bridge. In order to get the hidden weapon in Kunlun Mountains you have to use the stairs that are on each side of bridge to get to the section that is beneath the bridge itself.

Mission 5 – Collectible 3

Dog Tag #3 (Shaw-Shanked Redemption)

Your objective after you survive the ambush at the top of the mountain is to get inside the cable car. Before following your squad inside the cable car go under the platform of the cable car.

The last Dog Tag is on the edge of the concrete structure. Look down, over the edge, in order to spot it.

Mission 5 – Collectible 4

Battlefield 4 Tashgar Collectibles Guide

Weapon #1 (A-91)

When you exit the garage that serves as an observation station you need to fight a large group of enemies and a tank. While standing at the crossroad (facing the objective) look to your left to see two buildings.

The hidden weapon is on the roof of the second one, the one that has only one level. In order to get to it you have to go on the roof of the first building, the tall one, and then jump on the roof of the building with the weapon.

Mission 6 – Collectible 1

Weapon #2 (M249)

When you enter the park get rid of the enemies and then head left from the Weapon Crate that’s in the middle of the park to find some destroyed cars. Next to the one on the left is the second hidden weapon in Tashgar.

Mission 6 – Collectible 2

Dog Tag #1 (Destruction Enthusiast)

After you leave the park you will end up in an area filled with enemies and a tank that shoot towards Old Town. On the right side there’s a building larger than the other ones around.

In front of the building you can find a blue truck (next to the tank that’s in flames). The Dog Tag is inside the truck but you need to blow it up to create a ramp and reveal the collectible.

Mission 6 – Collectible 3

Weapon #3 (AEK-971)

Before leaving the area head on the roof of the building where the truck with the Dog Tag is parked. Search on top of the crates that are next to the small fenced area to find the hidden weapon.

Mission 6 – Collectible 4

Dog Tag #2 (Upstream Swimmer)

When you reach the dam you have to go through a lot more enemies. Then a helicopter attacks you while you are near the gate that leads on the dam.

The gate is locked, hence you need to use the catwalk above you. Once you drop down you have two choices: you either take the lower path on your right, or the higher path on your left. Choose the higher path and climb on the roof of the cabin/office. Then jump on the scaffolding that’s right in front of you to reach the location of the last Dog Tag.

Mission 6 – Collectible 5

Battlefield 4 Suez Collectibles Guide

Dog Tag #1 (Rebel)

When you land on the bridge you have to fight off a few enemies and then proceed to the front section of the ship. There’s a fire that’s stopping you from doing that and the only way on the other side is by climbing on the wing of the damaged Osprey helicopter to reach the catwalk.

On your left side is another Osprey helicopter that isn’t damaged. You need to jump on its propeller (while standing on the broken part of the catwalk) and climb on its wing. Then go at the back of the helicopter and check the left tail wing to spot the Dog Tag collectible.

Mission 7 – Collectible 1

Weapon #1 (AK 5C)

Jump down from the Osprey helicopter and walk forward until you get past the flaming rubble. Note that the path was blocked earlier by a big chunk of the ship’s antennas (it should be cleared by now if you eliminated all the enemies so far).

Immediately after you get past the rubble turn left and look down to find the hidden weapon.

Mission 7 – Collectible 2

Dog Tag #2 (Fleet Guardian)

Eventually you and your team reunite with the crew in the medical bay. Go inside the last curtained room/area on your right and grab the final Dog Tag from the bed.

Mission 7 – Collectible 3
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