Batman: Arkham Origin Gotham Pioneers Bridge Interior 1 Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Gotham Pioneers Bridge Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Gotham Pioneers Bridge represents the bridge that connects the Old Gotham to the New Gotham.

Gotham Pioneers Bridge isn’t considered a district, and therefore lacks the Comms Tower and the Enigma Relays.

However, you can still find twenty Enigma Datapacks, ten of which are inside the central pillar of the bridge.

The Anarky Tags are also missing from this area, but you can find a Cyrus Pinkney Plaque collectible.

The next guide includes maps, hints, and tips on how to get all Batman: Arkham Origins collectibles in the Gotham Pioneers Bridge area.

Gotham Pioneers Bridge Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 21

Enigma Relays: N/A

Enigma Datapacks: 20

Anarky Tags: N/A

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques: 1

Enigma Datapacks Locations

Enigma Datapack #1

The first Enigma Datapack requires the Shock Gloves. Climb on the catwalk/gate of the sustaining pillar and charge the portable generator. The lockbox is now opened and it’s on the other end of the catwalk.

Enigma Datapack #2

Head under the bridge and grapple on the metallic beam. Face the pillar of the bridge to spot the Datapack collectible on the wall. Use the Batclaw to snatch it.

Enigma Datapack #3

At the base of the pillar is a lockbox connected to a hackable console. However, you Cryptographic Sequencer is jammed, so you need to use your Disruptor on the jammer. After that use the password ZEROTRUST and get the Datapack from the box.

Enigma Datapack #4

The fourth Enigma Datapack is on a boat near the bridge.

First, hit the pressure pad that’s on the cabin of the boat. When the second one activates grapple on the beam under the crane and quickly cancel the grapple to hit the pressure pad. Turn around and quickfire the Batclaw to get the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #5

Use the broken section in the middle of the bridge to reach the pedestrian walkway that is on the side of the bridge (a little lower than the street).

At the end of the walkway is a destructible surface that can be destroyed with Explosive Gel. Inside you can find the fifth Enigma Datapack on Gotham Pioneers Bridge.

Enigma Datapack #6

On top of the central pillar is a pressure pad connected to four switches. Stand on the pressure pad and pay attention to the light pattern.

After that, while standing on the pad, use Remote Controlled Batarangs to hit each switch in the correct order. When the lockbox is opened secure the Datapack with the Batclaw (look above you for the lockbox).

Enigma Datapack #7

Above the entrance to the Gotham Pioneers Bridge interior is a hackable console. However, the console has three security gates and each one requires a password.


Enigma Datapack #8

Between the south and central pillar is another catwalk. The lockbox containing the eighth Enigma Datapack is at one end and the switch required to open the lockbox is at the other end.

Enigma Datapack #9

To get the ninth Datapack you need to go under the bridge. There are three suspended platform and each one has a pressure pad.

Hit whichever you like, but be aware that you only have 24 seconds to activate the other two. Glide from platform to platform and then return to the on in the middle to collect the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #10

The last Enigma Datapack that can be found outside Gotham Pioneers Bridge is on a balcony trapped in a lockbox. There’s a switch above the lockbox that activates three more switches under the balcony.

Hit the first switch with a Batarang, then quickly drop down and hit the other switches with a Multi-Target Batarang. If you don’t have the upgrade you can use the simple Batarang but you’ll have to be quicker.

Enigma Datapack #11

When you enter the Maintenance Room of Gotham Pioneers Bridge check for the Datapack under the stairs. Slide through the gap in order to reach it.

Enigma Datapack #12

Climb above the elevator in the Freight Elevator Shaft but do not grapple up yet. Turn around and look up to discover the Datapack collectible.

You have to use the Batclaw to get it, from a slightly elevated position that has a clear line of sight towards the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #13

When you reach the three steam pipes inside the Freight Elevator Shaft turn around and use Detective Vision to see a wire. Follow the wire to discover a switch.

Hit the switch with a Remote Controlled Batarang and a grate will open at the other end of the wire. You can use your Batclaw from your position, so you have to go up a little bit by blocking the steam pipes with Glue Grenades.

Enigma Datapack #14

Reach the door that leads to the Boiler Room Maintenance Corridor and grapple up one more time (behind you). Block the steam pipe with a glue grenade, then drop down to the vent grate.

Tear it down and head inside the ventilation shaft to secure the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #15

The Enigma Datapack in the Boiler Room Maintenance Corridor is behind a locked door that you can open by hacking a console with your Cryptographic Sequencer.

However, you need the Cryptographic Range Amplifier auxiliary upgrade for this to work. Use the password GALVANIZED to open the door.

Enigma Datapack #16

The Datapack in the Train Station Maintenance is trapped in a room behind some bars. Use Detective Vision to spot a switch on the left side of the room, right behind the bars, and then follow the wire to find a vent cover.

Pull it down with the Batclaw and throw a Remote Controlled Batarang in the pipe. Use it to activate the switch and raise a portion of the bars through which you can easily slide.

Enigma Datapack #17

To get the first Enigma Datapack in the Train Station simply go inside the train car to find it lying down on the floor.

Enigma Datapack #18

Use the floor grates to get inside the ventilation system and follow the maze until you find the Datapack collectible.

Enigma Datapack #19

Climb the platform above the train car and use the Batclaw to retrieve the Enigma Datapack (above the B5 gate).

Enigma Datapack #20

The final Enigma Datapack is very tricky because it requires speed and precision. The collectible is trapped in a train car and you can’t open the doors.

Charge the nearby portable generator and quickly throw a Remote Controlled Batarang above the train car to charge it with electricity.

Use a U-turn maneuver and smash the fuse box. Now you can climb on the train car. Use Explosive Gel to tear down the weak surface of the roof and secure the last Datapack in the set.

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques Locations

Cyrus Pinkney Plaque #1

Go on top of the central pillar of the bridge and check the base of the left statue to find the Cyrus Pinkney Plaque collectible.

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