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Batman: Arkham Origins Collectibles Locations Guide

Batman: Arkham Origins features over 300 collectibles, and those who wish to complete the game 100% and get the associated achievements/trophies must find all of them.

The following guide explains how to easily track them down. There are eight main areas, or districts, that can be explored in Batman: Arkham Origins, but there are also many interiors that feature collectibles as well.

The districts are: Park Row, Bowery, Amusement Mile, Industrial District, Coventry, Diamond District, Burnley and Gotham Pioneers Bridge.

Four major categories of Batman Arkham Origins collectibles can be distinguished in the game, each with its own purpose.

These collectibles are: Enigma Datapacks, Enigma Relays, Anarky Tags, and Cyrus Pinkney Plaques.

Batman: Arkham Origins Collectibles Guide

All districts are available to free roam after the first story mission, but not all the interiors are opened. In order to unlock all interiors you must progress through the story, but also complete the majority of the side quests available for the Most Wanted criminals.

Likewise, you can start the hunt for collectibles early on, but you won’t be able to collect all of them without the proper upgrades.

It is however recommended to grab them when you come across them because they award XP which leads to a faster level increase. Leveling up is essential for purchasing new upgrades and equipment.

Each district, except the bridge, has its own Comms Tower, and you will unlock the first one during the first story mission. At this point you receive a side mission which involves a mysterious character named Enigma.

Enigma controls the towers, and you need to hack each one in each district to unlock the fast travel point for that region, but also to reveal on the map the first type of Batman: Arkham Orgins collectibles, the Enigma Relays. However, you need some upgrades to access all the towers: the Remote Claw, the Shock Gloves, and the Glue Grenade, each being unlocked with story progression.

The Enigma Relays are basically WiFi antennas that can be destroyed with the Batarang, and there are 10 of them in every district, thus 70 in total. It is a good idea to get all of them at least in one district in order to unlock a powerful Waynetech auxiliary upgrade for the Cryptographic Sequencer (and also an achievement/trophy). Once you have Enigma’s HQ on your map you should go to that location to progress with his side quest.

You can’t access his server until you destroy all Enigma Relays, but you find out about his Extortion Files that he scattered around the city. Enigma has 20 Extortion Files, and each consists of 10 Enigma Datapacks for a total of 200 collectibles.

You need to collect all 10 Enigma Datapacks from a set if you want to decrypt that Extortion File. The blackmail data from the files comes in the form of audio logs of various characters found in the Profiles database. A full set unlocks another upgrade for the Cryptographic Sequencer and an achievement/trophy.

When you visit Enigma’s HQ for the first time you will unlock Data Handlers on your map, one for each Extortion File, and you have to interrogate them if you want to reveal the locations of the Datapacks on the map. Be aware that not all 20 Data Handlers are available from the start. For example, in order to get the Data Handler for the Extortion File number 12 you have to complete the main story-line.

The Enigma Datapacks collectibles can be found outside and inside buildings, and while some of them are easy to collect, most are locked in Lockboxes (or hidden areas) that require mini games (similar with the ones for the Riddler trophies featured in Batman: Arkham City) or the proper equipment, thus collecting them from the start being impossible.

After you collect all 200 you can access Enigma’s secret room. Another type of Batman Arkham Origins collectibles are the Anarky Tags.

These are spray painted signs of letter A that can only be seen when using the Detective Vision. The Anarky Tags collectibles also give XP, and they unlock entries in the Gotham Intel, a database of locations and organizations. Throughout the game you can find 24 Anarky Tags.

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques are the last collectible type in Batman: Arkham Origins, and are the scarcest in the entire game, counting only 8 items.

Like the Anarky Tags, the Plaques give XP and unlock Gotham Intel (thus completing the full set of 32), but they also unlock pages from Cyrus Pinkney’s journal.

Tip: There are 29 Audio Logs in the game, but only 20 Extortion Files and 8 Cyrus Pinkney Plaques. The last Audio Log can be found in Bane’s Field HQ, in the same room where you can find the Enigma Datapack.

Be sure to search for an old tape reel, just like the ones from Batman: Arkham Asylum. After you collect all Batman Arkham Origins collectibles you are awarded with the First Riddler Trophy achievement/trophy.

Batman: Arkham Origins Guides
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