Batman: Arkham Origin Gotham City Police Department 2 Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Burnley Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Burnley is the southernmost district in the video game world, featuring the GCPD building on the south side of the area.

The GCPD building is the interior with the most Enigma Datapacks, and in Burnley you can collect the final three Extortion Files (as considered in the game).

The Burnley district also features Enigma’s HQ, where there is a secret room that can only be accessed after collecting all 200 Enigma Datapacks.

Another notable mention about Burnley is that here you can find the last Plaque collectible inside the Crypt of Cyrus Pinkney, a place below the city.

Follow the guide in the same order as below and you should get the collectibles with ease.

Burnley Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 43

Enigma Relays: 10

Enigma Datapacks: 30

Anarky Tags: 2

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques: 1

Enigma Datapacks Locations

Enigma Datapack #1

The first Datapack is on the south east edge of the Diamond District, although technically it belongs to the Burnley district.

The lockbox is on the rocks just above the frozen water, but in order to open it you have to glide to the pressure pad that’s above. Be aware that you only have a few seconds to snatch the collectible after you activate the pad.

Enigma Datapack #2

To pinpoint the location of the second Datapack you have to use your Detective Vision to search for a destructible surface. Use Explosive Gel on the surface and then grab the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #3

The third Enigma Datapack in Burnley is on a balcony, but it’s protected by a hackable console. Use the next three passwords in the Cryptographic Sequencer to open the lockbox: PUZZLEBOX, SHAKEDOWN, and COERCION.

Enigma Datapack #4

Between the buildings there’s an electrified wire. Charge a Remote Controlled Batarang and use it to destroy the fuse box. Now you can collect the Datapack from the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #5

Glide down on the ice and then climb the stairs to what seems an entrance to an old buried cathedral (it is actually the entrance to Cyrus Pinkney’s Crypt, the place where you find the final Plaque collectible). Charge the generator with the Shock Gloves and quickly snatch the Datapack from the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #6

To get the sixth Datapack in Burnley climb on the roof and charge the generator to open the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #7

The lockbox with the Datapack is on the front side of a cage, and it’s connected to two switches inside the cage. Stand on the pressure pad that’s nearby and when the door of the cage opens use a Remote Controlled Batarang do hit the left switch.

Then use another through the newly opened door in the ceiling to hit the right switch. After that you can secure the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #8

The eighth Enigma Datapack is on the wall of the building, exactly at the corner (and also on the corner of the map).

Enigma Datapack #9

Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the console to open the lockbox containing the Datapack (the password is FINALANALYSIS).

Enigma Datapack #10

The Datapack is on a balcony on the rooftop of the GCPD building. Simply use the Batclaw to collect it.

Enigma Datapack #11

The eleventh Enigma Datapack is inside a cage connected to two offline pressure pads. Charge the generator next to the pads to enable them, stand on the right one, and then on the left one. Now go to the collectible and get it from the cage.

Enigma Datapack #12

You need to have the Glue Grenade to get this Datapack. It’s inside a small cage but the entrance is protected by steam pipes. Stand on the pressure pad to lift the side of the cage and use a Glue Grenade on each of the three pipes. After that crawl inside and secure the Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #13

The Datapack is inside a lockbox at ground level and next to it is a pressure pad. However, the pad does not open the lockbox. Instead, it lights up a series of switches that are under the bridge between the buildings.

You only have two second from the moment you step on the pressure pad, but you just need to hit the rightmost switch.

Enigma Datapack #14

The fourteenth Datapack is inside a ventilation shaft, but the path is clear so you just have to crawl inside and collect it.

Enigma Datapack #15

To discover the location of the Datapack use the Detective Vision. Then destroy the weak wall with some Explosive Gel.

Enigma Datapack #16

The first Datapack in the GCPD building is locked in an office in the north-west corner of the Bullpen (Captain Gordon’s Office).

To get inside the office you need to hack the console with your Cryptographic Sequencer (PROUDTOSERVE).

Enigma Datapack #17

From the Bullpen get to the vantage point and access the hatch to get in the maintenance area.

The Enigma Datapack is behind some bars, and the hackable console is also behind the bars. In order to hack it you need the Cryptographic Range Amplifier auxiliary upgrade. Use the password CONVICTION to open the bars.

Enigma Datapack #18

As you enter the SWAT Division locker area turn on your Detective Vision to see a yellow locker. Use the Batclaw to open the locker and then secure the Datapack that’s inside.

Enigma Datapack #19

Head inside the Interrogation Room and look for a lockbox behind the fake mirror that’s now destroyed.

On the other side of the wall is the switch for the lockbox, but you need to hit it with a Remote Controlled Batarang, because you only have a few seconds to snatch the Datapack with the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #20

Before entering the door that has the Shooting Range tag above it look for a locked office on your right. Jump through the window of the office and collect the Datapack that’s lying on the floor.

Enigma Datapack #21

Inside the SWAT Manager’s Office is a generator next to a locked door. Charge the generator with the Shock Gloves and then head inside the locker room. Search for the Enigma Datapack near the showers.

Enigma Datapack #22

In the Holding Cells area grapple inside the room overlooking the cells and secure the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #23

The Datapack in the Morgue seems tricky to get because it can’t be reached from inside the police station. Go through the Holding Cells and into the Infirmary that’s below GCPD.

The next area is the Derelict Elevator Shaft. Use a Glue Grenade to open the left path and climb through the hatch to get inside the Morgue. The collectible is beneath some grates in the floor and you have to use Explosive Gel on a weak spot in the floor if you want to reach it.

Enigma Datapack #24

The Datapack that’s inside the Evidence Locker is locked behind bars. First you need to climb up from the Derelict Elevator Shaft and deploy a wire with the Remote Claw.

Then, while standing on the wire, charge a Remote Controlled Batarang with electricity and guide it through the vent shaft into the Evidence Room to hit the fuse box that’s near the collectible. Now you can go inside and get it from the floor.

Enigma Datapack #25

In the area of the Burnley Sewers filled with water make a raft from a Glue Grenade and reel in using your Batclaw to the first anchor point. On the right side is a small tunnel and you can use your raft to reach the Enigma Datapack that’s inside.

Enigma Datapack #26

Before entering the GCPD Telecom Room look for a generator on the wall next to the door. Charge it to reveal a hackable console.

From the moment you charge the generator you have 15 seconds to hack the console. The trick here is to get the right password, which is PROFITEERING. Once you’re done you can collect the Datapack that is behind the bars.

Enigma Datapack #27

Before exiting the Telecom Room turn on the Detective Vision to spot the Datapack behind a valve cover. Open the cover with your Batclaw and then snatch the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #28

In the large area of the west side of the sewers (the one filled with explosive barrels) look up and slightly to the right to see an anchor point for the Remote Claw. Create a wire and grapple onto it, then collect the Datapack that’s inside the pipe.

Enigma Datapack #29

The last Datapack collectible in the sewers of the Gotham City Police Department is easy to spot, but it requires the Glue Grenade to disable the steam pipe that is blocking the path.

Enigma Datapack #30

The final Enigma Datapack in Burnley (and probably the last one in the entire game if you collected them in the same order as the Extortion Files were marked on the map) is inside Enigma’s HQ.

The collectible is above the water on the right side, on the wall, and you can use the Batclaw to grab it.

Assuming you have all 200 Enigma Datapacks you can access Enigma’s secret room.

Anarky Tags Locations

Anarky Tag #1

There’s a narrow space between the Hamilton Hotel and the adjacent buildings/wings. You need to drop down on the pipe and turn left to see the first Anarky Tag.

Anarky Tag #2

The second Anarky Tag in Burnley can be found on the south-west corner of the GCPD building (look at the inverted corner, above ground level).

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques Locations

Cyrus Pinkney Plaque #1

The Cyrus Pinkney Plaque that’s in Burnley can be considered the final one in the game, because it reveals its location after you collect the other seven Plaques.

Glide down on the frozen water and head inside the crypt through the door (the same location as the fifth Enigma Datapack).

Follow the path and scan the Plaque that’s on the side of the tomb.

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