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Batman: Arkham Origins Bowery Collectibles Locations

Batman: Arkham Origins Bowery is the second district in Old Gotham, south of Park Row. The Bowery features all kinds of collectibles, but most of them require Waynetech upgrades.

Once you hack the Comms Tower you will reveal the Relays on the map, and it is a good idea to interrogate the Data Handlers for the third and fourth Extortion Files.

You can also search for Anarky Tags and Pinkney Plaques, and if you have difficulties in finding them you should use the tips and maps in the following guide.

Bowery Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 34

Enigma Relays: 10

Enigma Datapacks: 20

Anarky Tags: 2

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques: 2

Enigma Datapacks Locations

Enigma Datapack #1

The first Enigma Datapack is on a roof next to the Ace Chemicals building, but is surrounded by a fence. You just need to glide inside to reach it.

Enigma Datapack #2

The second Datapack requires the Shock Gloves. Check for a generator (street level), and after you charge it use the Batclaw to grab the collectible from the lockbox above the generator.

Enigma Datapack #3

The third Enigma Datapack in The Bowery also requires the Shock Gloves. Head on the roof and search for a generator near three pressure pads. After you charge the generator, look at the lights on the wall with the lockbox. You need to align the light, hence activate the pads in this order: middle, left, right, left, right.

Now you can get the Datapack from the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #4

The Datapack is not in a lockbox, but is on the top of the Comms Tower (on the roof, not on the antenna) and in order to reach it you need to use a high point to glide and also build some momentum using the dive bomb.

Enigma Datapack #5

To get the Enigma Datapack you have to hack a console that’s at street level using the Cryptographic Sequencer (the password is CHRONICLES).

Enigma Datapack #6

There is a pressure pad next to the sixth Datapack, but it only activates three lights inside a cage. Use Explosive Gel on the lights and then detonate it while standing on the pressure pad. Now you can get the collectible from the lockbox.

Enigma Datapack #7

The seventh Datapack in Bowery is at ground level, but is protected by a cage with two steam pipes blocking the way.

First you need to use the Batclaw to pull a round cover to release the pressure, and then you need to charge the nearby generator with the Shock Gloves to open the cage so that you can crawl inside.

Enigma Datapack #8

To get the Enigma Datapack from the lockbox you need to charge the generator and then hit the four pressure pads in the following order: far left, far right, far left, near left, near right, near left.

Enigma Datapack #9

The ninth Datapack in the Bowery district is also inside a cage. Stand on the pressure pad that’s outside the cage and then use a Remote Controlled Batarang through the newly opened gap to hit the lit switch inside the cage.

You can now slide through the gap to reach the collectable.

Enigma Datapack #10

To get this Datapack you need the Remote Claw. If you hit the red pressure pads the path will be blocked. Instead, use the Remote Claw to deploy a wire so you can traverse across without hitting the pads.

Enigma Datapack #11

The eleventh Enigma Datapack is behind a destructible wall (in a small chamber behind the bank). Use the Detective Vision to track it down and Explosive Gel to destroy the wall.

Enigma Datapack #12

The Datapack collectible is blocked by a destructible wall of a building (ground level). Bring the wall down with your Explosive Gel and grab the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #13

The lockbox won’t open when you stand on the pressure pad, but a switch will light up to your left, on the building in front of you. Hit it with a Batarang to unlock the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #14

The Enigma Datapack is on a balcony, but it is too high to use the grapple. Therefore, either drop down from the building’s roof or glide from the nearby water tower.

Enigma Datapack #15

The lockbox containing the Datapack is connected to a hackable console. Use Detective Vision to track it down on the other side of the building and then input the password SHELLGAME using the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Now you can return to get the collectible.

Enigma Datapack #16

The sixteenth Datapack is on the roof of the Soder Cola building, in a point where you can’t grapple. Instead you should get to the gargoyle vantage point from the opposite building. From there you need to glide directly to the Datapack while building some momentum to reach a higher altitude. This is tricky and may require a few attempts.

Enigma Datapack #17

The lockbox containing the Enigma Datapack is connected to three green switches high above the box. To light them up you need to search for another two switches on each side of the building and use Explosive Gel on them.

Once you’re ready head back to the Datapack, detonate the gel, then quickly throw Batarangs at the three switches to unlock the box.

Enigma Datapack #18

As you enter the Hat Shop look for a vent shaft to your left. Crawl inside all the way to the end to find the Enigma Datapack.

Enigma Datapack #19

As soon as you enter the Gotham Merchants Bank (through the front door) grapple to the vantage point that’s above you. Then turn around and use the door to access the clock room.

Keep an eye on the left cog (Detective Vision helps) and when you see the Enigma Datapack quickly grab it with the Batclaw.

Enigma Datapack #20

Head across the bank’s hall, near the vault, and use the floor grates.

The Enigma Datapack is right in front of you, and it is also the last one in the Bowery district.

Anarky Tags Locations

Anarky Tag #1

The first Anarky Tag is in the vicinity of the Park Row district, painted on the back side of the Carmine Hotel (near the water). It is right next to the fifth Enigma Datapack.

Anarky Tag #2

The second Anarky Tag in Bowery can be found on the roof of the Gotham Merchants Bank (near the middle of the roof, next to the skylights).

Pinkney Plaques Locations

Cyrus Pinkney Plaque #1

The first Cyrus Pinkney Plaque is also on the roof of the Gotham Merchants Bank. Check for the commemorative plaque under the bell of the Pioneers Statue.

Cyrus Pinkney Plaque #1

The second Pinkney Plaque in Bowery is located at the entrance of the Jezebel Theater, which is in the same building with the Comms Tower.

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