Batman: Arkham City Game Guide

Batman: Arkham City Game Guide: List of Weapons, Gadgets and Upgrades

In the following Batman: Arkham City guide, we reveal the full list of weapons, gadgets and upgrades that can be unlocked in the action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Batman’s fans who wish to purchase the game can use this guide if they need additional information regarding this title.

In Batman: Arkham City, the Dark Knight can use a vast arsenal of gadgets and combat moves to defeat his enemies and villains imprisoned in Arkham City. When the game starts, most weapons and special attacks are locked, and the only way to unlock them, is to level up.

Some items such as Batman’s Batsuit can be upgraded several times, while others only once; however new items will also grant access to all associated combat moves and attacks.

Many gadgets available in Batman: Arkham City, also appear in the previous title of the series, and the rest made their debut in Arkham City.

Those who have completed Batman: Arkham Asylum and are familiarized with the game’s controls will have no problems in using the gadgets listed below, because most commands are similar.

For those who have skipped the first game, Batman: Arkham City offers video tutorials which can be used to learn how to use all weapons in the game and how to master them.

Batsuit Upgrades

Ballistic Armor v1.0
Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage

Ballistic Armor v2.0
Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage.

Ballistic Armor v3.0
Provides a 75% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage.

Ballistic Armor v4.0
Provides a 100% increase in the level of protection against firearm damage.

Combat Armor v1.0
Provides a 25% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks.

Combat Armor v2.0
Provides a 50% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks.

Combat Armor v3.0
Provides a 75% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks.

Combat Armor v4.0
Provides a 100% increase in the level of protection against melee attacks.

Heat Signature Conceal

The Heat Signature Conceal renders you undetectable by enemies equipped with thermal vision. This is effective as long as you remain perfectly still while being scanned. If grappling to or from a vantage point while being scanned then you will still be detected.

Gadgets and Items


Your signature weapon. Use it to stun enemies or hit objects that are out of reach. Use the Quickfire Batarang to unleash up to 3 rapid fire Batarangs in the middle of combat without losing your combo. Quick Batarang throw is also effective when discovered by a single armed enemy, stunning them temporarily to provide enough time to escape.

How to use: Press LT+RT to aim/throw the Batarang, or tap LT to Quickfire the Batarang. (On Xbox 360)

Remote Control Batarang

Special Batarang that can be controlled after being released, making it useful for hitting switches and objects out of reach. Brake and flip controls provide high levels of maneuverability. Hold the Boost to impact into an enemy at high velocity to send them flying. If directed intro electricity, the Batarang will retain the electric charge, and can then be utilized to overload items such as fuse boxes.

How to use: Press RB to auto level, RT to boost, LT to brake and LT+RT for U-Turn. (On Xbox 360)

Sonic Batarang

Once deployed, the Sonic Batarang gives off a high-pitched alarm that will interfere with nearby enemies wearing heartbeat monitors, causing them to investigate. Use this to distract enemies or lead them into traps. Once thrown, requires a short recharge time before uses. The Sonic Batarang will have no effect on enemies who are not equipped with an armband heartbeat monitor.

How to use: Press LT+RT to aim and throw the Sonic Batarang. (On Xbox 360)

Sonic Shock Batarang

Upgrade to the Sonic Batarang which integrates a high power electrical charge that can be detonated once deployed. This will overload the heartbeat monitor of a nearby henchman, incapacitating him. However, the residual interference will stop any further Sonic Batarangs from being effective in that location. The Sonic Shock Batarang will have no effect one enemies who are not equipped with an armband heartbeat monitor.

How to use: Press LT +RB to detonate the Sonic Batarang.(On Xbox 360)

Reverse Batarang

This special pre-programmed Remote Batarang will loop back on itself and hit an enemy from behind leaving them dazed and confused while searching for their attacker in the wrong direction. It is perfect for disorienting an enemy so that you can sneak up and take them down during confusion.

How to use: Press LT and hold RB to launch the Reverse Batarang.(On Xbox 360)

REC (Remote Electrical Charge)

The Remote Electrical Charge provides electricity to powered down generators and electromagnets. Additionally, it can be fired at enemies to administer a localized non-lethal electric shock. This is particularly effective against armored assailants.

How to use: Press RT+LT to aim and fire a Remote Electrical Charge, LT+RB to aim and fire a Negative Electrical Charge and LT+B to quickfire a Remote Electrical Charge.

Smoke Pellet

The Smoke pellet floods an area with disorientating smoke, allowing you to safely escape under fire. Additionally you can target a group of enemies with the Smoke Pellet and take them down silently during the confusion. When used in combat, enemies will panic and attack wildly, often hitting each other. Requires a recharge time after use.

How to use: Press LT +RT to aim and throw a Smoke Pellet, LT+RB to drop a Smoke Pellet, or Y to drop the Smoke Pellet when under fire. (On Xbox 360)


Fires a claw-like projectile that interacts with out of reach objects and pull them towards you. In combat, use the Batclaw on enemies and follow up immediately with a Strike attack to perform the Batclaw Slam. This does double the damage of a normal Strike but takes more time to perform, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

How to use: Press LT+RT to aim and fire the Batclaw, LT+Y to Quickfire the Batclaw, and LT+Y followed by X to perform a Batclaw Slam. (On Xbox 360)

Explosive Gel

A liquid explosive useful to temporarily incapacitate enemy targets, or explode through structural weaknesses. Up to 3 charges can be placed at any given time and these can be detonated simultaneously or independently by zooming in on the specific charge. Features a built in proximity detector. Use the Quickfire Explosive Gel controls the seamlessly include this gadget during combat.

How to use: Press LT+RT to place the Explosive Gel, LT+RB to detonate the Explosive Gel and LT+X to Quickfire the Explosive Gel. (On Xbox 360)

Cryptographic Sequencer

The Cryptographic Sequencer is used to hack into security consoles and unlock access to secure areas. After recovering an encryption key, the Sequencer enables you to lock on the secure radio broadcasts which are subsequently stored, tracked and played back by the by the Batcomputer.

How to use: Press LT+RT to deploy the Cryptographic Sequencer. (On Xbox 360)

Cryptographic Range Amplifier

Increases effective range of the Cryptographic Sequencer, allowing you to overdrive out-of-reach Security Consoles and open up areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Cryptographic Power Amplifier

Increases the power of the Cryptographic Sequencer, allowing easier deciphering of security systems.


The Grapnel is an essential part of your navigation equipment. To grapple, simply look at any ledge and fire the Grapnel to move there instantly. While running or gliding, the Grapnel will still continuously target the nearest valid point in the direction you are moving so you can grapple at almost any time, as long as there is somewhere to grapple to.

How to use: Tap RB to grapple and climb, hold RB to grapple and hang, and press B to cancel. (On Xbox 360)

Environment Analysis

The Environment Analysis has two main functions. First, you can use this to scan in Riddler Trophies which are unobtainable. This adds their location to the map screen allowing you to return to collect them later. Secondly, the Environment Analysis is used to scan in the solutions to the many riddles that Riddler poses Batman.

How to use: Hold LB for a quick Environment Analysis. (On Xbox 360)

Disruptor: Firearm Jammer

Remotely disables enemy firearms without the enemy being aware that the gun they are carrying has become jammed. Once disabled, these targets will be shown as blue in Detective Mode so they can be easily identified. This gadget can also be used to TYGER sentry guns and temporarily disable TYGER helicopter machine guns. After 2 uses of the Disruptor, a recharge period is required.

How to use: Press LT and hold RT to Jam a Firearm. (On Xbox 360)

Disruptor: Line Launcher

Use the Line Launcher to rapidly move horizontally across areas. While riding the Line Launcher you can aim in a new direction and fire this again to change direction without dropping to the ground. Offensively, this gadget can also be used to take down unaware enemies by moving above them and using the Takedown buttons as you approach to drop down and take them out in one move. Note that this powerful move will alert nearby enemies.

How to use: Press LT+RT to aim and fire the Line Launcher, and then Y to takedown an enemy while on line launcher. (On Xbox 360)

Line Launcher Tightrope

This upgrade to the Line Launcher enables you to flip up on top of the zip line and use it as a tightrope. This can be used to create new positions to observe and attack enemies, or to collect Riddler trophies. While on the cable, you can move above an enemy to perform a Drop Attack or Glide Kick.

How to activate: Press RB while on a a zip line.(On Xbox 360)

Disruptor: Mine Detonator

Detonates proximity mines that have been placed in the environment. If timed correctly, the concussive effect of these explosions can be used to knock enemies out. Additionally, removing mines can be used to reveal secret areas or access Riddler Trophies. The Disruptor device can only be used 2 times before a recharge period is required.

How to use: Press LT and hold RT to detonate a mine.(On Xbox 360)

Freeze Blast

Deploy the projectile to cause an ice-based explosion that will freeze an enemy in position for an extended period of time. This can be used effectively in combat situations using the Quickfire controls. Additionally, the Freeze Blast is powerful enough to freeze water at any temperature, creating a temporary ice platform capable of supporting Batman’s weight.

How to use: Press LT and RT to aim and throw a Freeze Blast. Tap RT twice for a Quickfire Freeze Blast.(On Xbox 360)

Freeze Proximity Mine

The Freeze Proximity Mine will automatically detonate and freeze an enemy on approach. Upgrade compatible with Freeze Blast and Freeze Cluster gadgets.

How to use: Press LT and RB to aim and throw a Freeze Proximity Mine.(On Xbox 360)

Batman: Arkham City Game Guide
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