Batman: Arkham City Game Guide

Batman: Arkham City Game Guide: List of Unlockable Moves, Attacks and Combos

In Batman: Arkham City players are able to perform various combat moves, but some of them must be unlocked.

The following Batman: Arkham City game guide reveals these moves offering additional information on how to execute them, and the effects they have on the enemies Batman encounters in the game.

Each attack and special attack available in Batman: Arkham City requires a combination of keys and some of them can be performed only in specific locations.

The guide was created with the purpose of helping Batman: Arkham City players and those who wish to buy the game, but want to know more about what it has to offer.

Batman: Arkham City is the direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, the video game released in 2009. It was one of the most expected video games of 2011 and it was developed by Rocksteady Studios for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Rated M for MatureBatman: Arkham City continues the events presented in the prequel, but this time Batman must face some of Gotham’s greatest villains imprisoned in Arkham City.

Written by Paul Dini and using the Unreal Engine 3, Batman: Arkham City features a similar gameplay as the one experienced in Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it also brings new improvements and gameplay elements.

These improvements helped Batman: Arkham Asylum to receive multiple positive scores and reviews, being called by Play3 “the best superhero game ever made”.

Basic Batsuit Moves

Glide Kick

When gliding through the streets or perched up high, you can target any enemy within range for a Glide Kick. The Glide Kick will knock most enemies to the ground, making it an effective way to initiate combat with a group. When used on an isolated target an effective tactic is to immediately follow up with a ground Takedown to finish them off. If you want to focus your attack completely on your target, hold the Dive Button after locking on for more damage.

How to perform: Press X to Glide Kick, and hold LT to Dive Bomb Tackle (while Glide Kick is locked on). (On Xbox 360)

Dive Bomb

When gliding, the Dive Bomb immediately sends you accelerating towards the ground at great speed. By pulling up out of the Dive Bomb after a few seconds, you can transfer this downward speed into a horizontal glide. Alternate between the Dive Bomb and a steady glide climb repeatedly to cover large distances at great speed.

How to perform: Hold A to Glide and RT to Dive Bomb (while gliding). (On Xbox 360)


When gliding, your cape takes on a rigid form, allowing you full control of pitch and yaw. Mastering this move, in combination with the Dive Bomb, is key to moving quickly and effective around Arkham City’s streets. If you glide directly into a wall, you can kick directly off this into another glide.

How to perform: Hold A to Glide and use the Left Thumbstick to steer. (On Xbox 360)

Drop Attack

When overlooking an enemy from above, you can use this height to your advantage to launch a surprise attack directly down onto your target. You can select your target by highlighting them wth the bat-symbol marker. You can combo directly from this attack if there are other enemies nearby, or launch immediately into a Ground Takedown.

How to perform: Press X to Drop Attack. (On Xbox 360)


Use the slide to navigate through very small gaps allowing access to new areas. The slide can also be used to kick straight through vent covers saving time in pulling these off, but at the cost of making more noise and potentially alerting nearby threats. Finally, the slide can be used to initiate combat as the first strike of a combo attack.

How to perform: Press RT while running . (On Xbox 360)

Detective Mode

Gain an immediately tactical analysis of the current location, identifying potential threats, even through solid walls. Threats carrying firearms are highlighted in orange. All other personnel in the vicinity are highlighted in blue. This scan mode also highlights items of interest in the environment, providing information via a direct connection to the Batcomputer.

How to activate: Tap LB. (On Xbox 360)

Unlockable Batsuit Moves

Shockwave Attack

This gadget automatically stores the kinetic energy from Dive Bombing directly into the ground. You can trigger this after landing to send out a kinetic shock wave which knocks any non-armored enemies in the immediate vicinity to the ground. This is very useful when entering combat with a large number of thugs on the Arkham City streets.

How to perform: Hold RT to Dive Bomb while gliding and B after landing. (On Xbox 360)

Glide Boost Attack

This incredibly powerful attack can be used to take down multiple enemies in a single move. To successfully pull this off, you will need to be traveling at extreme high velocity. Press Glide Kick to lock onto your target, and then hold the Dive Bomb button. If you can fill the Batsymbol icon before impact, then you will instantly knock out your target and any enemies standing directly behind him.

How to perform: Press X to Glide Kick and hold RT to for a Glide Boost attack. (On Xbox 360)

Combat Moves


The Strike is your primary close range attack. Once you have delivered 3 sequential blows in a fight, you will enter FreeFlow. While in FreeFlow, you will cover a much greater distance with your attacks, and your strikes will increase in power, knocking most enemies to the ground. In order to maintain the FreeFlow, you must continue to successfully engage enemies without being hit.

How to perform: Press X. (On Xbox 360)


The Counter is one of the most important moves in your arsenal and mastery of this is critical to success in combat. This move instantly turns an enemy’s attack back against them and keeps you on the attack even when under attack. When multiple enemies strike at once, tap the Counter button once for each attacker to fend them off.

How to perform: Press Y. (On Xbox 360)


Use Evade to quickly move around during combat. When under enemy fire, evading reduces the amount of damage received. You can also evade through glass or over railings.

How to perform: Move the Left Thumbstick and press A, A to evade. (On Xbox 360)


This move flips you over the head of an attacking enemy. It is very effective to use when surrounded giving you time and space to launch your next attack.

How to perform: Move the Left Thumbstick and press A, A towards an enemy to redirect. (On Xbox 360)

Cape Stun

Use the weighted tips of your cape to disorientate attacking enemies and temporarily stun them. The move will affect all enemies standing immediately in front of you.

How to perform: Press B. (On Xbox 360)

Projectile Counter

If an object is thrown at you, the counter button can be used to catch this object and throw it back at the person who threw it. Additionally, the object can be re-directed towards a different enemy, by pushing in their direction as it is caught.

How to perform: Press Y. (On Xbox 360)

Ground Takedown.

This powerful move knocks out a downed enemy in one attack and is very effective in both combat and predator situations. While performing the Ground Takedown you are vulnerable to attack, so it is important to ensure that there is enough time for the move to complete successfully before committing to it.

How to perform: Press RT+Y over a downed opponent. (On Xbox 360)

Beat Down

Unleash a flurry of quick, focused blows on a single enemy without knocking them to the floor. If performed for long enough, this can be used to finish off an opponent in one attack. This move is especially effective against armored enemies who are invulnerable to most other attacks. The Beat Down is very powerful but leaves you vulnerable to attack from other enemies while is performed.

How to perform: Press B, and then tap X . (On Xbox 360)

Aerial Attack

Use this move to attack over the top of an enemy’s defense and come crushing down on them. This is especially useful against enemies using shields as they cannot block an Aerial Crush.

How to perform: Press B, A, A for an Aerial Attack; or B, A,A, move the Left Thumbstick and press X for a Directed Aerial Attack. (On Xbox 360)

Special Combo Takedown

This combat special move will immediately incapacitate most enemies in a single move, regardless of their health or current weapon. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above. The combo meter will flash when Special Combo Moves are available.

How to perform: Press B+Y for a Special Combo Takedown. (On Xbox 360)

Unlockable Combat Moves

Special Combo Bat Swarm

This combat special move calls in a swarm of bats to attack and disorientate all enemies within your immediate proximity. For greatest impact, move into position in the middle of an attacking group before triggering to maximize the number of enemies taking damage. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above.

How to perform: Press A+X for a Special Combo Bat Swarm . (On Xbox 360)

Critical Strikes

Successful Critical Strikes reward perfect combat timing with devastating power. The goal is to perform a strike just after finishing the previous move. However if you press too early or tap repeatedly then you will not perform a Critical Strike. These well timed blows also increase the Combo by x2 for each strike, allowing for quicker activation of Special Combo Moves.

How to perform: Press X just after finishing previous move. (On Xbox 360)

Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown

Flipping up into the air and throwing out a number of Batarangs simultaneously, this combat special move instantly incapacitates all enemies that are currently knocked down. This move can be very effective if timed correctly but will also fail if there are no targets currently on the ground. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your Combo score reaches x8 or above.

How to perform: Press A+B for a Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown. (On Xbox 360)

Special Combo Disarm and Destroy

This combat special move focuses your attack on a single armed attacker and permanently destroys their weapon. This move is especially effective against enemies with powerful weapons because it stops the weapon from being re-used by other enemies. Use this move tactically to destroy dangerous weapons early on, when in a fight against a large number of enemies. This Special Combo Move can only be performed after your combo score reaches X8 or above.

How to perform: Press X+Y for a Special Disarm and Destroy Combo.

Blade Dodge

Enemies armed with knives and other sharp objects will attack with multiple swipes in quick succession. To avoid these repeated attacks, you must perform a number of dodges in a row by moving away from the assailant while the Counter button is held.

How to perform: Pull down the Left Thumbstick and hold Y for a Blade Dodge. (On Xbox 360)

Blade Dodge Takedown

A powerful counter move that will instantly take out an enemy that attacks with a blade or a sharp object. To successfully complete this move, the counter button must be held as an enemy attacks but then released and held again in between each of the attacker’s swipes. This upgrade will be applied to all playable characters.

How to perform: Pull down the Left Thumbstick, hold Y, then release it and hold it again between each swipe.

Ultra Stun

Use 3 Cape Stuns in quick succession on one target to perform the Ultra Stun. This move knocks down most enemies for an extended period of time without doing any damage. This move is particularly effective against TITAN enhanced enemies, breaking down their defense and leaving them vulnerable to a Beat Down attack.

How to perform: Press B, B, B for an Ultra Stun. (On Xbox 360)

Predator Moves

Vantage Point

Use Vantage Points to survey and study enemy movement while avoiding detection. Used in combination with Detective Mode, these provide the ideal position to identify isolated enemies and to strategically plan the best way to take these out. If discovered by armed enemies, quickly swing between different Vantage Points to lose them.

Corner Cover

While hidden in Corner Cover, you can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move into closer proximity. This move will quickly grab your target and silently choke them into unconsciousness while leaving you undetected.

How to perform: Press RT+A when near a corner to enter Corner Cover. (On Xbox 360)

Silent Takedown

This signature move allows you to sneak up on an unaware enemy and take them down silently in order to avoid unnecessary attention. While performing the takedown, continue to survey the room and plan an escape route to avoid detection. Enemies equipped with heartbeat monitors will attract nearby enemies to investigate once unconscious, so it is preferable to keep moving, following a takedown.

How to perform: Press Y for a Silent Takedown. (On Xbox 360)

Knockout Smash

While performing a Silent Takedown, use the Knockout Smash to instantly render the thug unconscious. However, this move is noisy and will attract nearby enemies. If you have an escape route planned this move can be used strategically to manipulate the other enemies in the room to search for you long after you have gone.

How to perform: Press X for a Knockout Smash during a silent takedown. (On Xbox 360)

Double Takedown

Move silently into position behind two unaware enemies, to administer a brutal, head-cracking move that knocks them both simultaneously unconscious. Be careful though, this attack is noisy so it will alert other nearby enemies to your position.

How to perform: Press Y for a Double Takedown. (On Xbox 360)

Inverted Takedown

While positioned on a Vantage Point, drop down and grab an enemy directly below and leave them suspended from a Vantage Point, screaming for help. Move on quickly after performing this move as when a victim is discovered, the other enemies will invariably search the Vantage Point for his attacker.

How to perform: Press Y for a Inverted Takedown while on a Vantage Point. (On Xbox 360)

Grate Takedown

When under a floor grate, use the Takedown move to leap out and knock out unconscious a nearby enemy in one seamless move. Be careful, because this move is not silent and will attract other enemies who will immediately search the nearby floor grate on discovering the victim.

How to perform: Press Y for a Grate Takedown while under a floor grate. (On Xbox 360)

Ledge Takedown

While hanging from a ledge, reach up and grab an enemy on the walkway and pull them off to knock them out. This move is not silent and will attract nearby enemies to investigate.

How to perform: Press Y for a Ledge Takedown while hanging from a ledge. (On Xbox 360)

Hanging Ledge Takedown

While standing on a ledge directly above an enemy, you can drop down and use your legs to silently choke the enemy unconscious.

How to perform: Press Y for a Hanging Ledge Takedown while standing on a ledge. (On Xbox 360)

Window Takedown

When behind a window, you can take out an enemy on the other side in one move. As you smash through the window, the noise will attract nearby enemies so be careful to evaluate the whereabouts of other targets in the room before using this move.

How to perform: Press Y for a Window Takedown while standing behind a window. (On Xbox 360)

Wooden Wall Takedown

From a starting point directly behind a weak wall, you can smash through the wood and grab the unsuspecting thug and choke him into unconsciousness. Be careful, this move will attract nearby enemies, so plan your escape route.

How to perform: Press Y for a Wooden Wall Takedown while standing behind a weak wall. (On Xbox 360)

Vent Takedown

When behind a vent cover, and there is a target on the other side, you can smash through the vent and, in one seamless move, grab and knock the unconscious. Be careful, this move is not silent and will attract other enemies.

How to perform: Press Y for a Vent Takedown while standing behind a vent cover. (On Xbox 360)

Corner Cover Takedown

While hidden in Corner Cover, you can take out any approaching, unaware enemy when they move into close proximity. This move will quickly grab your target and silently choke them into unconsciousness while leaving you undetected.

How to perform: Press RT+A when near a corner to enter Corner Cover, and then press Y to takedown an enemy. (On Xbox 360)

Gadget Moves and Special Attacks

Batclaw Disarm

This upgrade to the Batclaw enables you to surprise an attacker armed with a firearm by snatching the weapon from their hands from distance. This can be used effectively in combat situations using the Quickfire Batclaw.

How to perform: Press LT+RT to aim and fire the Batclaw and LT+Y to Quickfire the Batclaw.

Batman: Arkham City Game Guide
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