Bang Bang Racing Cheats and Trainers

Bang Bang Racing Cheats and Trainers

Many Bang Bang Racing cheats and trainers available on various websites don’t work on all versions of the game; therefore, in the following cheating guide, we reveal a Bang Bang Racing trainer developed exclusively for the cracked version of the game.

The Bang Bang Racing trainer below, activates multiple cheat codes, and according to its developer it was tested while playing the PC version of the game, on Windows 7 x86.

Since it is a PC exclusive Bang Bang Racing mega-trainer, fans of the game should avoid testing it on other platforms, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or any Android–based device.

Bang Bang Racing is a downloadable racing video game, which became available for PS3 on June 5, 2012, and for Xbox 360 on June 6, 2012. On June 8, 2012 a PC version was published by Digital Reality; while Bang Bang Racing for Android was added to Google Play on May 13, 2011, where it is known as Bang Bang Racing THD (Tegra HD).

Bang Bang Racing is a simple, yet fast paced racing game, in which players have only one goal: to finish first. Each car in the game is controlled from a top-down perspective, and there are 20 cars divided in four classes: Protech, Apex, N-Dura and Evo GT.

Players can compete on nine different tracks, which include multiple shortcuts. Additionally, the developers added a reverse mode, accessible in the single-player and in the multiplayer.

Bang Bang Racing PC Trainer

A free Bang Bang Racing PC trainer can be found and downloaded by all fans of the game, from

Used correctly while playing Bang Bang Racing v1.0.0.0, the trainer gives access to 6 different cheats including a Bang Bang Racing cheat for nitro and one for super speed.

Players can also opt to use the trainer in order to remove the damage received by their cars.

To download and install the trainer, however, players must follow these steps:

Download the free trainer from and extract all files in the Bang_Bang_Racing_v1.0.0.0_+6_Trainer.rar archive

Copy the files or move them into the game’s directory

Run the trainer as an administrator, and then launch the game

After the game starts, during a race, press the following keys to activate all Bang Bang Racing cheats included in the next list

Bang Bang Racing PC Cheats

F5-Activate the trainer

1-No damage On/Off

2-Infinite nitro On/Off

3-Reset timer

4-Super speed 1 (Player 1)

5-Super speed 2 (Player 2)

6-Super speed 3 (Player 3)

7-–Super nitro 1 (Player 1)

8-Super nitro 2 (Player 2)

9-Super nitro 3 (Player 3)


Note: All keys above, can be changed by editing the tc-config file in a text editor (Notepad for example).

Bang Bang Racing Cheats and Trainers


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