Asura'’s Wrath Walkthrough

Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough Chapter 2 Betrayal and Vengeance

The second chapter in Asura’s Wrath (the video game released on February 21, 2012) is called, Betrayal and Vengeance.

Betrayal and Vengeance continues the events presented in The Coming of a New Dawn, and the following walkthrough refers strictly to this chapter.

It is the second part of our Asura’s Wrath full walkthrough, created for those who have purchased the videogame and need additional help, tips and tricks to complete it.

In Betrayal and Vengeance, Asura returns home, after his victory against Gohma and Vlitra (a powerful super-weapon controlled by the alien race), which invaded Earth.

Betrayal and Vengeance is also the second chapter of the first part (Suffering) featured in Asura’s Wrath.

The chapter starts with an introductory cutscene showing the Shinkoku celebrating the victory of the generals over Vlitra, and Asura’s wife, Durga greeting her husband. Asura is accompanied by another general, Yasha.

Unfortunately, the celebration at Asura’s Residence is interrupted by a soldier who informs Asura, that the Emperor (Strada) summoned him at the palace.

Asura leaves, and when he gets to the emperor, he finds only a corpse. Strada has been killed. In just several moments Asura is surrounded by Strada’s guards, being accused of treachery.

While trying to escape, Asura reaches the inner court, where Wyzen, awaits him. At this point, you will be able to control Asura, and you must clear the area.

-Press B to attack, or to perform a combo attack

-Press Y for a heavy attack

-Press LB to lock on a target.

The guards that attack you are easy enemies. Remember to unleash a heavy attack when you are surrounded, and stay mobile all the time.

Eventually, the guards will jump on you, and you have to complete a quick event:

-Push the Left Thumbstick to the left and the Right Thumbstick to the right

After you complete this quick-time event, a cutscene starts showing Sergei arriving at Asura’s residence.  The cutscene ends quickly, and you will return to Asura, where you have to defeat Wyzen

Wyzen Boss Fight

While fighting Wyzen, remember that your attacks have little or no effect on him. What you have to do is to retaliate when he strikes you, by pressing the buttons that appear on your screen.

If you fail to do so, Wyzen will hit you; however, if you manage to press the buttons on time, you will knock down Wyzen.  Get near the boss, and press another random button (usually Y), to hit him. Repeat this phase until the boss falls to the ground, and watch the next cutscene.

When Asura gets home, he finds his wife unconscious and his daughter missing. Seems like the general came too late, and he can’t save his wife.

Furious, Asura leaves Earth, to hunt down his former colleagues, who kidnaped her daughter.

Watch the next movie showing Deus (who planned everything) fighting Asura. The great general wishes to save the world, by creating a new one, and Asura’s death will be the foundation of this world.

The general falls from the sky, while his daughter is petrified by Sergei.

At this point the second chapter ends. New CG art unlocked: Asura, Emperor Strada, Durga, Doji. New concept art unlocked: Asura, Emperor Strada, Durga, and Doji.

New video unlocked: Episode 2: Betrayal and Vengeance. The next chapter of the game is called Hell on Gaea.

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