Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Ship Crew

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Ship Crew Missions Guide

Similar to the Free Slaves Missions, the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Ship Crew Missions are assignments you can complete while exploring New Orleans as Aveline.

The Ship Crew Missions are also unlocked gradually by advancing through the game’s story, and to get the corresponding achievement/trophy (Ship Crew) you must complete all of them.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD features three Ship Crew Missions, with different objectives.

To get full synch while playing them, you must complete these objectives, but all Ship Crew Missions also feature a series of constraints.

The following Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD video game guide provides tips and hints that will help you get 100% synch during these missions.

The guide includes three walkthroughs, and a map that will help you located the Ship Crew missions in New Orleans.

The Ship Crew missions are triggered by talking to several characters from New Orleans, and these characters have specific locations, which have been added on the map above.

The Assassin’s Creed Liberation Ship Crew Missions strategy guide follows the same order as the one on the said map.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Ship Crew Missions Guide

New Orleans -– Ship Crew Mission 1: Mistress and Commander

The first Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Ship Crew Mission is called Mistress and Commander and it can be triggered by visiting the location marked on the map by 1.

Before attempting the mission, make sure you switch to Aveline’s Slave Persona and that you carry at least 2 berserk darts. Next, check the pier and you will find a captain wearing a black suit.

Talk to him and he will ask you to beat up a trader and steal the ship’s deed. Notice that in order to achieve full synch you have to avoid taking damage while completing the mission. To complete Assassin’s Creed Liberation Mistress and Commander faster, head north from your current location, and follow the stairs at the end of the pier. Remain on the street and eventually you will enter a restricted area.

To your left side you should see a building and a large barrel. Place Aveline behind the corner of the building and you will be able to spot the trader, without being detected.

Shoot one berserk dart aiming for the trader and notice that the guards will attack him. Wait for them to kill your target and make sure you remain behind the corner. If needed shoot the second berserk dart aiming for one of the guards. The moment your target dies, you will be asked to return to Dominguez.

Because you avoid a direct fight, you will be able to complete the mission’s constraint, and achieve 100% synch.

New Orleans -– Ship Crew Mission 2: Before the Mast

The second Ship Crew Mission in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is also the most difficult, because it tests your skills.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Before the Mast is a timed mission triggered by talking to a sailor in the harbor area. The said sailor challenges Aveline to race him. To complete the mission you must race him through 11 checkpoints and reach the last one before the time runs out.

You have 1 minute to get to the last checkpoint, and you are not allowed to take any damage. An important aspect in this mission is that while you race, assuming that you remain above the ground, you will encounter 2 soldiers. Both of them are equipped with muskets and they will fire at you the moment they spot Aveline.

To complete the mission’s constraint, you must kill them first, therefore, when the mission starts, switch to a normal weapon (preferably a hatchet), and make sure that your secondary weapon is the whip. Furthermore, this mission should be played as a slave. Your next goal is to move from one checkpoint to another as fast as possible. If you fall to the ground, you will fail the mission.

After you cross the first catwalk between the roofs, you will encounter a soldier. Make sure you kill him using your melee weapon, and then use the tree on the left side to reach the next roof. Continue to remain on the roofs and pay close attention to the minimap to see where the next checkpoint is located.

The second soldier is located at the end of another catwalk. Do not cross it, unless the soldier is dead, because you can’t use your weapons while on the catwalk. Instead, use the whip to pull the soldier down, then cross the catwalk and move left towards the next checkpoint.

When you get to the last checkpoint the mission ends. The video walkthrough above shows how to complete Assassin’s Creed Liberation Before the Mast and how to achieve 100% synch.

New Orleans -– Ship Crew Mission 3: The Cannon

Assassin’s Creed Liberation The Cannon is an accessible Ship Crew mission triggered by interacting with the pigeon coop in the northern section of New Orleans.

Your objective is to infiltrate the fort nearby and steal the plans for cannon, but to get 100% synch you have to avoid all possible casualties. This means that you are not allowed to kill any soldiers; therefore, you should avoid being detected. While wearing the Slave Outfit, head towards the fort and look for a crate you can pick up.

There are multiple crates near the main entrance. Pick one and head to the soldiers guarding the main gate. Stay in front of them and wait for them to step aside. The moment you enter the fort, you have to be aware that the safest path for you to follow is the one close to the eastern wall (right side). Use the alley near the wall to go around the central area, then turn left and head towards the green dot on your minimap.

The plans are located inside a chest, on the first floor of the main building. Carry the crate all the time, and drop it when you are near the chest.

Loot the plans, and then pick up the crate you dropped and follow the same path to exit the fort. Once outside, the mission ends and you will get full synch.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Ship Crew

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