Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Bayou Mushrooms

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Mushrooms Locations

The Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation Mushrooms also count for the Collector achievement/trophy and similar to the Alligator Eggs, they can be found exclusively in Bayou.

AC3 Liberation includes 10 hidden mushrooms, but unlike other collectibles, they are also required if you want to complete every Bayou Fever mission.

The mushrooms in AC 3 Liberation appear on your map as soon as you complete the first Bayou Fever side-mission, but you won’t be able to see it unless you get close to them, which means that you have to know their exact locations. While the Alligator Eggs can be found on the ground, all mushrooms in the video game grow in trees, and some of them are difficult to collect.

The following AC 3 Liberation strategy guide explains how to collect all mushrooms in the game. The map below reveals their locations.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Mushrooms Collectibles Guide

Total number of mushrooms: 10 Bayou: 10 (100%)

Bayou Mushrooms Locations Guide

Mushroom #1

The first AC 3 Liberation mushroom is located close to the location where you have triggered the first Bayou Fever memory. To the west, on a small tree branch, above the water you will find the mushroom.

There is a large log over the river that allows you to get close to it, then all you have to do is to jump towards it.

Mushroom #2

The second mushroom in Bayou is located north from the main village, as marked on the map. While moving towards it (north) from the village (south) you will eventually have to cross a river.

You should notice that the mushroom is on a tree branch. Without crossing the river, while facing the mushroom, turn right and look for a downed tree you can climb to get above the ground. Move from one branch to another until you get close to the mushroom.

Mushroom #3

The third mushroom is easy to collect and locate, since it is close to the main village. Head east, following the map below and you will find it on top of a tree.

Nearby is another downed log that allows you to move up and get the mushroom.

Mushroom #4

Similar to the previous mushroom, the fourth one is very accessible, but it is located south from the northern village.

You will find it on top of smaller log and you can climb it while standing next to it, on the ground.

Mushroom #5

In the southernmost point of the map, close to Aveline’s mentor camp is the fifth AC 3 Liberation mushroom.

Get inside the camp and ascend the main building. While on the roof look for a long log that allows you to exit the camp, and walk on it to collect the mushroom.

Mushroom #6

Mushroom #6 marked on the map below is also easy to collect, because it is located in a tree surrounded by branches and trunks you can climb.

After you locate it, look for a point, or a downed tree that allows you to get above the ground, and then simply move for one branch to another until you get to the mushroom.

Mushroom #7

East from the camp in the lower left corner you will find the seventh mushroom, very close to a patient, and on top of another log. To get it, while standing on the ground, near the mushroom, climb the trunk until you get on top of it.

Mushroom #8

The location of the eighth mushroom is similar to the previous one, meaning that all you have to do is to climb the trunk of a tree. The mushroom is also marked on the map, south from the large fort in Bayou.

Mushroom #9

Another accessible mushroom is the ninth, north-west from the previous one. When you get to the location on the map, look for a large tree, with a hole in the middle. Inside the hole is the mushroom, and to reach it you have to climb one of the tree trunks that extend over the river. There are two trunks, leading to the same hole.

Mushroom #10

The final mushroom is probably the trickiest, because it is located high above the ground. When you get to its location, make sure you reach the branch under the mushroom, using the log that extends over the river.

While standing on the said branch look around and notice that the trunk of the tree allows you to climb even higher using some vines, thus you can hang on the same branch on which the mushroom is located. Move right and then climb again to collect the mushroom.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Bayou Mushrooms

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