Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Detective Missions Guide

Similar to the Contracts, the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Detective Missions are person-specific assignments that must be finished in order to unlock the Secret Lives achievement/trophy in the video game published by Ubisoft.

The Detective Missions featured in AC Liberation can be played only if you switch to Aveline’s Slave Persona. There are five side-missions in the series, three of them being available in New Orleans, and two in Bayou.

Unlike the Contracts, the Detective Missions follow their own story, allowing you to reveal a conspiracy that takes place in the game.

The missions are unlocked as you follow Aveline’s life, and they can be played even if you finish the video game.

The following Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Detective Missions strategy guide offers tips on how to beat all of them, and how to get 100% synch at the same time.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Detective Missions Guide

New Orleans -– Detective Mission 1: Helping Hand

Mission Description: ““Missing person, please help!””

Assassin’s Creed Liberation Helping Hand side mission is triggered in New Orleans, from a board in a northern section of the city.

It is a short mission, especially because it features a constraint asking you to complete it within 60 seconds.  Your goal is to find the missing slave, in the green area marked on your map. After you trigger the mission, you will have to start running, taking as many shortcuts as you can, because you have to enter the search zone (green) in less than 60 seconds.

Ignore the notoriety you accumulate and if needed climb on the roofs in order to avoid possible obstacles. As you get close to the green area, make sure you reach its center, which is a backyard. Once you get inside the backyard you will find the missing slave, on the ground, and you are asked to search his body.

Activate the Eagle Vision and hold down the corresponding trigger to search the body and complete the mission.

New Orleans – – Detective Mission 2: The Case

Mission Description: N/A

The second detective mission is unlocked after you complete the first one, and is triggered very close to the location where you have found the slave. Once you start the memory, a new search area appears on your map and you must locate a new target.

To find it faster, open your map and notice that within the area there are two long buildings. Between them is an alley, where you will find your target. Activate the Eagle Vision to identify the suspect, and then you will be asked to tail him. At this point it is a good idea to stay above the ground, and climb the nearby roofs, in order to remain undetected; however, you can also follow your target directly, as long as you hide behind corners, or in haystacks.

The mission ends when your target reaches a specific spot, triggering a cutscene. Watch the cutscene to unlock the next mission in line.

New Orleans –- Detective Mission 3: Hot Trail

Mission Description: N/A

Hot Trail is the third AC Liberation Detective Mission, which is unlocked after The Case. At the end of the previous side-mission, your target was assassinated by someone, and in Hot Trail you will have to find the shooter.

The mission is activated on a roof, marked on your map by the detective icon. During the third mission you must find a series of clues within the green areas. After you start the memory, remain on the roof and look for a soldier patrolling nearby. Close to his location is the first clue.

Activate the Eagle Vision and hold the corresponding trigger to investigate it and reveal the next search zone. The second clue is on the street, in the middle of the search area, where you should see a merchant selling fish. Look for it in front of a white fence that allows you to climb back on another roof.

Analyze the clue to unlock the next search area. The third clue is similar to the first one, meaning that is also on the roof, where a guard patrols. Take out the soldier and analyze the clue, to trigger a new cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, you will find the suspect and you are asked to catch and kill him.

Additionally, if you wish to get 100% synch you are asked to use the hidden blades; therefore, switch Aveline’s weapons. The suspect follows a specific path, and it is a good idea to remain on the ground during the chase, keeping an eye on the suspect’s icon. Make sure you are several steps in front of him, and then start climbing back on the roofs.

When you get close enough take him down and loot his body, to find the following letter:

““When you are finished cleaning in New Orleans, come to the Bayou. We’ll gather near the deserted garden. We have the other witness. Hurry if you want to interrogate him, as we need to get rid of everything that could expose our plans.””

Bayou -– Detective Mission 4: Witness Protection

Mission Description: N/A

For the fourth detective mission in AC Liberation HD, you must travel to Bayou. When you arrive, look for the detective icon in the south-western corner of the swamp. Once you start the mission you are asked to find the killer’s camp, but to get full synch you are not allowed to engage guards in open conflict. In other words, you will fail the mission if you are detected by the guards.

For this mission, it is imperative to have two poison darts and to get the high-ground advantage. The camp is located north from the location where you trigger the memory. Nearby, you should see a log that serves as a ramp and allows you to go up, in the nearby trees.

Move from one tree to another and when you enter the green area you will see four guards. Two of them are near the witness, and they will kill him when the time runs out. Two additional guards patrol nearby. Using the poison darts take out the moving targets, but make sure they don’t see each other.

Next, reach the branch above the guards pointing their guns at the witness and perform a double air assassination. To complete the last objective, check the chest nearby for a new letter:

““Interrogate the second witness and make sure he has not told anyone what he saw. Clean the mess you created. I’’ll leave more instructions at the usual spot.””

Bayou –- Detective Mission 5: The Culprit

Mission Description: N/A

The Culprit is the last AC 3 Liberation Detective Mission.  Once you complete Witness Protection in Bayou, you will unlock The Culprit in the same area. Start the memory and you will receive a new objective: search for the culprit’s clues.

Enter the search zone and while facing the tents, to the right, you will see a large tree and a green bush.

Behind the tree are the clues that can be analyzed by activating the Eagle Vision to reveal a new letter:

““Our business here is done and we have to get moving as other contracts are waiting. We meet tonight west of the fort.””

After you read the letter, the culprit’s location is revealed, but you have to reach it within the allotted time. Again, it is imperative to use the trees around you, because the swamp slows Aveline, and you will waste precious time.

Move as fast as you can and when you see the culprit, use your favorite weapon to kill him. There are no constraints during this part of the mission, and the weapon you use will not affect the outcome.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Walkthrough
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