Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Contracts Guide

The Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Contracts are persona-specific side missions you can complete if you wish to unlock the Secret Lives achievement/trophy.

Similar to the Detective Missions and Plot Missions, the contracts are unlocked gradually as you advance in the video game, but they can also be played after you complete the main story.

To access the contracts; however, you have to switch to Aveline’s Assassin Persona using a dressing chamber.

All contracts are triggered in New Orleans, by visiting the cemetery in the northern area of the city.

Some of them feature constraints that must be completed to get 100% synch, and the following walkthroughs explain how to finish all of them.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Contracts Guide

New Orleans -– Contract 1: Delayed Justice

Mission Description: “

“My student. An important matter has come to my attention. A known criminal has arrived in New Orleans, to join the ranks of the enemy. He has been promised protection and a new life here. Disguised as a noble he awaits his first orders. This must not come to pass.””

Assassin’s Creed Liberation Delayed Justice is the first contract you have to complete in New Orleans. After you trigger the mission, open your map and you will see the green zone where you will find the criminal. Also known as the search zone, the area is located in the middle of the city.

The contract also features a constraint, and you will have to use the hidden blades to kill your target. After you enter the search zone, look for a smaller round building and climb on its roof. Activate Aveline’s Eagle Vision and look down to spot the target, patrolling around the building you are standing on.

Perform an air assassination using the hidden blades, to complete the contract and get full synch.

New Orleans -– Contract 2: The Snitch

Mission Description:

““A new chance to disrupt the enemy has come. An informant is about to deliver important documents. The exchange will take place in New Orleans. Silence the participants as you see fit.””

The second Assassin’s Creed Liberation contract is called The Snitch and it becomes available after you complete Delayed Justice.

For this contract you will be asked to assassinate two targets, and if you wish to get 100% synch you must eliminate both targets simultaneously. This means that a double assassination is required. Once you start the mission, open the map again and you will see the search zone south, near the harbor.

When you enter the area, you should climb the buildings nearby to get a better view. Take out all soldiers on the rooftops, and activate the Eagle View. The targets are near a large building, close to several soldiers.

Make sure that you reach the roof of the building, and place Aveline on the edge of the roof, and then look down. When both targets are highlighted, select the hidden blades and perform a double air-assassination to complete the contract. Take out the remaining soldiers, and return to the graveyard for the next contract.

New Orleans -– Contract 3: Free Delivery

Mission Description:

““A courier will deliver goods to an enemy agent. Follow him and dispose of the enemy contact.””

Free Delivery is the third Assassin’s Creed Liberation contract in New Orleans. Your target and the search areas are located east from the graveyard, close to the gates that lead outside the city.

When you enter the area, look for a cart and near it you should see a stand, as well as the courier. The moment you spot the target you will be asked to tail him; therefore, stay close to him but use the environment to hide.

Stay behind corners, or better yet, on the roofs. Eventually, the courier will lead you to the enemy contact, which is waiting for him close to a tree. A simple fast poison dart is enough to take down the Templar and complete the mission.

New Orleans –- Contract 4: Safe Passage

Mission Description: “

“My student. I have been warned that a smuggler will be ambushed by the guards as he leaves the city. Stop the guards before they can execute their orders.””

Safe Passage is the fourth contract in the video-game, and it is triggered in the same graveyard. After your start the mission, head east towards the gates, to locate the smuggler marked by the green dot on your map.

To get 100% synch in Safe Passage you have to complete the mission in less than 2 minutes; therefore, you should equip several smoke bombs to stun the guards and kill them faster. After you locate the smuggler, head towards the main gate, but remain close to the western wall of the city.

Go around the buildings to avoid as many soldiers as you can and stay alert because a small group will ambush you. Stun them and kill all of them, then continue to move east to reach the main gate. Near the gate more soldiers will appear, but the smoke bombs will help you again. In order to complete the mission you have to go outside the city; however, you have to be anonymous in order to finish it, which means that all soldiers nearby must be killed.

The objective is to get there in less than 2 minutes; so focus on it. The smuggler’s health is not important in this mission, and he will fight the guards to help Aveline.

New Orleans -– Contract 5: Pigeon Hunt

Mission Description: “

“Enemy messengers are preparing to leave the city. They carry reports about Templar activities in New Orleans. Losing these documents will slow their operations in the region.””

The final contract in New Orleans is named Pigeon Hunt.

For this contract you have to kill and loot the bodies of two messengers.

The first one is located south from the graveyard, inside an enemy camp. When you get to the marked location, look for him near a tent; however, be advised that you will draw the attention of the soldiers in the camp. Since the mission doesn’t feature any constraints you are allowed to engage all enemies, but since they are too many, try to focus only on your target.

The berserk darts will help you distract most of them. Shoot one aiming for the courier and another one aiming for a soldier near your target. After the courier dies, loot his body while the soldiers are distracted and head west to kill the second one. The second courier is surrounded by soldiers, and he will run if he spots you.

At this point you can opt to rush in, drop a smoke bomb near your target and take him out. While the soldiers are stunned loot his body to complete the mission, or, if needed kill all soldiers before retrieving the documents.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD  Walkthrough
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