Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Broches

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Brooches Locations

The Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Brooches, or Precious Stones, are collectibles that can be found and retrieved if you wish to get 100% synchronization while playing the video game developed by Ubisoft Sofia.

The Brooches in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD can be located only in New Orleans, and only if you switch to Lady Persona, because they are carried by specific male characters who must be charmed. Since Aveline’s Lady Persona can’t jump, after you locate a gentleman that carries a precious stone, you will have to find a way to get close to him; otherwise Aveline won’t be able to charm him.

This results in solving a series of puzzles, in which you must find the paths that allow you to approach your targets, without climbing or jumping.

The following guide reveals the locations of all hidden Brooches in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, and also explains how to get them; however, you have to be aware that unlike other collectables (such as treasure chests), the precious stones on the map below, will be displayed on your map only if you get close to their locations, and only if you switch to Lady Persona.

Additionally, you should retrieve the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Precious Stones, after you complete the mission named A Governor No More, which is triggered during Sequence 3.

The AC Liberation map below displays all 10 Brooches in the video game, while the text guide explains how to get them.

Once you get all Brooches (Precious Stones) in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, you will unlock the Charming Dress Special Outfit for Aveline. To find it, you will have to visit one of the dressing chambers.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Brooches Collectibles Guide

Total number of jeweled brooches (precious stones): 10

New Orleans: 10 (100%)

New Orleans Brooches/Precious Stones Locations Guide

Jeweled Brooch #1

The first Jeweled Brooch marked on the map below is right across the street as you exit Aveline’s HQ.

The gentleman carrying it is on a balcony. While facing the balcony, turn right and go around the building looking for an entrance to the backyard. Look around for a ladder that allows you to get on top of a smaller roof, where you will find another ladder. Climb the second ladder and move on the roof towards the gentleman.

Drop on the balcony below you, and charm him to get the jewel.

Jeweled Brooch #2

The second brooch is located north-east from the previous one. It is also on a balcony and you will receive it from a gentleman wearing a green suit. Unlike the first brooch, the second one is easier to collect because you can get close to your target if you follow the stairs that lead directly to the balcony.

Go around the building to find them, and then charm the gentleman.

Jeweled Brooch #3

The third AC Liberation HD brooch marked on the map is an accessible collectible because the gentleman who carries it is on the ground.

To get the precious stone make sure you get close to the location on the map, then go around the building looking for a back alley that allows you to get inside the courtyard. You should see a cart near your target.

Jeweled Brooch #4

For the fourth precious stone in New Orleans you will have to spend some money, because the collectable is located inside a courtyard and both entrances are well guarded.

Bribe one of the guards to get inside undetected then look for a long balcony and the stairs that allow you to access it. At one end you will find the stairs, and on the other side, the gentleman you have to charm.

Jeweled Brooch #5

The fifth jeweled brooch in New Orleans can be located in the central area of the city, north from the previous one. You will find the gentleman on a balcony and to get close to him you will have to get inside the building and use the stairs near the entrance (right side).

Jeweled Brooch #6

Several steps away from the fifth precious stone, you will find another collectible, but the sixth brooch is harder to get. You will see your target on a balcony above a boulangerie. While facing the gentleman, go left around the building and then go right around the wooden fence to find two ladders.

Climb both of them and then cross the roof, paying attention to the left side. The balcony also features a roof and you should see a hole (left side), that allows you to drop and get close to your target. Charm him to get the collectable.

Jeweled Brooch #7

Brooch #7 marked on the map is similar to the previous one, meaning that the gentleman who will give it to you, can be found on a secluded balcony that can be accessed from the roof. To get on top of the roof and then on the said balcony, search the backyard for a ladder and climb it. Next, head left, drop once, and climb the next ladder.

Cross the next roof, moving towards your target and drop through the hole above the balcony.

Jeweled Brooch #8

The eighth AC Liberation brooch is fairly easy to collect even if your target is above the ground. You will find it west from the previous one, close to the northern main-street. The balcony can be accessed by climbing a single ladder, located to the left while facing the gentleman.

Jeweled Brooch #9

Jeweled Brooch #9 is probably the most accessible precious stone in the game. It is located in the top right corner of your map, where you will find the gentleman in a secluded area. Pay attention to the thieves that roam around because they will attack you. Once you deal with them, charm the gentleman and retrieve the collectable.

Jeweled Brooch #10

For the final brooch in AC Liberation you will have to exit the city and visit the plantation north-east. Once you get to the central courtyard, follow the stairs and go around the main building to find a gentleman wearing a blue suit.

Charm him to get the final AC Liberation precious stone and to unlock the Charming Dress Special Outfit for the Lady Persona.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans Broches

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