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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Taverns Guide

Unlocking all Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Hidden Taverns is one of the tasks you have to complete if you wish to get 100% synchronization in the video game, as well as the Barfly achievement/trophy; therefore, knowing their exact locations is required.

The Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Taverns allow you to recruit new crew members and to play checkers, as well as to buy Intel on various subjects, making these buildings very important for Edward.

Assassin’s Creed 4 includes 8 hidden taverns that can be found in specific locations and on specific islands, and the following guide explains where you can find them.

Once found, a tavern must be unlocked, by beating 4 bandits without using any weapons. As soon as the bandits are defeated Edward can visit the tavern at any point in the game.

Unlocking a tavern on an island in AC4 is a requirement for controlling that location.

Furthermore, each bartender at a tavern can be bribed and Edward can buy Intel from all taverns, by paying 200 Relaes.

The Intel purchased reveals information on naval convoys, or cadavers that carry treasure maps.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Taverns Locations Guide

Total number of hidden taverns: 8

Tavern 1: Kingston

The first hidden tavern you have to discover is in Kingston. Assuming that you have synchronized all viewpoints go to the beach, and open your map. Next, locate the harbourmaster in the south-western area of Kingston.

While looking at the map, north from the harbourmaster, you can see a road that splits in two. Follow the one to the right and you will find the Tavern in Kingston (The Kingston Crown).

Fight the four thugs that protect the tavern, then enter the building and bribe the bartender to get information on the treasure map that can be found in Misteriosa.

Tavern 2: Arroyos

The second AC 4 hidden tavern is in Arroyos. Look for it in the south-eastern side of the village. In front of the tavern you should see a pirate flag.

After you fight four bandits, you will unlock the building. Talk to the bartender and he will show you where to find the treasure map in Santanillas.

Tavern 3: Salt Key Bank

Another tavern you can unlock is in Salt Key Bank.

Its exact location is in the central area of the village, north from the viewpoint and close to a chest. To unlock it you have to beat 4 thugs, without using your weapons. For 200 R, the bartender will share with you the location of a naval convoy (coordinates: 750,739).

Tavern 4: Crooked Island

The hidden tavern in Crooked Island is fairly easy to find, because it is the building north from the harbourmaster.

Crooked Island Canter is unlocked after you beat the thugs nearby, and if you pay 200 Reales you are able to locate the treasure map in Punta Guarico area.

Tavern 5: Grand Cayman

The tavern in Grand Cayman is also close to the harbourmaster. Look for it on the northern side of the island, south from the local officer.

Once you unlock the building (The Randy Cayman), pay 200 R to get the information on the treasure map that can be found in Isla Providencia (coordinates: 502, 44).

Tavern 6: Andreas Island T

he sixth hidden tavern is on Andreas Island. You will find it in the southern part of island, and it is also easy to locate, if you pay close attention to the singers.

The Andreas Inn is also protected by bandits. Defeat them and pay another 200 R if you wish to locate the treasure map in Castillo de Jagua (coordinates: 338,480).

Tavern 7: Corozal

The Corozal Inn is the seventh hidden tavern in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and it is located on Corozal island.

The tavern is the largest building on the island, and it is located on the western shore. Pay the bartender at the tavern 200 Reales, if you wish to find the cadaver and the treasure map on Cayman Sound (coordinates: 335,335).

Tavern 8: Ile a Vache

The last AC 4 Hidden Tavern is on the island named Ile a Vache. You will locate it on the western side of the island. Unlock the building and for 200 Reales you will find where to look for the secret map in Punta Guarico (coordinates: 679,371).

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