Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Collectibles Locations

Pinos Isle is a secondary location in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and an island featuring 10 collectibles.

On Pinos Isle you will find 2 Mayan Stelae puzzles and a treasure map that should be collected if you wish to get all buried chests in the video game.

Furthermore, on Pinos Isle you will also discover six chests and three Animus Fragments, as well as a large number of black jaguars you can hunt.

The following Assassin’s Creed 4 game guide explains how to get all collectibles in Pinos Isle, offering hints and tips that will help you locate them faster.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 10

Animus Fragments: 3

Chests: 6

Secrets: 1

Other activities: Mayan Stelae (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Chests Locations

Chest 1

The first chest on Pinos Isle is located inside a Mayan Temple.

The roof of the same temple also features a viewpoint. After you synchronize it, descend in the chamber below and loot the chest to get 313 Reales and 4 bullets.

Chest 2

Similar to the previous chest, the second one is located inside another Mayan Ruin in the center of the island.

Look for it behind a small wall close to a large tree. Inside the chest you will find 163 Reales, a Jade statue (120 R), and a porcelain tray (15 R).

Chest 3

After you collect the second Pinos Isle Animus Fragment jump down and head towards the chest to the south.

Ascend the building and look behind the wall nearby to spot it. The third chest contains 197 Reales, a silver plate (60 R), and a silver pitcher (60 R).

Chest 4

For the fourth chest you will have to reach the eastern beach, and look for it behind another small wall and inside a Mayan Ruin. If you loot it you will get 181 Reales and an emerald (110 R).

Chest 5 & 6

The last two chests on Pinos Isle are close to each other, inside a ruin in the northern side of the island. The get them, you will have to climb the front wall of the ruin. The fifth chest is on top of some stairs and inside you will find 112 Reales and a cross made of gold (150 R).

After you loot it, look around and near the same stairs you will see the sixth chest which contains 136 Reales and a silver plate (60 R).

Once you loot the last chest, look for the treasure map, which is below your current position.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

The first Pinos Isle Animus Fragment is easy to locate and retrieve. You will find it on top of the large log that connects two ruins, close to the first chest.

Simply climb the ruins and walk on the log, to get the collectable.

Animus Fragment 2

When you reach the location of the second Animus Fragment, following the map above, you will notice that the collectible is above the ground, in a tree. You can reach it if you climb the

Mayan tower nearby, and then jump in the tree close to the one where the collectible is located. Move from one branch to another, and then jump towards the collectible.

Animus Fragment 3

The final Animus Fragment on Pinos Isle, should be retrieved after the fourth chest. Assuming that you follow the same order as the one on the map, after you loot the fourth chest, look up and you will see the Animus Fragment on a branch.

To get it, climb the large wall on the beach and use the columns to ascend. On top of the wall, is a small tower and near it the tree. Walk towards the collectible and perform a Leap of Faith in the ocean.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Secrets Locations

Secret: Cadaver

The Pinos Isle treasure map, is the only secret you will find on the island. The cadaver carrying the map is close to the chests in the northern area.

Look for the cadaver near a downed column, right below the said chests. Retrieve the map to see the following coordinates: 327,334. The AC4 Pinos Isle treasure map also shows a shipwreck close to a beach.

The coordinates on the map, point to Cayman Sound, while the shipwreck is in fact the viewpoint you have to synchronize on that island.

If you unlocked Cayman Sound, fast travel to the viewpoint, and get back to the beach. While standing on the ground facing the viewpoint, turn left. Now, walk north, in order to reach the last group of palm trees.

Keep your eyes on the ground and before entering the green area where the palm trees grow, you will see several withered branches and two rocks. Between the rocks is the spot where you will have to dig to find the treasure chest. The chest contains 3000 Reales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Pinos Isle Collectibles Locations

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