Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Collectibles Locations

Long Bay is another major location related to Edward’s story, and featured in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Long Bay is an area that is accessed later in the game, during the final sequences, when Edward tries to locate the Observatory.

Once the area is unlocked, it can be visited to retrieve 14 AC4 collectibles, or to solve 1 Mayan Puzzle.

The treasure map you will find on Isla Providencia also leads to Long Bay.

Different from other major locations in AC 4, Long Bay is inhabited by natives. Most of your enemies are hidden in bushes and they are hard to spot, unless you activate Edward’s eagle vision.

While trying to find all collectibles in Long Bay, make sure you scout all areas and deal with your enemies before they see you.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 14

Animus Fragments: 5

Chests: 8

Secrets: 1

Other activities: Mayan Stelae (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

The first Animus Fragment marked on the map above is collected automatically during one of the game’s main sequences.

While following Edwards’s story, you will eventually enter the Observatory, and you will be asked to escape. When you try to escape you will have to climb the building’s walls and you will collect the fragment when you jump from one wall to another.

Animus Fragment 2

The second Animus Fragment marked on the map of Long Bay, is inside the jungle. You will see it close to a large tree that extends above the rest.

Climb the small hill near the tree, and then walk on it towards the fragment. When you reach the other side of the tree, you have to jump on top of the log below your current position.

Animus Fragment 3

Once you loot the fifth chest, you can find the third Long Bay Animus Fragment. It is on a log, above a small river.

Simple walk down the log to get it, but be careful because a native is in the bushes on the other side.

Animus Fragment 4

Immediately after you get the third fragment, move south east, and you will find the fourth, inside the same jungle. The collectible is at the end of another tree. Slowly move towards it, and then jump on the branch below you.

Animus Fragment 5

The last fragment in Long Bay is on the northern beach. While standing close to it, on the shore, you will see a shack and on its roof, a wooden ledge.

Climb the building and use the ledge to jump on the wooden poles above the water. Jump from one pole to another until you reach the fragment.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Secrets Locations

Secret: Letter

The only secret you can find in Long Bay is a bottle containing another letter (A Secret Incomprehensible).

The letter is inside the restricted area, near the eighth chest. You will see it glow between several wooden poles, at the end of one of the tunnels protected by natives.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Chests Locations

Chest 1

One the western beach, close to a waterfall you can find the first chest in Long Bay. It is an accessible collectible, located near some crates, and it contains 169 R and a sapphire (130 R).

Chest 2

On the same beach as the previous chest, but to the north you will find the second chest. Look for it close to the mountain and inside you will find 181 Reales, an ornate tobacco box (80 R) and a figurine made of wood (20 R).

Chest 3

The third chest can be found after the second Animus Fragment, being located close to it. Once you get the fragment look for a small camp nearby and you will spot the chest containing 182 Reales, a pearl (70 R), and another figurine made of wood (20 R).

Chest 4

Chest #4 in Long Bay is also in a small camp, but it is protected by natives. Make sure you pay close attention to the environment while searching for the collectible because the natives are in bushes and they can be seen only if you use Edward’s eagle vision.

Inside the chest are 2 smoke bombs and 304 Reales.

Chest 5

Chest #5 on the map is located behind a waterfall, outside the passage that connects the Observatory and the jungle.

Again, the collectible is protected by Mayans. Kill them, then loot the chest to retrieve 157 Reales, a ruby (20 R), and the third figurine made of wood (20 R).

Chest 6

The sixth chest can be found in a restricted area, within the tunnels inhabited by Mayans. When you enter the tunnel, you will see a small camp and one of your opponents standing near a fire.

Kill him, then loot the chest for 125 Reales, a pearl (70 R), and a silver chain (70 R).

Chest 7

Several steps away from the sixth chest, and also inside the restricted area, is Chest #7. After you collect the previous chest, follow the tunnel towards the middle of the restricted area, and turn left.

Swing on the wooden ledges, and then turn left again when you see the next tunnel. Climb the small hill and on top of it you will see another camp, and the collectible. Inside the chest are 155 Reales as well as a tobacco box made of gold (150 R).

Chest 8

The final chest is in a tunnel below the previous collectible. Descend the hill after you collect Chest #7, and jump into the gap below. Move towards the collectible and you will see it near the wall. Inside are two berserk darts and 276 Reales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Long Bay Collectibles Locations

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