Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston is the fourth major area you can visit while exploring the Caribbean island featured in the video game, and you will spend a large amount of time in the city, because there are multiple activities that must be completed.

Kingston includes a tavern you have to unlock, six assassin contracts and one Templar hunt.

The location of the tavern in Kingston is revealed on the map below, along with all AC4 collectibles you can find in the area.

Furthermore, the following text guide offers hints and tips that can help you retrieve all Animus Fragments, all Song Sheets and all Secrets in Kingston.

The guide follows the same order as the one displayed on the map.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 43

Animus Fragments: 13

Secrets: 6

Song Sheets: 6

Chests: 18

Other activities: Assassin Contracts (6), Tavern (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

The first fragment is Kingston is hard to get because it is located on top on a chimney. The said chimney is on the roof of a building in the restricted area on the western side of the city. When you reach the chimney, you will notice that you can’t get the fragment using standard moves such as jumping.

Therefore, you will need to jump higher. To collect the fragment, you need to perform an air assassination on one of the soldiers around you.

You can attempt it on the soldier that patrols around the chimney, or you can alert the guards on the ground, and then use the ladder to get back to the roof and on the chimney.

When they approach, execute as many air assassinations as you can, until you get the collectible.

Animus Fragment 2

For the second fragment you will have to travel to the northern area of Kingston, where you will see the collectible between a tree and a house.

Next to the tree is another one, which allows you to climb and reach the branch close to the collectible. When you are close to it, press the corresponding button to “hang”, and then jump towards the house.

Animus Fragment 3

The third Animus Fragment is south from the previous one and close to a building and a haystack. To get it, while standing on the building’s roof, use the hang option, and descend one level, on the wall bellow. Next, jump away from the wall.

Animus Fragment 4

After you reach the location of the fourth fragment, marked on the map above, you will have to use the same move as the one you have used for the previous collectible.

Go to the roof of the building nearby, drop two levels, and jump away from the wall.

Animus Fragment 5 The fifth fragment in Kingston is easier to collect, being located close to a wooden pole and a building.

While standing on the roof of the building, jump towards the collectable.

Animus Fragment 6

For Fragment #6 you will have to repeat the strategy used to get the fourth fragment. You will find the collectible, above one of the roads in Kingston, between two buildings. The largest building features a window facing the collectible. While hanging on the said window, jump away on the roof across the street.

Animus Fragment 7

Animus Fragment #7 is located near a large red church, between two walls. While standing in front of it, on the ground, move left and look for a window with a crack in it, above another window that allows you to reach the crack.

Move around the walls and drop on the window located on the left side of the fragment. Now, jump on the window located on the right side of the same fragment.

Animus Fragment 8

The next Animus Fragment in Kingston is between two trees and a building. It is also above a haystack. To collect the fragment, use the catwalk that connects the building and the first tree, to reach a jumping position.

When on top of the tree, perform a Leap of Faith in the haystack below.

Animus Fragment 9

Another collectible and fragment located close to a building is Fragment #9. To get it, reach the roof, and then drop one level on the wall.

Animus Fragment 10

Animus Fragment #10, on the map above is located above the ground and one of the roads in the city.

When you get close to it, look for two wooden ledges, on the roofs nearby. Get to the highest roof, with a ledge in a corner, and jump towards the collectible and the lower ledge.

Animus Fragment 11

The eleventh fragment is close to a barn. It’s easier to collect because all you have to do is to reach the roof, and drop from it while standing above the collectable.

Animus Fragment 12

Animus Fragment #12 is on top of a pillar with a cage hanging. Since you can’t reach its top, climb the other pillar nearby and then jump on the one close to the collectible. Next, jump again to get the fragment.

Animus Fragment 13

Similar to the previous fragment, Fragment #13 is located in the southern area of the city. You will find it above the ground between two trees.

One of the trees is higher and you can reach its top using the small wall nearby. When you are on the highest branch, facing the collectable, jump on the ground.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Song Sheets Locations

Shanty 1: Handy Me Boys

The first song sheet in Kingston includes the lyrics for the “Handy Me Boys” pirates’ song. The shanty follows two paths, the first one being between two trees.

Try using the other path, above the roofs, because the first route involves too many jumps.

Shanty 2: Good Morning Ladies All

The second shanty also follows two specific routes. One of them will take you above the roofs, and you will waste time climbing. Instead, follow the second route, jumping from ledge to ledge, under the roofs, and try to remain on the balconies.

Shanty 3: Hi-Ho Come Roll Me Over

The third song sheet is easier to catch if you move from north to south, because it will remain above the roofs, allowing you to move faster.

Shanty 4: Roll and Go

Shanty #4 is also easier to catch if you run from west (left side on the map) to east (right side).

You will have to perform only several jumps from the tree branch, while remaining on the balconies below the roofs of the buildings nearby.

Shanty 5: Cheerly Man

The fifth song sheet in Nassau, and marked on the map above, is on top of a tree. You should approach it from the northern side of the area, while moving south and the shanty won’t fly away.

Shanty 6: The Sailboat Malarkey

The final song sheet marked on the map should be approached from south to north, moving on the catwalk, and then jumping from the tree on the next roof.

The shanty contains the lyrics for“The Sailboat Malarkey”.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Secrets Locations

Secret 1: Manuscript – Vertumnus, a Portrait of Today

The first secret in Kingston is a manuscript named “Vertumnus, a Portrait of Today” located close to the large forth in the northern area.

The collectible is protected by three soldiers. Use a berserk dart on the gunner and wait for them to kill each other, and then retrieve the manuscript.

Secret 2: Manuscript – Introductio Geographica

The second manuscript is also located in the northern Kingston, protected by two brutes.

Drop a smoke bomb while behind them, and double assassinate them before the commander returns from the dock.

Secret 3: Manuscript – Magellan’s Ship

After you get the previous manuscript swim south to reach the ship where the third collectible is located. Swim around it and go up when you reach its rear end.

Take out the two guards threatening some pirates, then the captain on the left side, followed by the two brutes protecting the chest. Retrieve the manuscript and stealth-swim away.

Secret 4: Manuscript – Aberdeen Bestiary (Phoenix Detail)

For the fourth secret you will have to get to the southern Kingston. The collectible, is in a restricted area protected by soldiers that patrol near a large rock.

Use the rock to perform a double-air assassination on the brutes near the chest, then kill the commander and retrieve the item.

Secret 5: Manuscript – Epistola de Magnete

“Epistola de Magnete” is the fifth manuscript and it’s located on a smaller boat in the southern Kingston. On the boat are a brute and a soldier.

Use the berserk dart on the brute, so he can kill the soldier, and then kill him to retrieve the manuscript inside the chest.

Secret 6: Manuscript – Sacred Theory of the Earth

The final manuscript is also the hardest to get because you have to infiltrate in a restricted area which is a British fort.

Fortunately the area features multiple bushes and hiding spots. Furthermore, if you synchronized the viewpoint, the collectible is across the street in a chest near a bench.

Around it there are bushes that can offer cover and allow you to retrieve it without alerting the guards.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Chests Locations

In Kingston, you can also loot 16 chests, which are displayed on the map above. The chests don’t have specific requirements, and if you manage to get all of them you will earn around 5000 Reales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Kingston Collectibles Locations

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