Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Collectibles Locations

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Collectibles Locations

All Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Collectibles can be retrieved the moment you enter the city, using Stede Bonnet’s ship.

Unlike the previous area, Cape Bonavista, in Havana you will have to spend a large amount of time, if you want to get all Song Sheets, Animus Fragments, Secrets and Chests.

Additionally, in Havana you can also complete six Assassin Contracts if you wish to get more money.

The following guide explains how to find all AC 4 collectables while visiting Havana for the first time. The guide includes a series of hints and tips that will help you get all items faster.

Additionally, the guide features a customized map to help you respect the same order as the one below.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Collectibles Guide

Total number of collectibles: 49

Animus Fragments: 15

Secrets: 7

Song Sheets: 7

Chests: 20

Other activities: Assassin Contracts (6), Templar Hunt (1)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Animus Fragments Locations

Animus Fragment 1

The first Animus Fragment is located in the southern part of the city, above the ground, but close to a large tree.

To get it, use the wooden ledge of the blue building near the tree. Jump on the ledge, then on the three, and then on the largest branch. You will get the collectible when you try to jump on the roof of the next building.

Animus Fragment 2

The second AC4 Animus Fragment is under a wooden ledge with a hook attached at the end of a rope. The ledge is on top of a roof.

Climb the building and remain on the balcony. Move towards the collectible and jump on the hook.

Animus Fragment 3

For the third Animus Fragment, travel to its location on the map and look for another tree. Next to it is a small wall which allows you to go up.

Move from one branch to another and try to reach the highest one. Jump towards the building across the street to get the collectible floating above the said branch.

Animus Fragment 4

The fourth Animus Fragment in Havana is located close to a wall you have to climb while trying to sync a viewpoint.

Climb the viewpoint and move around it while hanging below the bell.

Animus Fragment 5

Animus Fragment #5 is on top of a wooden pillar. Travel to its location and jump on one of the adjacent pillars. Now, jump on the one in the middle and if you fall, climb it.

While standing on top of the pole, jump to the next one to get the collectible.

Animus Fragment 6

Animus Fragment #6 is on top of a British flag. To get the collectible, look for a wooden ledge, on the building nearby (yellow). Reach the roof, and then drop on the ledge, and climb it. Next, jump on the flag to collect the fragment.

Animus Fragment 7

The seventh Animus Fragment in Havana is located on the eastern side of the island, near the restricted fort. When you get to its location look for a cage hanging on a pillar with a sing on which you can read “Pirates Beware”.

Climb the pillar and then head to the end of the ledge. Jump in the water to collect the Animus Fragment.

Animus Fragment 8

Animus Fragment #8 is in the restricted area on the eastern side of Havana. Stay close to the fort and swim around it until you get close to the collectible which is above the water at the end of a wooden ledge.

Escalate the eastern wall using the cracks in it and jump on the ledge. Climb up, and then jump in the water again to collect the fragment.

Animus Fragment 9

To get the ninth Animus Fragment, travel to the location on the map and look for it on the roof of a church, on top of the cross. Climb one of the church’s walls and then on the cross.

Animus Fragment 10

Animus Fragment #10 is similar to the previous fragment, meaning that you will have to climb the cross of another church, but this time the building is higher.

Make sure you reach its roof by escalading one of the walls, and look for a smaller tower on top of which is the cross and the collectible.

Animus Fragment 11 For Animus Fragment #11, travel to the marked location and look for it in front of a round window, above the building’s gate. Climb the wall above the gate, and head left jumping from one window to another.

When you get close to the fragment, head up to collect it.

Animus Fragment 12

Animus Fragment #12 is another collectible that floats above the ground. Travel to the location on the map and look around to find a suspended crate. Escalade the building, and jump on the said crate.

While standing on it facing the collectible, jump towards the fragment to get it while in the air. Animus Fragment 13

Another fragment that is accessible when you reveal the map of Havana is Animus Fragment #13. The collectible is close to a viewpoint on the western side of the area. When you get on top of the viewpoint, while hanging, go around the roof to collect the fragment.

Animus Fragment 14

Unlike the previous collectible, Animus Fragment #14 is in a restricted area. Fast travel to the viewpoint located in the south-western area of Havana, and look for it below the main roof.

The fragment can be collected while hanging on the said roof (below the viewpoint).

Animus Fragment 15

The final Animus Fragment is close to the previous one, which means that you will remain in the restricted area.

The collectible is located above an archway and it is extremely easy to collect, but you will have to deal with all guards on the roofs. Stay behind walls and whistle to draw their attention. When they get close, take them out and get the final AC4 Animus Fragment in Havana.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Secrets Locations

Secret 1: Manuscript – Atalanta Fugiens

The first Assassin’s Creed 4 Secret in Havana is the “Atalanta Fugiens” manuscript. The manuscript is inside a chest in the courtyard of a small house in the southern area of the city.

To get it you can opt to fight the guards protecting the area, or you can infiltrate the villa through the back alley. Inside the courtyard is a bush that allows you to remain hidden and distract the guards.

Secret 2: Manuscript – Voynich Manuscript – Folio 34r

The second secret is also a manuscript and it is located in the courtyard of a villa protected by soldiers. The “Voynich Manuscript” can be collected as the previous secret, by remaining hidden, or by attacking the guards.

If you use the roofs to enter the courtyard, and if you are detected, you can make your stand on the stairs inside the courtyard. The location allows you to control the crowd and it will not allow the soldiers to surround you.

Drop a smoke bomb, and then take them out while they are stunned. Collect the manuscript inside the highlighted chest and exit the area.

Secret 3: Manuscript– Voynich Manuscript – Folio 33v

The third secret in Havana and the third manuscript can be acquired as the previous two. The courtyard is protected by several soldiers.

One of them is on the roof and you should take him out first. Both entrances are protected; therefore, while on the roof, make sure you assassinate the two guards patrolling in the courtyard. Pick up the manuscript in the chest, and exit using the same path.

Secret 4: Manuscript– Voynich Manuscript – Folio 34v

The fourth AC4 manuscript in Havana is inside the fort on the eastern coast. The chest is in a room below the viewpoint. The entrance to the said room is a small window located on the northern wall.

For this manuscript you can drop on the window, if you are on top of the viewpoint, or you can jump on the wooden ledges outside. The second method; however, requires an assassination, the target being the soldier patrolling next to the haystack.

Hide and take him out, because he will alert the guards as soon as you enter the restricted area.

Secret 5: Manuscript– The Fetus In The Womb

For the fifth manuscript, “The Fetus In The Womb”, you will have to infiltrate another courtyard. Again, the best option is to reach the roof, since the main entrance is protected.

Kill the guard patrolling on the building, then the two guards in the courtyard. Locate the highlighted chest near the hiding spot and retrieve the manuscript to complete an Abstergo Challenge. Exit the area using the same roofs to remain undetected.

Secret 6: Manuscript– Voynich Manuscript – Folio 35r

The last manuscript in Havana is the“Voynich Manuscript – Folio 35r”, which can be found inside another chest, located in a restricted area.

The villa is in the northern Havana, and to get inside you will have to use the same strategy you have used before. Climb the roof and get inside, or you can hire dancers to distract the guards standing at the main entrance. Even if you alert the guards, they are accessible opponents and you won’t encounter difficulties as long as you block their attacks.

Secret 7: Cadaver

The final secret in Havana is the cadaver you can find hidden within a bush. Travel to the location marked on the map and look for a glowing corpse. Interact with it to retrieve the treasure map that will lead you to a hidden chest.

The map you have collected from the cadaver contains the location of a large buried chest in which you will find a design plan for “Queen’s Anne’s Figurehead”. The exact location of the chest is also marked on the map by a green cross, and it is in the southern Havana, close to the restricted area.

When you get to the location, look for an arched palm tree with the leaves in the sand. Jump over it and look on the ground for a glowing spot, next to the large rocks. Dig to retrieve the chest and you will also get 3000 Reales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Song Sheets Locations

Shanty 1: The Dead Horse

The first shanty marked on the map contains the lyrics for the pirate song named“The Dead Horse”. The Shanty is on top of a shack and it will be carried away by the wind as soon as you get close.

To get it, you have to make sure that you remain above the ground and that you stay close to it. Don’t fall and don’t perform unnecessary jumps.

Shanty 2: Billy Riley

The second AC4 Song Sheet contains the lyrics for the“Billy Riley” pirate song. The shanty is located between two buildings. When you get close to the collectible, it will start moving and eventually, it will get closer to the ground.

The song sheet stops on top of a small wall. If you are close enough you will catch it the moment it lands on the said wall.

Shanty 3: Bully In The Alley

The third shanty in Havana features the lyrics of a song named “Bully In The Alley”. The Song Sheet is located on a catwalk between two buildings. When you get close to it, make sure you don’t fall on the ground and you don’t climb on the roofs.

Instead, follow its trajectory and jump from one ledge to another, and from one balcony to the next one.

Shanty 4: Derby Ram

For the fourth Song Sheet you need to get to the eastern docks. The“Derby Ram” Song Sheet is on top of a pillar made of wood, which is partially underwater. The song sheet flies around within the docks.

Try not to fall in the water and follow it by jumping on the small boats and other pillars.

Shanty 5: Spanish Ladies

The fifth shanty named “Spanish Ladies” is easy to get as long as you are focused on it,  not on the guards that will attack you.

The Song Sheet is on a roof close to a restricted area. When you get on the roof, locate the sheet and run towards it. The moment you are close to the shanty drop a Smoke Bomb for the guards behind you, and continue to follow the collectible. After you catch the page, look for a hiding spot.

Shanty 6: The Coasts of High Barbary

The “Coasts of High Barbary” Shanty is located in the northern area of Havana. It floats above a catwalk and it tends to fly above the roofs. You can intercept it the moment is starts to fly away, if you don’t fall to the ground.

Shanty 7: Running Down To Cuba

The final Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Song Sheet in Havana will teach your crew the lyrics of the song named “Running Down To Cuba”. As the previous shanty, it can be found above a catwalk and it will fly away towards a tree, assuming that you approach it from the other side. You can catch the page as soon as you jump on the roof behind the said tree.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Chests Locations

While exploring Havana you will also have to find a loot 20 chests. These collectibles don’t have special requirements and they award money and other valuable items. Their locations are displayed on your main map and on your mini-map when you synchronize all viewpoints.

The next major location you will access after Havana, is Nassau.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Havana Collectibles Locations

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