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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Assassin Contracts Guide

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Assassin Contracts are similar to the naval contracts you must complete while playing the game, but unlike the latter, most assassin contracts take place on the ground.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag features 30 assassin contracts, and if you manage to complete all of them, you will unlock the Stealth Outfit for Edward, and the Pistol Swords.

Additionally, for each Assassin Contract you complete, you will be paid; however, some contracts have secondary objectives.

As the name implies, to complete an assassin contract you will have to assassinate specific targets in order to get paid by your employer; but you can get more money if you successfully beat the secondary objectives.

For these objectives you will be asked to avoid combat while trying to kill the marked targets. This means that you are not allowed to attack additional enemies before your target is dead; but you are allowed to assassinate other enemies as long as you are hidden.

Furthermore, engaging a target in open combat isn’t allowed if you wish to get the secondary objectives. T

he Assassination Contracts in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag require stealth and patience, and they can be triggered early in the game but only in specific locations.

The guide below reveals the steps you need to follow in order to beat all Assassin Contracts in AC4, as well as all secondary objectives.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Assassin Contracts Guide

Kingston – Contract 01: The Plantation Master

The first contract in Kingston is named The Plantation Master and can be triggered at the northern pigeon coop.

To complete the contract you have to reach the restricted area, north from the pigeon coop. If you wish to get the bonus objective, go around the restricted area and look for a series of bushes that allow you to remain hidden and also get close to your target.

Whistle to distract the nearby guard, and then use a sleep dart to knock out your target, or even better, a berserk dart which will alert the brutes close to him. After he dies leave the area.

Kingston – Contract 02: The Guard Post

For the Guard Post contract in Kingston you will have to kill the leader of a military outpost, located in the north-western area of the city.

The outpost is on a hill, but there is a spot on the right side, that can be used to get inside. If you find it, you will be several steps away from a number of bushes that offer cover. Again, use a berserk dart on the target to avoid combat.

Kingston – Contract 03: The Slave Traders

The Slave Traders contract in Kingston is also an accessible contract, in which you will have to kill a psychotic slave trader.

The target is located east from the pigeon coop where you trigger the contract. If you have a berserk dart, you should try to use it, because it will save you time and energy. Aim for your target while standing outside the restricted area, up on a roof, or on the alley that you can use to get close to your target.

Kingston – Contract 04: The Judge

In AC4 The Judge assassin contract you are allowed to engage your target, without having to stay out of combat, making the fourth contract in Kingston an accessible one.

The judge you have to assassinate is located in front of a store in the southern area of the island. Once you get close to him, prepare to sprint or use a sleep dart to stop him from fleeing. If you don’t have a sleep dart in your pouch, follow the target and tackle it.

Kingston – Contract 05: The Weapons Smugglers

For the AC 4 The Weapons Smugglers assassin contract available in Kingston you will be asked to find and kill a pirate leader.

The contract is easier to complete if you use the back alley in the northern side of the restricted zone. The alley features multiple bushes allowing you to get close to your target and deal with all enemies surrounding the pirate leader.

Kingston – Contract 06: The British Captain

AC4 The British Captain is the sixth contract you can pick in Kingston. The contract is available at the pigeon coop in the southern part of the city.

For completing the contract you will receive 1000 Reales and 500 for staying out of combat. The target is a British officer and he is located south from the pigeon coop.

Around the area are multiple buildings one of them with two guards on the roof. On the same roof you will also find a haystack. Take out the guards on the said roof, and then use a berserk dart on the officer, without jumping down. His soldiers will kill him for you.

Havana – Contract 07: Beach Bonfire

To complete the first contract in Havana you have to find a privateer on the beach. The privateer is surrounded by guards.

To assassinate them unseen, you will have to stay away from the marked location and use the environment in your advantage. Your goal is to reach the haystack, because the target will eventually get close to it.

Use the green bushes on the beach to get inside the said haystack. Wait for your target and assassinate him when he is close to your hiding spot.

Havana – Contract 08: A Shipment of Powder

For the second contract you will have to assassinate a Templar associate located on the eastern docks. The restricted area is larger than the previous one, so make sure you don’t enter it until you identify your target.

The Templar patrols on the docks following a specific route. Your goal is to assassinate him when he gets on top of the small boat on the eastern side of the red zone. First identify him, and then use the stealth swim to get to the correct position. Climb the boat and wait for him while hanging. The moment he stops, jump up and assassinate him. Immediately jump back into the water and stealth swim away.

Havana – Contract 09: The Spanish Commander

The Spanish Commander contract requires more attention if you wish to get the secondary objective, because your target is in the courtyard of a villa.

Entering the villa from above is a good idea, as long as you take out the guard on the roof. Next, wait for your target to patrol and place Edward above the location where the commander stops. Perform an air assassination and use a Smoke Bomb to exit the area.

Havana – Contract 10: Unlicensed Dealer

The Unlicensed Dealer assassin contract in AC4 is trickier than the previous contracts because your target, Antonio Rueda, is well protected by Templars, inside a manor.

If you wish to remain undetected and avoid combat, you should try to sneak inside the courtyard using a group of dancers. Send them to distract the guards standing in front of the main entrance, and then using the archways above the same entrance get inside the courtyard.

Wait for Antonio to get close to you, and kill him without attacking other guards. Use a smoke bomb to ensure your escape, and find a hiding spot.

Havana – Contract 11: No More Taxes

The contract named No More Taxes is an accessible one and you will be able to stay out of combat and kill your target faster than those you have killed before. The manor, inside which you will find the corrupted officer, features an entrance on one side. Go around the mansion and look for an opened door.

As you cross the room you will enter the courtyard. Immediately hide in the bushes and look for your target who is dancing on the stage nearby. Run towards it and use the hidden blades to take him out, then drop a smoke bomb and use the same window to get outside.

Havana – Contract 12: A Botched Escape

The final Assassin Contract in Havana, is named A Botched Escape and it is even more accessible than the previous because you don’t have to stay out of combat and you don’t have to fight the guards.

Your target is a pirate who tries to escape Havana. The moment you get close to his location, make sure you identify him, and then start running towards him. Eventually the pirate runs away and you must follow him. How you kill him is your choice.

You can shoot, or tackle him and then perform an assassination. The reward you receive will not be affected by your decision.

Nassau – Contract 13: The Pirate Captain

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag The Pirate Captain  contract is available at the pigeon coop in Nassau and it awards you 1000 Reales for assassinating the target, and another 500 for remaining out of combat.

The target for The Pirate Captain contract is in the swampy area near Nassau and it wears a large hat.

To assassinate him and get the bonus objective, first you need to take out the two guards facing their captain, but be aware that one of them moves around.

The sleeping darts are your best option, because they will knock out the guards, thus allowing you to take out their leader.

Nassau – Contract 14:  The Outlaws

The second assassin contract you can play while visiting Nassau is called The Outlaws. The target can be killed very fast if you synchronized all viewpoints in Nassau, because the outlaws and their leader will spawn under one viewpoint.

Fast travel to the viewpoint above the red area marked on your map, and the moment you reach it, perform a Leap of Faith in the haystack below. Next, take out the closest thug, and whistle to draw the attention of your target. Kill him while being hidden in the haystack.

Arroyos – Contract 15: Tomb Raiders

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Tomb Raiders contract is the first contract you can play when you reach Arroyos Island. The contract includes a bonus objective for staying out of combat, and you will be asked to take out the leader of a group of British graverobbers that can be found on Pinos Isle.

If you have visited Pinos Isle and synchronized the view point on the island, fast travel and you will find the graverobbers close to the viewpoint, which is on top of a Mayan Temple.

Take out the guards below you, so you can have the high-ground advantage, and their leader will eventually rush up the temple. Stay hidden inside the upper chamber of the temple and take out the target the moment you see it.

Arroyos – Contract 16: A Last Drink For The Road

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag A Last Drink For The Road contract can be completed only after you finish the previous contract on Arroyos.

The contract is easier than the previous one because you don’t have to travel to another island, and you don’t have to stay out of combat. The Templar associate spawns in the middle of the island. Try to stay on the roofs and you can deal with him without fighting his guards. If the target flees, you will find it on his ship.

Sprint towards your target without attacking the guards and drop smoke bombs if they get close to you. Once you are close to your target drop another bomb and assassinate him, then jump in the water and stealth-swim away.

New Bone – Contract 17: Castaway

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Castaway assassin contract can be picked up at the pigeon coop on the island named New Bone, and requires your presence on another island, named Cayman Sound.

Your target is a pirate who patrols on the beach. Open your map and you will see that the island includes a gulf, to the north. To complete the contract and also the secondary objective, swim around the red area until you are close to the said gulf.

The contract can be completed faster if you stealth swim directly towards your target. Remain underwater as much as you can, and emerge when he turns around. When you get close, sprint towards him and take him out.

Corozal – Contract 18: The Unworthy Brother

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Contract 18: The Unworthy Brother is the first contract you can complete in Corozal.

The contract doesn’t feature a bonus objective, meaning that you can fight your way towards the target. You will find your target, the pirate captain, in Chinchorro, and if you conquered the fort, you should fast-travel to its location.

When you get there, use the left walls of the fort to get to the highest level. First, kill the gunners, and locate the target below you. While standing close to the edge of the wall, perform an air assassination, and then use smoke bombs to leave the area.

Crooked Island – Contract 19: The Poachers

Both assassin contracts available on Crooked Island, are very easy to complete and they only require 2 berserk darts, or a berserk dart and a sleep dart.

For the first contract, named The Poachers you have to travel to Mariguana Island. Make sure that you synchronize the viewpoint there before attempting the contract. After you trigger the contract, fast travel to the viewpoint on Mariguana Island, and while standing on top of the viewpoint look down and to the right using the eagle vision.

Your target is overseeing the ocean. Without leaving the viewpoint shoot a berserk dart and the target’s crew will kill him for you.

Crooked Island – Contract 20: The Deserter

For the second contract on Crooked Island, you are allowed to engage your target in open combat.

The Spanish soldier, your target, is on Salt Lagoon Island, and when you get close he will try to flee. Use a sleep dart or a berserk dart to stop him faster and then kill him.

Grand Cayman – Contract 21: The Twin Dilemma

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag The Twin Dilemma is the first contract you can start in Grand Cayman. It is a contract without secondary objectives, which means that you can engage your targets at any point, without having to remain hidden.

While playing the contract; however, you have to be aware that one of the brothers will try to escape and head to his ship, docked nearby. Stay alert and try to kill the captain before the brute. If, the captain runs away, head back to the Jackdaw and sink his ship.

New Bone – Contract 22: The Dreaded Pirate

The second contract you can trigger from the pigeon coop in New Bone, is The Dreaded Pirate assassin contract that can be completed on the island named Misteriosa.

If you have synchronized the viewpoint on the said island, the contract can be completed faster, because if you fast travel to the viewpoint, the moment you enter the area, you will see the target below you.

Make sure you stay above your target and on the roofs of the Mayan Temples. Perform an air assassination on him. If you fail, and restart the mission, you will spawn on the other side of the island, but the target is mobile and will visit the camp in front of you.

Several berserk darts are a good choice for this contract, as long as you aim for the soldiers on the roof who will start shooting the soldiers below, creating confusion and allowing you to reach the middle of the camp. Hide inside a bush and wait for your target to get close. Jump out and kill him.

Ile a Vache – Contract 23: The Expedition AC4 Contract 23: The Expedition is a simple contract and the first one you can trigger on the island named Ile a Vache.

Before starting the contract, make sure you synchronize the viewpoint on Cumberland Bay, and that you have two berserk darts. Fast travel to the said viewpoint and using the first dart shoot the guard on the left side.

With the second dart shoot your target, which is close to the guard, and watch them killing each other.

Ile a Vache – Contract 24: The Slave Master

The Slave Master is the second assassin contract on Ile a Vache. The contract is completed on Tortuga Island, where you have to reach the northern manor, in order to kill your target.

Since the contract doesn’t have a secondary objective, you can kill all guards on Tortuga and then the slave master. You can also opt to remain hidden, and go around the manor using the bushes for cover. When close enough engage your target.

Andreas Island – Contract 25: A Slaver’s Business

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag A Slaver’s Business contract is another simple contract you can trigger on Andreas Island.

The events take place on the same island, and you will be asked to kill a slaver. The contract doesn’t feature any secondary objectives; therefore, there are many ways to complete it. Your target will dock the frigate close to your ship.

Swim around it, and climb one of the ship’s sails. Use your high-ground advantage to assassinate the target. If the soldiers spot you, use a smoke bomb to stun them, and get close to the target. Take him out, then jump into the water and stealth-swim away.

Salt Key Bank – Contract 26: The Informant

The Informant contract in Salt Key Bank takes place on a different island. In this case is a fort, which must be captured before attempting the mission.

The Dry Tortuga Fort features three defenses, two of them being cannons. It is imperative for your ship to be fully repaired while trying to conquer it.

The upgrades you have purchased for Jackdaw also play an important role in this mission. As you get close to the fort, try to maintain a fair distance and don’t stop your ship.

The cannons should be your primary targets, because they inflict more damage. Align your ship with the defenses so you can fire your cannons. After you deal with all defenses, swim to the shore and get inside the fort.

Your target is very accessible, as long as you get close to him, and you can use any weapon to take him out. Once you complete the contract, conquer the fort by killing the officer outside, and then the commander inside the War Room.

Andreas Island – Contract 27: The Treasure Hunter

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag The Treasure Hunter contract is in fact the first contract you will be able to pick up on Andreas Island.

Before starting the contract; however, make sure you synchronize the viewpoint on Abaco Island, and that you have a berserk dart in your pouch. After you activate the contract, fast-travel to the viewpoint on Abaco Island, and activate Edward’s eagle vision to mark your target.

You will see the pirate patrolling below you, in a small camp. When the target is close to the camp fire, shoot the berserk dart and wait for the other pirates to kill him.

Salt Key Bank – Contract 28: Shady Business

The Shady Business  assassin contract is available at the pigeon coop in Salt Key Bank, and it requires your presence on the sea. For the Shady Business Assassin Contract you will have to eliminate a slave trader; however, first you will have to find him.

After you accept the contract make sure that your ship is repaired and that you have enough ammo. Go to the harbor and sail to the marked location on your map. On your way, use the binoculars to identify your target’s ship and follow it.

Don’t engage the frigates because your ship can’t handle them at the beginning of the game. Your target will eventually stop and dock close to the island named Matanzas.

Stop your ship and go to the island following your target. F or this contract you are allowed to fight other enemies, but it is better to stay hidden. When you get to the island follow the path to your left and use the vegetation to stay hidden. T

ake out as many enemies as you can, then approach the target and take him out using your favorite weapon.

Grand Cayman – Contract 29: The Smuggler’s Squat

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag The Smuggler’s Squat is a contract that can be completed only after you get the diving bell. To finish the contract you have to find a smuggler chief located inside an underground cave.

The cave can be accessed only through the tunnel in Anotto Bay.

When you get inside the cave, kill the chief after you take out as many smugglers as you can, or you will be detected. The best hiding spot for this mission is the water.

Corozal – Contract 30: The Outlaw’s Cave

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Contract 30: The Outlaw’s Cave is a difficult contract and it is the second assassin contract you can pick up from Corozal.

For this contract you have to reach the outlaw’s cave. Even if the icon on your map shows that the cave is on an island, to enter the cave you have to dive. The get inside you have to fast travel to Ambergris Key.

Use the northern tunnel to enter the underground cave where your target is located. To remain unseen and get the bonus, use the left wall of the Mayan Temple to deal with the pirate guarding the entrance, but only when the other pirate is moving away.

After you knock out the first guard, climb the same wall and take out the second pirate that patrols near the entrance. Get inside the cave and turn right to see your target.

Stay behind a corner and whistle to draw the pirate’s attention. When close enough, take him out. In this contract if you alert the guards, they will try to surround you, and use bombs to kill you. If one of the bombs kills your target you will still complete the contract.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Cover

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