Assassin's Creed III Valley Forge Peg Leg Trinkets Locations

Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets Locations

Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets represent another category of AC3 Collectibles, which become available in the video game, as soon as players reach Boston.

However, only later in the game players find out the purpose of a trinket. At some point after Connor gets the Aquila ship, a secondary mission will become available in Davenport Homestead.

If players speak to Peg Leg, they find out that a man called Captain William Kidd hid a treasure of some sort.

Peg Leg has the required letters that will lead Connor to the treasure, but he wants some trinkets in return.

Because of this Connor most collect the hidden Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets.

Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets Locations

An AC III Peg Leg Trinket can be found inside a small chest, and it is a special Assassin’s Creed III collectible, because the letters Connor receives in exchange for the trinkets unlock new secondary missions that will extend the gameplay.

The Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets are the only collectibles available in all areas of the game.

Although they require some traveling and exploration, players should know that there are only 24 AC3 Peg Leg Trinkets hidden in the game:

Boston-5 Peg Leg Trinkets

New York-5 Peg Leg Trinkets

Frontier-10 Peg Leg Trinkets

Homestead-4 Peg Leg Trinkets

The locations of these special items can be revealed by purchasing one map from a general store.

Some of them will even appear on the map when Connor enters a new area (such as those in Davenport Homestead, which are shown on the map when players unlock this specific region).

However, players who wish to save money and time in order to find all Assassin’s Creed III Peg Leg Trinkets can use the free maps included in the following guide.

An important fact is that the Homestead features only AC 3 Peg Leg Trinkets, unlike other areas where players can find additional Assassin’s Creed III collectables, such as Treasure Chests, Feathers, and Almanac Pages.

Players should consider completing all Kidd’s Treasure missions they unlock in exchange for the Assassin’s Creed 3 Peg Leg Trinkets, because aside a scale model of the Aquila and Captain Kidd’s outfit, Connor gets the ability to deflect some of the bullets using the Shard of Eden he finds on Oak Island.

Also, the Kidd Gloves achievement is awarded.

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