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Amazing Spider-Man Water Treatment Facility Collectibles Locations

While playing The Amazing Spider-Man Water Treatment Facility side-mission, we can find up to 11 collectibles: eight magazines and three photos.

The Water Treatment Facility is an Amazing Spiderman mission which becomes available after Chapter 6.

It is similar to the Train Docking Station side-mission and it is activated by Chang.

During our investigations in the Water Treatment Facility, we have to pay close attention to the environment if we want to locate all collectibles, because one of them, a magazine, is very well hidden.

The following Amazing Spider-Man Water Treatment Facility collectibles’ guide, reveals the locations of all indoor pick-ups that can be found by fans of the game, in this specific mission.

Water Treatment Facility Description

“Don’t drink the water – it’s poisoned! All of it!

The source of this biohazard catastrophe seems to come from the treatment facility.”

Water Treatment Facility Collectibles Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  11

Magazines:  8

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 3

Audio Evidence: 0

First Magazine

The first magazine and collectable in the Water Treatment Facility, can be found along the main tunnel.

As we leave the starting area avoiding the toxic goo, we will jump over a small wall, and turn right. We look for a crate made of wood, on the right side of the corridor.

On it we locate the first magazine.

Second Magazine

After we escape Rhino, we will move to another area. We make sure that when we assume control over Spidey; we remain on the ground and turn left.

We follow the corridor, and then turn right again. On the left side, we observe a yellow pipe.

On it is the second magazine.

Third Magazine

After we talk to the worker for the second time, we advance and reach an area where we should see some steam coming out from two pipes.

First we go through the round tunnel (to the right if we face the pipes), without touching the goo. In the small chamber behind the tunnel, on the ground is the third magazine.We take it then exit the chamber.

First Photo

We continue to advance by Web-Shooting the pipes, that block our way, and just in front of us, we can see the Oscorp Logo.

Near it, we can observe several capsules. We make sure we take a picture for Chang, and then we continue to advance through the next door.

Second Photo

Another collectible can be found, in the area where we fight multiple Infected, on a platform. After we take them out, we make sure we check the areas below the platform.

We look for the Oscorp yellow logo, which is located near a larger capsule.

We take a picture for Chang, because it is the Oscorp cryo-pod. We activate the water pump using the console nearby but we remain in the same area, for the next collectible.

Fourth Magazine

The fourth collectible is well hidden. In the room where we activate the water pump, while we stay near the console, if we look up we notice the ceiling.

The ceiling features a hidden tunnel which can be accessed by crawling on the opposite wall.

At the end of the tunnel, is the fourth magazine.

Fifth Magazine

On our way towards the foreman, we will eventually return to the round chamber where we have found the bio-capsules (first photo).

We make sure we check the adjacent chamber that was opened, when we flooded the area, and we will find another magazine.

Third Photo

After we talk to the foreman again, we will be asked to help him reach the second part of the Water Treatment Plant. Additionally, a new area will become available.

The new corridor is covered by the green substance, and we have to use the red pipes above to advance.

To the left we can see several scientist wearing blue costumes, behind a window. We take a picture for Chang and we remain on the pipes because a new magazine is nearby.

Sixth Magazine

The sixth magazine is located near the chamber where we saw Oscorp’s hazmat team.

While facing the team we turn right and look on the ground, where we should see a square that wasn’t covered by goo.

Seventh Magazine

Moments later, after we save the foreman, we will be asked to re-establish the elevator’s power.

As we advance we reach another corridor with multiple red steam pipes.

After we stop the steam, we look above our head and notice another red pipe and on it a magazine. We collect it and proceed.

Eighth Magazine

The eighth Amazing Spider-Man magazine in the Water Treatment Facility is located near a steam pipe, in the corner of the room.

We will find it while trying to re-establish the power of the elevator to help the foreman.

The room is above the arena where we have to fight Rhino.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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