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Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp Secret Research Lab 1 Collectibles Guide

Oscorp Secret Research Lab 1 is an Amazing Spiderman side-mission we can complete in order to earn additional experience points.

After we beat Chapter 3, we can explore the city and complete a series of challenges or we can save the citizens in danger.

It is a good idea to clear the map and finish all side-missions, before we start Chapter 4.

During our exploration, we will receive a phone call from Chang who asks us to investigate one of Oscorp’s Research Labs (in this case, Oscorp Research Lab 1).

Research Lab 1 Description

“Whitney Chang thinks that this secret laboratory contains something that could be useful to Spider-Man. But it’s also heavily guarded.”

Collectables Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  1

Magazines:  0

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 1

Audio Evidence:  0


The main goal of this side-mission is to enter the laboratory and hack the highlighted terminals; however, while we work to finish it, we can also find an indoor collectable.

To get it, we make sure that we clear the lab, by remaining unseen. All Stealth upgrades play a very important role, because if the guards see us, they will take us down immediately.

All guards inside the secret lab are very well armed, which means that a direct fight is a waste of time and energy.  To clear the room, we remain on the ceiling and kill Oscorp’s guards one by one. Patience also plays an important role, in this case.

After we clear the area, we make sure that we take the picture for Chang, and then hack the green terminals. If we hack the units first, we will automatically return to Manhattan and we have to replay the mission to get the collectable.

Chang needs a proof of Oscorp Melee Combat experimentation. To take this photo, and the associated collectible, we look for some training dummies behind a fence. The location can be identified by the red lights above the said dummies.

Once we have the required picture, we highjack the terminals to finish Oscorp Secret Research Lab 1 side-mission and get a completion rate of 100%.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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