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Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp Research Lab 3 Collectible Guide

The third Oscorp Secret Research Lab featured in Amazing Spider-Man, the video game, becomes available after Chapter 7, along with Oscorp Secret Research Lab 4.

Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp Research Lab 3 allows us to unlock a new upgrade for Spidey, and to find an indoor pick-up.  In this case, is a photo Peter has to take for Chang.

Oscorp Research Lab 3 is a side-mission similar to all secret labs we have completed so far in the game.

Spider-Man infiltrates the laboratory, to hack three consoles, which contain important information.

The lab is well protected by Oscorp’s guards; therefore Spider-Man must take them out one by one. In Oscorp Research Lab 3, the guards encountered are Oscorp Colonels.

As a side-objective, when we enter the laboratory, we also have to locate a Proof of Oscorp chemical experimentation, required by Chang.

The following Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp Secret Research Lab 3 Collectible Guide explains where to find the proof, which counts as an indoor pick-up.

Oscorp Secret Research Lab 3 Description

“Whitney Chang thinks that this secret laboratory contains something that could be useful for Spider-Man. But it’s also heavily guarded.”

Objective: Hack the consoles

Oscorp Research Lab 3 Collectible Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  1

Magazines:  0

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 1

Audio Evidence:  0


As soon as we enter the third Oscorp Secret Research Lab, we take a look around to determine the locations of all enemies below us.

To clear the laboratory we can opt to remain unseen, and use our Stealth-Takedown skill to eliminate all Oscorp Colonels, or we can directly attack them, then retreat back on the lab’s walls.

No matter how we decide to approach the situation, after all targets have been neutralized, we look around for the consoles we have to hack, but we don’t interact with them, because we have to complete the second objective first.

The Proof of Oscorp chemical experimentation can be found in a red zone, which is a room adjacent to the one where the consoles are located.

To get the photo, we locate the small chamber behind a window, where we can see a scientist working with some chemicals. We capture the image, then we can hack the consoles to finish the mission with a completion rate of 100%.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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