The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide

Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 Collectibles Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 Collectibles/Pick-ups can be found in a single playthrough, as long as we know their exact locations.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 is called The Thrill of the Hunt, and the action takes place inside the West Pumping Station.

Spider-Man must chase a cross-species, and collect its blood, for Connors.

Chapter 4 in Amazing Spiderman includes 13 hidden collectibles. Eight of them are hidden magazines, two are audio evidences and three are photos required by Chang.

The fourth chapter in the video game can be divided in two parts, since Peter Parker will start inside the sewers, will exit to Manhattan, and then return to the tunnels.

The following Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 collectibles’ guide reveals the locations of all indoor pick-ups that can be found in The Thrill of the Hunt.

To get all Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 pick-ups without replaying the level, we have to respect the same order as the one presented below.

Chapter 4 Description

“Searching for cross-species DNA, Spider-Man plays a game of hide and seek in the sewers with the loveable Vermin. Too bad Alistaire Smythe’s robots want to play too.”

Collectables Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups: 13

Magazines:  8

Oscorp Manuals: 0

Tech Pieces: 0

Photos: 3

Audio Evidence:  2

First Magazine

The first collectible in Chapter 4 of The Amazing Spiderman is a magazine. After we start this chapter, we notice that we are inside the sewers. We advance and open the large door by rotating the large wheel on the right wall.

We notice a cross-species that runs away and we rotate the wheel again to open the door. Next we press RB to launch Spidey to the next area and we continue to advance. We avoid the green slime on the ground, and when we reach the other side of the corridor we see a dead end to the right. We explore it and on the left side, we locate the first magazine, on a stone. We pick it up and continue to advance, through the next door.

Second Magazine

The next area we have to explore is the corridor behind the gate marked with 44.

After we kill a mutant, we jump over a small wall, and in front of us appears a zone infested by the green substance.

To the right we see a red pipe and on it, the next collectible in Chapter 4. It is the second magazine.

Third Magazine

Next, we retrace our steps and go back to the round chamber and locate the gate marked with 47. We continue to advance through the sewers, and eventually, we return to the round hall. We follow the tunnel behind gate 43 and jump over the first wall.

We take out the enemies in the area, and then we explore the right side of the room.

On the ground we can see the third magazine, standing near the next small wall we have to jump. We pick it up and push forward.

First Conspiracy Photo

As we advance, to the next area, we kill all enemies on the upper platform and move forward.

At some point, Spiderman stops and calls Chang after he sees the Oscorp Logo near some crates. We make sure we take a picture after the dialogue with Chang, because it is the next collectible in this chapter.

Second Conspiracy Photo

The next collectible is also a photo, which can be missed if we don’t play our cards right. It can be found in the flooded area where we have to move very fast to get through a green door. The collectible is the proof that Oscorp’s Robots have been scouting the sewers, and it is located on the platform above the door that closes quickly.

Because of its position, first, we have to take the picture, and then we retrace our steps and turn the wheel to open the door. We jump from one pipe to another and go through the door, before it shuts.

Fourth Magazine

Moments later, after we exit a ventilation tunnel, we reach a new area where we can see a stronger opponent. While standing in the tunnel we observe a new collectible behind a fence.

This specific pick-up can’t be reached yet, therefore we will collect it later, but we keep in mind where we saw it, and advance. During our journey we make sure to look for an upper platform, above the main tunnel.

The platform can be found after we kill the infected on the ground, while remaining unseen on the red pipes. Eventually, at some point we will have to turn right.

Practically, this collectible is above our head, if we remain on the ground; therefore, additional attention is required. We always look up when we reach a new area, to make sure we don’t miss it.

Fifth Magazine

As we exit the area mentioned above we will enter a tunnel where we can see the green substance on the ground.

On the right side, we can see a dead end and a small platform.

On it we can find the next magazine, but to reach it we have to climb the wall and crawl on it. We pick it up and move forward.

Third Conspiracy Photo

The third photo in Chapter 4 can be captured, after we defeat a large number of enemies by taking them out silently. We move towards our objective, and on the left side of the main corridor we can see the Oscorp Logo, near a camp made by civilians.

The camp can be located faster if we look for the yellow Oscorp sign and a burning barrel.

We take the photo for Chang and continue to advance.

Sixth Magazine

After we hunt the cross-species and follow the rats through Manhattan, we will enter the sewers again.

The starting area is another round hall. As soon as we get inside we locate the square window, positioned higher than the rest. Next to the entrance is a brown container. At the end of the tunnel, on the ground, we will find the sixth magazine.

We pick it up and return to the round room, to find the next collectible.

First Audio Evidence

Next, we check the tunnel behind the round entrance. We jump all the way down, and Web-Shoot the fan to stop it.

We enter the room behind it, and on a table to the right we can see the first audio evidence in Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4.

We return to the round room and follow the hole in the wall, which leads us to a new tunnel.

Seventh Magazine

We continue to advance following the tunnel mentioned above, and we take down Oscorp’s Robots fighting the infected. At some point, we will have to jump over a new wall.

We make sure that we check the left side of the tunnel before jumping, and near two red barrels we can see the seventh magazine.  We take it and continue to advance.

Eventually, we return to the round chamber.

Eighth Magazine

Using our sensors we find the entrance and push forward.  After we clear both floors in the room where we see the cross-species, we make sure we move the train on the ground floor.

Behind it is the last magazine in Chapter 4. After we take it we return to the previous area, and scout the ground floor.

Our goal is to find a red crate on the right wall, which serves as a tunnel to the next room.

Second Audio Evidence

As soon as we clear the next room, we make sure we locate a large brown container with blue bars.

Behind it, on the ground we can see the second evidence which is the last Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 4 Collectible. Since Chapter 5 doesn’t include any collectibles, our guide continues with Chapter 6.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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