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Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations

In The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10, also known as Spider-Man No More!, we can find up to 34 indoor pick-ups or collectibles.

Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10, is the longest chapter in the game, and we have to return to Oscorp, but this time we will infiltrate the Robotic Facility.

Throughout the following Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10 Collectibles’ guide we reveal the location of every Magazine, Oscorp Manual, Tech Piece, and Audio Evidence in this specific chapter.

Additionally, the Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10 Pick-Ups’ guide explains the points of interest we have to visit in order to take the pictures required by Chang.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 10, begins as soon as we enter the facility owned by Oscorp.

To get all collectibles revealed below, in a single playthrough, we have to respect the same order, using the hints and instructions provided.

Chapter 10 Description

“Spider-Man needs to rescue Connors from Smythe’s robotic lab and finish the antidote before it’s too late!”

Chapter 10 Collectibles Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  34

Magazines:  8

Oscorp Manuals: 5

Tech Pieces: 16

Photos: 3

Audio Evidence:  2

Tech Piece #1

We begin Chapter 10 on the lab’s ceiling.

We push forward to reach the other side where we can see a tunnel, but we make sure we keep an eye on the right side of the said ceiling, where we can see the first collectible, and the first Tech Piece.

It’s behind several pipes.

Magazine #1

After the cutscene showing the scientists, we will reach a large hangar.

If we jump on one of the ledges above, for a better view, we can observe another collectible, on the iron ledge in the middle of the hangar.

We take it then return to the small chamber where we started the chapter, to take a photo.

Photo #1

While standing in the small office, facing the electrical arms, we turn around and locate another hangar.

On the ground, to the left, we can see a large mech, and Oscorp’s Logo in front of it.

We take the picture for Chang, to show her the new Oscorp Exoskeleton.

Tech Piece #2

After we destroy all generators and stop the electrical arms, we have to find access to the underground facility, and for this we must cross the assembling tunnel (where the electrical arms are located).

We make sure we check the tunnel and between two sentries we will find the second tech piece.

Oscorp Security Manual #1

The next collectible is in the area where we stop the sentries by Web-Shooting the gates.

After we clear the hangar (same hangar where we saw the Exoskeleton), we check the left side, while facing the elevator.

We look for a locker, and under it, is the first Oscorp Security Manual. The next collectable is near, so we maintain our position.

Audio Evidence #1

While facing the locker where we have found the first Oscorp Manual, we check the left side of the same wall for a room.

We can jump over the fence and behind it is the first Audio Evidence.

Magazine #2

After we pick the collectible above, we have to enter an elevator.

Inside the elevator, to the right is a large crate.

We jump on it to find the second magazine.

Magazine #3

Moments later, we exit the elevator and jump into a tunnel. When we reach the ground, we stop and look up.

We locate the moving fan, and shoot it. When it stops, we climb the wall, and behind the fan is the third Magazine.

We take it, and then advance through the ventilation tunnel.When we exit we will see Alistaire and Connors again.

Tech Piece #3

After the second cutscene showing Alistaire and Connors who wishes to help him, we will cross more ventilation tunnels, and when we reach the third tunnel, we are able to move around (we notice the steam coming out from a pipe).

Inside this specific tunnel, we can find another Tech Piece, if we turn left when we enter.We pick it up, go around the steam and continue to advance, but we make sure we pay attention to the left side, for a hidden area between the pipes.

Tech Piece #4

In the same tunnel where we found the previous Tech Piece, we can locate the fourth.

It is behind some pipes, to the left as we move towards the exit.

At this point it is important to fully explore the ceiling, to find it.

Tech Piece #5

The next collectible in Chapter 10, is found after we save Connors, and after Alistaire defeats us.

We will eventually wake up in a room, with some deactivated sentries.

Behind them we locate another Tech Piece.

Tech Piece #6

As we continue to advance, inside the second room where we see the “sleeping” sentries, if we turn left while standing at the entrance, we can see another Tech Piece.

We grab it and continue to advance without touching the red lasers.

Magazine #4

In the room where we find our web-shooters, we check the left side, and on a desk we can see another sparkling collectible.

It is a magazine.

We collect it, but we don’t interact with anything, or we will miss the next collectible.

Oscorp Security Manual #2

After we pick up the previous magazine, we locate the dead end on the other side of the room (between the levers we can activate).

We check the right side of the area, and go around the crates, to find the second Oscorp Security Manual, on the ground.

We pick it up and activate the both levers, to open a large gate, and take the next photo.

Photo #2

When the gate mentioned above, opens, we immediately take a photo of the large robot in front of us.

It is Alistaire Smythe’s deadliest weapon.

Tech Piece #7

The next collectible can be found in the area where the robots chase us.

Eventually, we will be asked to move a platform.

To get the collectible is important to call the platform, move it once when we reach the other side, get the tech piece, and jump back.

We activate it again, then we stop.

Tech Piece #8

After we activate the platform to reach the third area, we make sure that we don’t jump on it without checking the right wall.

Around a corner is another Tech Piece.

After we take it, we jump on the platform and follow the stairs up.

Tech Piece #9

We continue our chase on the red pipe, and to the left we can see another Tech Piece.

We take it, then shoot the holes to stop the steam, and advance.

Magazine #5

Moments later, after we jump off the red pipe, at the end of a platform we see an elevator and on its doors we can read: 04.

We make sure we check the ground behind the elevator and we will find the fifth magazine.

We take it then escape the factory.

Magazine #6

As soon as we exit the factory, a door shuts behind Spider-Man and we will enter another corridor.

In front of us we should see a monitor showing Alistaire.

We check the room to the right while facing the monitor, and on the desk we locate the magazine.

Audio Evidence #2

The next collectible is harder to get, as we will be attacked by turrets and sentries.  We make sure we follow the main corridor and check the last room to the right.

Before entering this room, at the end of the corridor is a turret, and on the ground two sentries.

After we get the final audio Evidence we retrace our steps and enter the hangar to the left.

Oscorp Security Manual #3

When we reach the top of the hangar, by jumping on the crates, we notice that the next door is guarded by two sentries.

To the left, next to a sentry is a shelf and on it another collectible.

We take it then exit the area as soon as we can. In the next hangar, we see a large reactor and we can find three additional collectibles.

Oscorp Security Manual #4

When we enter the hangar where the reactor is being kept, we rush downstairs (ground floor), and we look for a white forklift.

Behind it is the fourth Oscorp Security Manual.

We take it but remain in the hangar.

Tech Piece #10

After we get the previous indoor pick-up we reach the second floor of the same hangar.

At the end of the platform is another Tech Piece, behind a small red box.

We collect it, then turn around and locate the nearby console, for the next collectible.

Photo #3

While standing next to the console on the second floor, we take a picture of the large reactor in the hangar.

It is an S-bot reactor and Chang needs a picture with it.

Next, we interact with the console on the second floor, and the reactor will move, revealing a new magazine.

Magazine #7

After we move the reactor, the platform it was placed on, will become accessible.

On it, we can see the seventh magazine.

Once we get it, we make an exit point using the S-bot reactor.

Tech Piece #11

After we go through the hole we have created with the help of the reactor, we reach another hall.

We exit the tunnel, and turn left.

Nearby is a sentry and behind it the eleventh Tech Piece. We get it, then continue to follow the platform, until we see a burning room to the right. We don’t enter it yet, or we will miss two collectibles.

Tech Piece #12

The next collectible is also a Tech Piece.

When we reach the room in flames (which is our exit point), we continue to advance and turn right (we don’t jump through the window).

In a corner, next to a wall and a sentry is the collectible we are looking for. We take it, check the area for the next one.

Magazine #8

The final magazine in Chapter 10, is located in the same area where we have found the previous Tech Piece.

After we collect the Tech Piece, we look around for some shelves located on the other side of the platform.

On them, is the magazine. We collect it, then we jump through the broken window, and enter a room in flames. Inside, we stop and look around.

Tech Piece #13

Another Tech Piece is located on the desk to the right as we jump through the broken window, to enter a burning room.

The collectible is near a monitor. We take it and move forward to reach another corridor.

Here we will find a new collectible.

Oscorp Security Manual #5

The final Oscorp Security Manual in Chapter 10 is hard to find, because it is inside a room that can’t be accessed without triggering the alarm.

When we exit the burning room where we have found the last Tech Piece, we turn left and go straight ahead, through the laser beams. On the left side we see a chamber, and the next collectible, on the ground. We take it, then turn around and push forward until we reach a new hangar with multiple crates and a new Tech Piece.

Tech Piece #14

After we climb the crates in the hangar, we check the right side, and in the lower area, behind a large brown box we can see a sparkling item.

It is a Tech Piece. We collect it without alerting the sentries, and then we shoot the ventilator and advance.

Tech Piece #15

Inside the tunnel behind the fan, we turn left and see a dead end.

On the ground is the next Tech Piece. We collect it, and continue through the tunnel Web-Shooting the next vent.

Eventually , we enter a new hangar.

Tech Piece #16

As we follow the platforms inside the manufacturing area, we make sure we keep an eye on the right side, and look for several silver pipes.

The steam coming out from them, indicate that we have found the last Tech Piece and collectable in Chapter 10.

We Web-Shoot the halls, get the collectible and complete the chapter. Chapter 11 starts now.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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