All Your Super Marios Belong to Us

Are you looking for something fun to play? Perhaps the best Nintendo game or version of Super Mario? Check out the following list of the best Nintendo games – Super Mario, our favorite Italian plumber and his numerous friends. Make sure that you hit all of the essentials. These games are very bright and easy to play. So, forget about all your problems, doubts, and feeling of guiltiness – it is time to have some fun. You deserve it!

Super Mario Crossover 3

If you are familiar with the game Super Mario Crossover 2, you will be surprised to discover that mario crossover 3 features completely different characters lineup. Now, you have the right to choose from the following characters: Luigi, Samus, Link, Demon Prince, Simon Belmont, Bass, Mega Man, Ryu Hayabusa, Sophia III, and Bill Rizer. When you choose a particular character to play, you can select a variety of skins additionally. Now you can go for the 8-bit game look or switch to a modern approach. Besides, you can modify the tileset. Changing characters between stages is not a problem either.

Super Mario Flash 4

If you love fantastic graphics, the game Super Mario Flash 4 is ideal for you. The developer improved the sound which will transfer players into a vintage atmosphere of old-school games from 90s. Mario is the main character, and as usual, he is set off to go through endless obstacles, fight face to face with terrifying enemies. All this to save the Princess.

Unfair Mario

If you love Mario, it is time to survive his completely new kind of adventure. This is a new version of a well-known arcade game. There will be many levels to go through with Mario to face numerous traps which are well-hidden. Do your best to lose as few Mario’s lives as possible. While playing this game the level of concentration and excitement will increase from level to level. Note that the game gives false clues from time to time – stay focused and attentive.

Snowy Mario 3

If you do not know what to do during a long winter season, try Snowy Mario 3. It is so fun to see that even Super Mario has finally succumbed to a specific winter mood. You will laugh at his penguin costume. Join him in the snow-covered valley while throwing endless snowballs. Super Mario can throw balls with both hands. You will need a separate key for controlling each hand. Check out how this walk will end for Mario.

Mario Ghost House

This game has a very specific atmosphere. The main character Mario gets lost in the returning home. The place turned out to be hunted by creepy ghosts. Are you ready for such an adventure? Give a try and reach the finishing point of the maze. Take as many coins as possible and try not to die.

Super Mario Cloud

You can’t call this game easy. You will have to practice a bit to develop needed skills. Flying from a cloud to another one is not so simple as you think. While doing this, you will have to kill enemies who will do their best to shoot back at Mario. If you have got injured, you should look for mushrooms, as they are the best for health recovery.

Super Julio

Orlale! Are you ready for new Julio’s adventures? You have successfully saved several residents of the jungle, and now they want to help you. Helping your friends is precious, so try to use all your abilities.

Mario Great Rescue

Mario is a plumber who is very brave and not afraid of danger. Are you ready to risk with him? This is the price for an adventurous way of life – you have to be brave! This time Mario needs your help urgently. His adventure turned out to be catastrophic due to his enemies. Try to get Mario home!

Super Mario Sunshine

This time Super Mario has to wash numerous houses in a luxury resort area. All the houses have gloomy colors after being painted by an unknown villain. You will be armed with a water jet. Do your cleaning job as better as possible and do not forget to refill your water jet t pools.

Super Mario Trolley

Here, Mario is rolling on a trolley in the gift shop. Your task is to find some treasures and to present them to the Princess. The adventure is even more exciting than you could expect. You will enjoy rolling on the trolley through halls, look for real treasures, and collect as many coins as possible.

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