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Age of Empires Online (AoEO) Game Guide: Resources and Consumables

Age of Empires Online, is a MMORTS released on August 16, 2011, and the game guide below, explains in depth, two of the most important features of this video game: resource gathering and consumable crafting.

The following guide addresses to new players, who wish to try this game, and offers useful information, tips and tricks that will help them understand the basics of the game.

Without resources, players won’t be able to advance in Age of Empires Online, therefore it is imperative to know how to gather and how to manage them.

On the other hand, consumables are also important, because they can affect the player’s establishment during a mission, making it stronger; or they can affect its villagers and troops.

Through this guide, players will be able to learn how to get more consumables, and how to craft them in the Capital City.

What resources are available in Age of Empires Online

In Age of Empires Online, players can gather four different types of resources: food, wood, gold and stone. Each resource plays an important role in the game, and they are vital in expanding the kingdom. Resources can be found during missions and they can be gathered only by villagers (workers).

Food –is required to train more villagers (workers) and other military units. Food can be found in bushes, or can be produced by farms. Additional food can be gathered by fishing (using rods or fishing boats) or by hunting animals.

Wood –is another resource that can be gathered by villagers and it’s needed to construct more buildings. The amount of wood can be increased by chopping trees.

Stone –can be gathered by villagers form stone mines. This resource is needed to build new structures; however some of them don’t require stone.

Gold –can be found in gold mines. Villagers also gather gold that is used to build military units and advanced buildings.

How to gather more resources in Age of Empires Online

To increase the amount of resources in Age of Empires Online, players will have to:

Raise the number of villagers assigned to gather resources.

Purchase the upgrades that affect the villagers working speed and the amount of materials they can carry. These upgrades can be unlocked in the Capital City, by accessing the technology tree and then the Economy tab.

Because during a mission/quest the resources are hidden, players will have to discover them first. In this case a scouting party is required.

The scouting party includes a scout and several troops that can protect him.

The scouts can move fast, but their armor is low and they should not be used as combat units. Their purpose in the game is to reveal the map without engaging the enemy.

Some wild animals such as crocodiles and elephants become aggressive when a scout is spotted, therefore the unit must be protected.

What is a consumable and how to use it in Age of Empires Online

A consumable in Age of Empires Online is used to boost the player’s civilization during a quest/mission. It has cool-down periods and various effects. Some consumables can provide special units while others can modify the abilities of your units.

A consumable can be crafted in Craft Halls, available in the Capital City, or it can be found in treasure chests.

When a consumable is crafted, it will appear in the Consumable Bar located at the top of the screen, to the left, under the experience bar. During a mission, a consumable can be activated by clicking on it.

How to find more consumables in Age of Empires Online

Given that consumables can be found in treasure chests, exploring the map is a good way to find them. Players should remember that most treasure chests are protected, and the only way to claim a treasure and the consumables that may be found in it, is to defeat its guardians.

Consumables can also be received as rewards for completing specific quests; therefore players should also focus on this aspect, especially because they will receive experience points as well.

The third method to increase the amount of consumables is to purchase them from stores. These stores can be found in the Capital City only and they can also be accessed to sell the surplus of consumables and other items.

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