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Age of Empires Online (AoEO) Game Guide: How to Craft Items

In Age of Empires Onlinecrafting items is an important feature because it allows players to create consumables which can be activated while questing.

The option becomes available during the second age; however it can be accessed only by those players who have purchased the premium version of the game.

In order to craft items in Age of Empires Online, players need three different buildings, which are revealed in the game guide below.

The guide explains what buildings are required, how to construct them, and how to use them in order to craft items.

Furthermore, the guide offers tips, tricks and useful information for gamers who want to know why they should craft items, and how they will affect the player’s experience in Age of Empires Online (AoEO).

Craft Halls

The first building required in the Age of Empires Online crafting process is a Craft Hall. This building allows players to construct Craft Schools, but to get a Craft Hall players need a special blueprint.

To get the Craft Hall blueprint, players will have to complete a specific quest which can be picked-up in the Capital City. When the quest is finished, players will receive the Craft Hall blueprint as a quest reward, and they are able to erect the structure in the Capital City.

The Craft Hall blueprint is added automatically to the player’s inventory.

How to build a Craft Hall

When the Craft Hall blueprint becomes available in the inventory, the next steps should be followed:

Open the inventory

Right click on the Craft Hall blueprint

Find a suitable place for the Craft Hall

Left click to place the Craft Hall on the ground

Craft Schools

When the Craft Hall is constructed, it can be accessed by clicking on it. The Craft Hall gives access to a new type of buildings, named Craft Schools.

It is important to know that a Capital City can support only two Craft Schools; therefore players should choose their Craft Schools based on their playing styles.

A Craft School also requires a blueprint, which can be acquired from the Craft Hall. By clicking on the Craft Hall, players will open a new window.

From there they have to select the blueprint for the Craft School they want to build, and then click Learn. The Craft School blueprint will be added to the inventory as well.

How to build a Craft School

After you add the Craft School blueprint to the inventory, the new building can be placed in the Capital City:

Open the inventory

Right click on the Craft School blueprint

Find a suitable place for the Craft School

Left click to place the Craft School on the ground

How to craft an item

All items that can be crafted in Age of Empires Online appear in the Craft Schools, but they require different materials.

These materials can be gathered by completing quests, they can be found in treasure chests, they can be bought from stores in the Capital City, or they can be manufactured in Workshops.

Players, who wish to purchase materials from stores, should be prepared to spend gold. Players, who wish to manufacture materials, must build Workshops.

In any of the cases presented above, an item can be crafted only if the required materials are present in the player’s inventory. To craft an item in AoEO, players must:

Click on a Craft School

Choose the item they want to craft

Click the Create button


In AoEO, Workshops are required to create materials needed for crafting items.

Players who wish to construct a Workshop, need a special blueprint which can be received as a quest reward or it can be purchased from the Construction Store.

The Construction Store is located in the Capital City. Players can also build it if they have the required blueprint. The Construction Store blueprint is available for sale in the General Store.

When the Construction Store is complete, players can buy the Workshop blueprint, which will be added in the inventory.

How to build a Workshop

After the Workshop blueprint is purchased, the Workshop can be built in the Capital City. To construct it, players will have to:

Open the inventory

Right click on the Workshop blueprint

Find a suitable place for the Workshop

Left click to place the Workshop on the ground. When the Workshop is finished, players are able to click on it and collect the materials they need, then use them to craft items.

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