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Age of Empires Online (AoEO) Game Guide: How to Build Structures

Age of Empires Online (abbreviated AoEO) is a Massively Multiplayer Online RTS (Real-Time Strategy), released on August 16, 2011.

The AoEO game guide below explains how to build new structures and how to train new units, while playing this video game, offering useful information, tips and tricks to all Age of Empires Online fans.

AoEO was developed by Gas Powered Games and was published by Microsoft Game Studios, exclusively for PC. Gamers who wish to play Age of Empires Online can download it, or buy it, from the official website:

The free version of the game features two civilizations, Greek and Egyptian, but premium content can be purchased anytime.

How to Build Structures

In Age of Empires Online, each civilization can build various structures, which can be used to train new units, or to enhance the civilization’s stats. Players will notice that the video game features two different interfaces. The first one is the Capital City interface and the second one is the interface generated by quests.

The Capital City is the heart of the kingdom. Players should know that in the Capital City they can build only specific structures which are unlocked at certain levels and by completing specific quests. Buildings such as Barracks or Town Centers can’t be placed in the Capital City and they are available only while questing.

In the Capital City, players are able to pick-up new quests, to equip their troops, or to improve their kingdoms by spending Experience Points.

Each Capital City can be customized, by adding decorations or new buildings which can be unlocked through blueprints. A blueprint can be purchased, or can be received as a quest reward.

The second interface is accessed by accepting new quests. When a quest starts, players will automatically travel to a new area where the building options are unlocked, and all units can be controlled.

In order to build a structure in Age of Empires Online, players need villagers. They can be trained in the Town Center and they can also be used to gather resources.

When a villager is selected, a menu containing all the structures appears at the bottom of the screen. Players will have to select the building they want to construct, place it on the ground and wait until the villager completes his job.

The construction speed can be increased by using two or more villagers (workers) at the same time.

How to Train Units

The procedure which allows players to create units in Age of Empires Online is similar to the one described below. Even if the player’s Capital City is populated, the inhabitants can’t be controlled, except for quest-givers.

To train new units in the game, the player must accept and start a quest. New villagers can be trained in the Town Hall, while infantry units in the Barracks and priests in the Temple.

For example, to train new workers in AoEO, players will have to:

Select the Town Hall (only available in the quest interface).

Click on the villager icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Multiple units can be created by clicking the icon several times; however, players should be aware that each unit in Age of Empires Online requires resources.

Additionally, in Age of Empires Online, players can set Gather Points by selecting a building, which can train units, and by right-clicking the location where all the units trained should go.

Age of Empires Online Guides
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