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Age of Empires Online (AoEO) Game Guide: Greek Civilization

In Age of Empires Online (AoEO) one of the civilizations available to all players, is the Greek civilization.

Similar to other free-to-play civilizations (Egyptians) included in the game, the Greeks can train unique units and they can develop special technologies.

Players, who wish to play Age of Empires Online with this civilization, should know that they will also have to complete different quests in order to level up.

The game guide below, reveals all the units that can be trained by the Greek civilization in Age of Empires Online. The video game was released on August 16, 2011, and is a massively multiplayer Online RTS, developed by Gas Powered Games.

Infantry Units

Spearman – A Spearman is weak against ranged units but strong against cavalry. The spearman is the basic military unit.

Hypaspist – Strong against infantry but weak against archers, the Hypaspist wields dual swords which allows him to cut through most enemies.

Hoplite – A Hoplite is a heavily armored unit strong against archers and other infantry units, but weak against priests which use magic. The unit can also be used to overcome siege units and cavalry.

Cavalry Units

Sarissophoroi – A Sarissophoroi is a mounted Spearman, weak against infantry and cavalry units, but strong against archers.

Prodromos – The Greek melee cavalry unit is known as Prodromos. These units are effective against cavalry, but they can be defeated easily by archers and infantry.

Hippikon – A Hippikon is a heavily armored cavalry unit, which can be used against siege or ranged units. The Hippikon is weak against priests.

Ranged Units

Toxotes – Basic ranged units equipped with bows, which hit infantry from distance, causing massive damage. These archers can be defeated faster if they are attacked by cavalry or siege units.

Peltast – A Peltast is a ranged unit effective against archers. Peltasts use javelins but they fall in battle if they must fight against mounted units.

Gastraphetes – Unlike Toxotes, Gastraphetes use crossbows, and because of this, they are effective against infantry units. Their crossbows inflict higher damage, but they are also weak against cavalry.

Ships and Siege Units

Fishing Boat – A boat used to gather food. Weak against Fire Ships and Triremes.

Merchant Transport – A basic boat used to transport other units across water. Weak against other ships.

Fire Ship – A boat designed to set other ships on fire. Effective against almost any other vessel.

Trireme – A Trireme is a combat ship effective against Fishing Boats and Merchant Transports. This ship can be destroyed if set ablaze by a Fire Ship.

Ballista Trireme – An enhanced version of the basic Trireme. Weak against Fire Ships, but effective in naval battles, because its ballista inflicts AoE damage.


Gut Ripper: this sword gives extra damage to the units and makes the enemies slower.

Black Enameled Heavy Spear:  the critical strike ability is increased when this spear is wielded.

The Kraken`s Fist: increases the speed and movement of the battering rams as well as their damage.

Hero’s Bow of Apollo: legends say that was once wielded by Apollo. It offers more damage to its wielders.


Ajax’s Heavy War Pelta: extra health and more damage is what this shield offers to warriors.

Hephaestmus-Forged Greaves: these greaves will increase health but have the inconvenience of slowing down those who wear them.

Runic Player Beads:  priests have the ability to learn more yet the learning time increases.

Breastplate of Ares: increases health and reduces the damage taken.

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