A Personal Encounter with the Adrenaline Rushing God of War

With its original version of 2005, God of War is taking the world of video gamers by storm. Being one among them, I can certainly vow for the fact. I, recently, played the game and it has actually astonished me with its amazing features. God of War has been really developed with an enormous touch of open-world RPG troupes.

Moreover, I liked the fact that this game has certainly an intense touch of Norse mythology. Mythology itself has been a fascinating concept for me always! When I could get exactly the same thing in God of War, it was too exciting. The iconic Greek gods and legends of God of War are absolutely commendable!

Also, playing God of War was certainly an affordable episode for me. I bought the game for just $59.96 for Amazon.com. Above that, if you could grab an exciting offer from the prominent deal sites like CouponsMonk, you would save huge.

Howbeit, coming back to the game, with every major shift, God of War expressed itself in new ways. Kratos left a really long lasting impression on me. Yes! That hulking death machine is really something you should look for.

Additionally, Kratos somehow resembled his same old and furious tendencies. Still, it was clearly visible that a part of him was burying his savage instincts to set an ultimate positive example. He and his young son Atreus acted as protectors. Also, the storyline of the game seemed to be quite enticing to me. Unlike the  typical video games, the story of God of War is really an exemplary one.

Kratos can be seen with a lot of grief in his heart that nothing more than just the innocence of his son could help him. On the other hand, Atreus can be seen experiencing his own difficulties which are supposed to set him along a very different path.

Also, God of War is a real artistic showcase along with being a technical one. When it comes to the console games, God of War is one of my favorites till now! The looks of this game is so captivating that I was just not able to get my eyes off.

With simply extraordinary ambience and supremely mythical characters, God of War exhibits striking attention while adorning prospers galore. The overall design and structure of the game are worth mentioning about!

The meticulously stout physique and rustic equipment in the extreme environments still look dreamy in God of War. Nevertheless, I simply fell in love with the realm of Midgard in this game. In the middle of the game lies a huge lake which can be traversed by canoe.

And, in the coastline, there’s a wide array of puzzles, rivals, and entries to the primary regions of the map. While heading towards my mission, I explored almost all these places. Also, it was exciting to take a glance over the hidden treasures which are kept here and there throughout the route.

It was so thrilling to fight against the unexpected enemies with firing arrows along with a boy by your side. I, even, felt it so energetic to brawl against all the supernatural warriors during my journeys.

All in all, God of War is certainly a 5/5 for me! I genuinely didn’t find any flaws in this spectacular video game.

If you’ve not experienced the fun yet, buy one soon!

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