5 Games That Will Give You The Chills

When it comes to games, the horror genre has been incredibly popular for many years now. Gamers love nothing more than playing titles that not only give them that edge of the seat action, but also see them running to hide behind the sofa when things get really scary. There have been some superb games over the years which have managed to give players the chills, and we’ve dug out 5 of the best.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is an instalment from one of the most popular and successful games franchises of all time. Resident Evil has become known for its scare factor and gore over the years and Resi 7 is arguably the best of the series so far. Everything about the game ticks all the boxes, from the story right through to your enemies, the Bakers. What’s also great about Resident Evil 7 is that it adds in Virtual Reality capabilities, which manages to increase the scare factor tenfold. It’s an unsettling title, from one of the finest in the business when it comes to creating horror games.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation, like Resi 7, is another game from a very successful game franchise. The Alien series has been that good, it has inspired many other titles over the years. What makes this instalment stand out from the rest is that it manages to keep pulses raising for hours on end, due to the longevity of the game. Playing as Amanda, who is Ripley’s daughter, players are tasked with going in search of her mother, only to come across a ferocious beast. If you love terror and serious hold your breath moments, this is the game for you.

Silent Hill 2

All the Silent Hill games went down a storm with gamers, providing the industry with arguably the scariest gameplay of all time. Silent Hill 2, however, probably takes things that extra level when it comes to true horror. Taking on the role of James Sunderland, players must answer a letter that is purported to contain the words of his dead wife. There’s something scary at every turn in Silent Hill 2 and what it does well is combine a gripping story with the whole horror factor.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance may be a surprise inclusion to many reading this, but it’s a horror game in its own right. Inspired by the Twilight franchise, Immortal Romance is one of the most popular slot games of all time. Developed by industry leaders Microgaming, the game itself is a horror title with a love story mixed in for good measure. The visuals used in the game, as well as the music, really help to set the scene, with Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah the characters you’ll come across as you spin the reels.

Resident Evil 4

A second entry in the list for Resident Evil which we believe is justified for one reason only. Third person shooting. There’s no doubting that Resident Evil was the founder of survival horror and the game series that other developers looked to for inspiration. But, with Resi 4, they managed to take things up a notch with third person shooting, helping to deliver a totally new gaming experience. The game itself sees a player battling their way through waves of an infected population, who carry chainsaws and other weapons.

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