4 Wonder Woman Games That Should Definitely Exist By Now

4 Wonder Woman Games That Should Definitely Exist By Now

Wonder Woman has grossed over $100.3 million, domestically, in her opening weekend. In two days, the film has blasted through projections and busted records. It currently sits at a stellar 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s hard to see any way naysayers could’ve been proven wrong in a more spectacular fashion. Clearly, women-driven, women-directed superhero movies do sell. What’s more, the movie’s overwhelming popularity has ushered in a huge surge of interest in the character — “Diana Prince” is one of the top trending Google searches at the moment.

So, I’m forced to ask: where the hell is our Wonder Woman video game?


It took 75 years to make a Wonder Woman movie. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that apart from Injustice — where she’s less Wonder Woman, and more “a shrieking harpy with a singular focus on gettin’ that Superdick” — Diana has been largely absent from the myriad of DC games produced since the height of the DC animated universe in the 1990’s.

But it’s time that changed. There’s not a person alive who walked out of the theater not wanting to live through the No Man’s Land scene, and we all should get that chance. So, without further ado, here are four Wonder Woman games that should definitely exist by now.

Warning: the following contains some spoilers for the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to stop reading, get up, and go see it immediately.

1. An Arkham-style action/adventure title

This one should be obvious: an Arkham style open world action/adventure title, bursting with explosions, intrigue, and fist-fights. Action/adventure titles have gained a reputation for having enough scope to be both narratively dynamic and mechanically exciting. Diana deserves a story-rich, character-driven game with tons of interesting side missions that capitalize on her unique abilities, and her wealth of character lore.

The Arkham series restored Bruce Wayne to geek glory by allowing players the full experience of “being Batman.” Having her own such title would give both veteran and newbie fans the opportunity to learn more about Diana, and to experience how fun it is to “be” her. Unlike Bruce, Diana isn’t particularly stealthy — but a Mass Effect style dialogue wheel might allow players to choose between utilizing force or diplomacy. And fighting using those crazy powers and Amazonian acrobatics would be ridiculously fun. An action/adventure title would be the best translation of what we saw onscreen into a game; a balance between story, quiet character moments, and badassery.

2. A prequel Real Time Strategy game

The film’s take on Diana’s origin story is a little different from many we’ve seen in the past few years — it features a war between the Greek pantheon and Ares. The emergent champion? Hippolyta, and her Amazons, though their participation costs them greatly.

Although much of this war is summed up in only a few lines of dialogue, it could be very interesting to play through it in the form of an RTS, or tower defense game. Playing as Hippolyta, you could help the gods fight Ares against a ticking clock. Much of Diana’s lore lies buried in the distant past — unearthing the series of events that lead to the fall of Zeus could give us a new appreciation for the many complex factors that led to Diana’s birth. An RTS or Civilization-inspired empire sim could also be an interesting way to learn more about Themyscira, and to experience Amazonian culture from within.

3. A side-scrolling beat-em-up

I honestly love side-scrolling arcade-style beat-em-ups. Diana’s stylized combat moves would look great in a side-scroller. It’s easy to visualize how she would move, and how the levels would progress: from a few training levels on Themyscira, to a level in the alley in London, to levels based on the battlefield. The simplicity of side-scrollers would make this game less visceral than outright endearing; more of a nostalgic send-up and movie tie-in than an advancement of the character or mythos.

But think of how cute and fun it could be! Bullet-hell mechanics would work well in this form — which could help emulate the No Man’s Land scene — as would some platforming that could help emulate the infamous “shield jump” sequence. A side-scroller wouldn’t be the best of what Diana deserves… but it certainly would be entertaining.


4. A reverse FPS

Imagine a WWI-based first person shooter where all of your enemies have guns… but you don’t. Your only tools: your superhuman strength, your Lasso of Truth, and your gauntlets, which can be used to deflect oncoming gunfire. But it’s not just you out there; you’re accompanied by a group of soldiers, all of whom have special skills that are at your disposal. But the lives and wellbeing of these mortal men are in your hands. Do you have the skill necessary to command them, and keep them safe?

A “reverse FPS” Wonder Woman game is a game I truly want to see get made. I think this could be an amazing twist on what we think of as the classic FPS formula, and could really cultivate the sensation you experience when you watch the film. Wonder Woman doesn’t just refuse to use guns. She goes head-to-head with them in a way few other heroes do, using her powers not just to render them useless, but to protect those in need.

However you do this, that’s what we should be aiming for — the sensation that you experience through the film of protecting the helpless, and standing up to fight against the powerful. Diana represents a woman who can save the world, not simply because she’s powerful, but because she believes in the spirit of justice and heroism. That’s who Wonder Woman is: a champion of the modern age.

And honestly, who doesn’t want to be her right now?

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