007 Legends Cheats and Trainers

007 Legends Cheats and Trainers

In 007 Legends, James Bond’s fans who have decided to purchase the video game developed by Eurocom, can use a series of 007 Legends cheats and trainers, which allows them to beat the game faster without having to restart any chapter featured in this title.

The 007 Legends cheats and trainers introduced by the following video game guide should be used exclusively in the single-player mode, and only by those who play the video game on PC, since the codes aren’t compatible with 007 Legends for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii U.

One website that offers a 007 Legends trainer for PC is DLH.net, although similar trainers can be found on other websites.

However, the free 007 Legends trainer uploaded on DLH.net activates three of the most important cheat codes needed by players in order to finish a game faster.

The first 007 Legends cheat code gives unlimited money; the second can be used to get unlimited ammo, while the third freezes Bond’s health, allowing him to become invulnerable.

Divided in five chapters, 007 Legends became available on October 16, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and November 2012 for PC and Wii U, being published by Activision.

The first-person shooter was developed and published to commemorate fifty years since the first James Bond motion picture.

Even if the title uses the same engine as GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and provides a similar gameplay, new features have been added by developers, such as new gadgets, and a progression system based on experience points that can be earned by completing various challenges or by finding multiple collectibles (Intel Items).

007 Legends received medium to negative reviews from specialized critics such as IGN and GameInformer, being considered a “Call of Duty clone”.

In his 007 Legends review, Peter Nowak (The Globe and Mail) also outlines the “Call of Duty influence” and points out that without the Skyfall DLC, 007 Legends has no ending.

007 Legends Cheats and Trainers for PC

The 007 Legends trainer uploaded on November 5, 2012 on DLH.net can be used by all players who have purchased the PC version, and need additional help in completing all missions.

The program may not work with all versions of the game, and some antivirus programs might report it as harmful. In this case, players will have to use the trainer at their own risk since the antivirus programs must be deactivated.

In order to install the 007 Legends trainer, players must follow several steps:

Download the trainer from DLH.net.

Extract the files included in 007legends.rar and copy them into the game’s directory.

Run the trainer and the game.

When the game loads, press the keys listed below to activate the associated 007 Legends cheat codes.

007 Legends Cheats List

F5-Set unlimited money cheat ON/OFF

F6-Set unlimited ammo cheat ON/OFF

F7-Set unlimited health cheat ON/OFF (God Mode)

007 Legends Cheats and Trainers
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