Wolfenstein: The New Order Lunar Base Map #3

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 13 Collectibles Locations

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 13 takes place in a base on the moon and it begins after you get the documents from the chief research scientist on the Gibraltar Bridge.

Now that Blazkowicz found a way to get in the lunar shuttle, he must infiltrate inside the lunar base and search for the decryption keys for the nukes on board the U-Boat.

You encounter a lot of commanders in the Lunar Base mission, but stealth killing them may not be as easy as it seems.

Therefore, use the information in the following guide to uncover the location of each Wolfenstein: The New Order collectible in Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Mission Details

“No sound in space, but for the thoughts in my head. That never stops. Guess true silence only comes once you’re dead. Okay, B.J. This is no big deal.

You’re in space, on the moon. The Nazi’s build their military base here. That’s where they keep their most important military secrets locked away.

Including the decryption keys for the nukes on board Eva’s Hammer.”

Enigma Codes: 6

Letter: 1

Gold: 4

Maps: 1

Health Upgrade: 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Chapter 13 Collectibles Guide

Gold #1 (Gold Cane)

When you land on the moon you need to pass through a security checkpoint. After you exit the X-Ray scanner you need to jump on the conveyor belt to get inside the luggage room.

The Gold collectible is on the U-shaped side of the conveyor belt.


After you get back your equipment and you kill the soldiers outside you will want to pick up their weapons to receive the Laser upgrade for the Marksman Rifle.

Follow the path to reach a large circular room. The Map for the lunar base is straight across the room, next to the turret.

Enigma Code #1 (Piece 4:5)

After you leave the circular room you will reach a sleeping area, so it is a good idea not to break stealth. As you go down the stairs and then right, head inside the first room on your left (kill the commander that is sleeping).

You can find the Enigma Code piece on the toilet inside the bathroom.

Enigma Code #2 (Piece 4:6)

When you exit the vents with red lights you have a lab in front of you.

Get inside using the farthest entrance from you (the second one on your left) to find the Enigma Code on the lower side of the table in the middle (right next to you as you enter).

Gold #2 (Gold Face Mask)

As soon as you go through the second X-Ray scanner go to the light in the middle of the room and turn left to see the Gold collectible beside the medical bed.

Letter (Dieter’s Letter)

Head upstairs where the commanders are and get in the rooms with large windows. While you are in the second one check the desk in the far left corner to find the Letter collectible.

Enigma Code #3 (Piece 4:7)

Not far ahead is another vent with red lights. Once you drop down from the vent, head inside the next room and quickly turn right.

The third Enigma Code in Chapter 13 is on the desk in front of you.

Gold #3 (Gold Meteor Rock)

After you find the space suit you need to follow the path that’s on the surface of the moon until you descend a little bit (there are two drones in the area). Behind a rock in this lower section is the third Gold piece.

Enigma Code #4 (Piece 4:8)

When you get back inside the base you have to leave you space suit to proceed. Then you can trigger a cinematic if you pick up the scalpel from the bed.

After the cinematic the doors open and you enter a room with enemies. In front of you is a room with a strange yellow glow. Get inside and grab the Enigma Code that’s on the desk.

Enigma Code #5 (Piece 4:9)

You can get the fifth Enigma Code piece after you take the elevator to the circular room. Walk straight up the ramp and head left on the catwalk.

Then use the ramp on your left and turn right to find the collectible sitting on the railing.

Enigma Code #6 (Piece 5:1)

When you reach the war room go around the circular table in the middle to find the documents with the last Enigma Code in Chapter 13 on the edge of the table.

Health Upgrade

Also in the war room is a safe with the Health Upgrade. From the location of the previous collectible go up the stairs and turn left to see it.

Gold #4 (Gold Bottle)

After you get the nuclear keycode you need to return to the hangar bay. As you go down the escalators you end up in the waiting area of the tram.

Check behind the red luggage to find the final Gold collectible.

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