Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: The War Council Quest

The War Council is a Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition quest activated as soon as you enter Vergen, if you sided with Iorveth at the end of the first act.

The quest follows the events revealed in Prelude to War: Aedirn, and can be completed only by those who preferred Iorveth instead of Vernon Roche.

After you manage to escape the battlefield in the previous quest, you will enter Vergen. Saskia, Stennis, Iorveth, Zoltan and Dandelion will accompany you; however Saskia orders a dwarf to close the gates of the city, and asks you to attend to a war council.

Quest Description

“After reaching Vergen, Saskia and Stennis left Geralt to his own devices. The elder, Cecil Burdon, greeted the witcher. It turned out that because of the Kaedweni threat, the gates will be closed.

A debate was to be held, where all attendees would discuss how to end that threat. The witcher was invited too, but at the moment he could rest in a room the local inn provided for him.

Following Burdon’s nephew to the inn, our hero thought deeply about the Upper Aedirn’s situation.”   


We begin this quest, by following our young guide, a dwarf named Skalen, who agrees to take us to the inn. As we approach the imposable building, we pick up all notes on the board next to the inn’s entrance: The Harpy Contract, Proclamation of Closure of the Mines, Baltimore Considered Dead! Investigator Needed! and The Harpy Queen Contract.

The Harpy Contract side-quest is now active in our journal.

As we follow Skalen through the inn we see some wrestlers fighting in the room near the stairs. If we talk to Sheridan we start a side-quest called One on One: Vergen.

After we complete this quest we go to the room and talk to Skalen. After a short rest, we go back to the bar and locate Sheldon Skaggs. If we talk to him, we can start Bring It On: Vergen. After we complete it, we focus on the main quest, and visit the castle.

We enter the room where the council’s members gathered, to discuss about the latest events. A long cutscene starts and we learn that the mist will spread over Vergen, and then we watch how the members vote for or against Iorveth’s participation in the conflict. Eventually, the elf is accepted, but suddenly Saskia falls to the ground poisoned.

After a new cutscene, Philippa informs us that Saskia is stable, but to cure her, she needs several items: a dwarven immortelle, a magical item, some royal blood, and a rose of remembrance.

These items and the cutscene we saw earlier activate additional quests, such as: Hunting Magic, Subterranean Life, Royal Blood, and The Eternal Battle. Additionally, Where is Triss Merigold? was updated.

After you check all updates, it is time to focus on the next main-quest (Subterranean Life) which leads us to the first item required by Philippa: the dwarven immortelle.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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