Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: The Walls Have Ears Quest

In Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, The Walls Have Ears is a main quest that can be activated in a specific point during the second act of the game.

It can be missed if you fail to talk to the citizens of Vergen while playing the Royal Blood main quest, assuming that Iorveth is you ally in the game.

To begin The Walls Have Ears quest, make sure that the first character you interact with after you talk to Iorveth, is a villager who wants to see Stennis killed.

After a short discussion with him, you will find out that most villagers believe that Stennis poisoned Saskia; however you can’t blame Stennis without further investigations.

Completing The Walls Have Ears is important if you want to earn more experience points.

Quest Description

“You may remember that Geralt had been trying to ascertain who had poisoned Saskia the Dragonslayer. One trail led him to a serf who had easy access to Saskia’s chambers and could have been bribed by the assassins. Well, the Scoia’tael had been shadowing him closely. They were merely waiting for him to reveal his treachery. Iorveth was receiving reports of his every move.”

When to start

Immediately when you activate it, while playing Royal Blood


After you start the quest, exit the citadel where Stennis is locked in his rooms. Make sure you track the quest in your journal, and don’t talk to anyone inside the building.

Head outside and reach the northern area of Vergen, following the cursor on your minimap. In front of a house, you will see several citizens and a Scoia’tael elf. One of these citizens is Willy Oblate. Talk to him and persuade him to tell you what he saw.  If you threaten him, he won’t say a thing, and you will have to retrace this quest (reload the last save).

Willy Oblate will say something about a priest (Reverend Olcan), but to find more information, go to Cecil Burdon, and ask him where did Reverend Olcan live. A new location will be marked on your mini-map.

Visit Olcan’s house (Human Enclave, near the marketplace) and search his desk for some notes, then return to the citadel and look for some dwarves near Iorveth.  One of them will tell you about the goblets he makes.  Ask him who commissioned the goblet and if there was anything unusual about the goblet.

A third question becomes available regarding a second goblet similar to the one he made for Saskia.

Pay close attention to what the dwarf has to say, and then depart, to trigger a new cutscene which takes you back to the Royal Blood main quest.

Notice that a new side-quest, Suspect: Thorak, was added to your journal. When you complete it, you will also finish The Walls Have Ears.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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