Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: The Assassins of Kings Side Quest

The Assassins of Kings is a special side-quest featured in Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition.

Unlike Returning Memories, The Assassins of Kings presents the events that started in the first Witcher video game, allowing you to follow the strange assassins who attacked King Foltest.

This quest presents the game’s storyline.

The Assassins of Kings quest begins during the Prologue and ends in the final act of the game (Act III). The quest automatically updates when you advance in the game.

The walkthrough below reveals some of the quest’s updates. Following these updates is an important step if you wish to understand the game’s story.


“When Geralt thwarted the plans of the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, it seemed the situation in Vizima would return to normal sooner or later. A blow came from an unexpected quarter. As the Witcher was collecting his reward, from King Foltest, an assassin sneaked into the throne room of the Royal Palace. Foltest would have perished if not for the Witcher’s presence of mind.

Geralt defeated the would-be kingslayer and thus saved the monarch’s life, but the Witcher was left wondering who had sent the killer and why. Intriguingly, the assassin seemed very similar to a witcher, so much so that he might even have been one.”

Main Quest – Blood of His Blood

“Foltest was not so lucky the second time. Having dropped his guard, the witcher was caught by surprise and the king died at the hands of an assassin. The murderer was also a mutant – similar in garb and behavior to the previous assassin. Furthermore, he seemed to recognize Geralt. Sadly, the kingslayer escaped, and our hero was blamed for the monarch’s dead.”

Main Quest – The Dungeons of the La Valettes

“First imprisoned and now pursued for a crime he did not commit, the witcher was sailing up the Pontar River, towards the town of Flotsam. Geralt wanted to clear his name and was intrigued by the witcher-like assassins. Our hero needed to solve the mystery of the kingslayers.

And a certain informant of the Temerian intelligence service was to help him in that.”

Main Quest -– A Rough Landing

„Just outside Flotsam, Geralt saw Foltest’s murderer once more. The assassin was in the company of Iorveth, the commander of the Scoia’tael unit.

This was surely no coincidence, and, as it would turn out later, the encounter was deliberately staged indeed. From that moment on, the witcher began to wonder if he could use the elven leader to get to the assassin.”

Main Quest -– Indecent Proposal (If The Kayran: A Matter of Price quest was completed before Indecent Proposal)

“From the very beginning the prison ship moored at the wharf attracted Geralt’s attention. Nonhumans – actual or alleged Scoia’tael and their collaborators – where imprisoned below decks. When Triss told the witcher that an adjutant of Iorveth by the name of Ciaran was among the prisoners, or hero decided to speak with him personally. He and the sorceress proceeded to the wharf hoping to reach the unit’s leader and by extension Letho, through Ciaran.”

Follow Triss on the ship and use the Axii Sign to calm the wounded prisoner below deck.

“The intelligence proved true, however Geralt was unable to speak with Ciaran for the elf was writhing in agony, dying. Before Triss could start healing, Geralt had to use the Axii Sign to calm him.”

After you interrogate Ciaran, The Assassins of Kings quest updates again, as well as Returning Memories. You will also be allows to start The Rose of Remembrance main-quest.

“Following the conversation with Iorveth’s adjutant, the search for the kingslayer gathered momentum. However, other matters, of greater importance to Geralt, could not wait. The Witcher had a very serious conversation with Triss Merigold, the results of which are detailed in another thread, and only after he finished what he was asked, did he continue the investigation.”

Main Quest –- The Rose of Remembrance

After you complete The Rose of Remembrance, The Assassins of Kings quest updates as follows:

“Geralt wanted to see the matter of the kingslayer through to its end, a fact that Triss didn’t like because she wanted to leave everything behind and go far, far away with her beloved.

Despite that, the sorceress decided to aid our hero in all his designs. She started preparing an infusion from the rose of remembrance and sent the witcher to Zoltan. You may recall that the dwarf was in contact with the Scoia’tael and could bring Geralt to Iorveth.”

Travel back to Flotsam and locate Zoltan at the inn. Tell him that you need to see Iorveth and follow him to the forest.

“Zoltan was a very helpful dwarf, a fact to witch anyone he has helped to empty a cask of beer can attest. Geralt didn’t have to repeat himself, and before you could say, “Searching for Squirrels in a forest smells of suicide”, Zoltan and the witcher marched to the Scoia’tael meeting place.”

As you travel to the forest, Iorveth’s men will surround you. After a small conversation you will be sent to the meeting area.

“Geralt indeed found Scoia’tael in the place indicated by Zoltan. He learned where to find Iorveth and was warned about the beast prowling the area. Of the two evils, Zoltan preferred to face the monster. He was certain the Squirrels were preparing an ambush.”

Travel to meeting area and get ready to fight an arachas.

Combat Tip: The Igni and Yrden Signs are your best choices for this boss battle. If you completed The Endrega Contract, you already know how to kill an Endrega Queen. The strategy is the same; however make sure you push the monster against the wall and don’t let it attack you.

Note: Make sure that after you kill the arachas you collect the monster’s eyes, required to finish Melitele’s Heart side-quest.

“The forest monster was an arachas, a creature so vile and dangerous that its description could cause ladies and the more sensitive young men to faint. Well, to a witcher, no creature is vile- it is either easy to kill or hard to kill.  Unfortunately, the arachas was one of the latter; a fact the witcher learned the hard way.”

After you kill the arachas, you will have the chance to talk to Iorveth. Don’t accuse him of anything or you will be dead before you know it. Try to warn him and he will take you to Letho, but make sure you play your cards right.

“Zoltan returned to Flotsam and Geralt struck a deal with Iorveth. They decided to set a trap. The witcher bound the Scoia’tael leader and led him straight to Letho. He hoped that the gift would earn the hulk’s trust, and that he would divulge information about his employers.”

Follow his plan and travel with him through the forest. When you meet Letho, talk to him and he will confess. Eventually, you will have to fight him.

Note: At some point, Iorveth will ask you to give him his sword. Act quickly but keep in mind that your actions will affect the events that follow, during the next quest (Where is Triss Merigold?).

Option 1: You give the sword to Iorveth – Flotsam’s nonhumans will be slaughtered and Iorveth will fight Roche.

Option 1: You refuse to give the sword – Roche will capture Iorveth and you will be Flotsam’s hero.

No matter what you chose, a fight against Letho is inevitable.

“Finally, the witcher’s desire was fulfilled. Geralt and the kingslayer stood face to face and their swords clashed. Our hero has hoped to punish Foltest’s killer, but he met his match.”

Combat Tip: When fighting Letho, make sure you parry all his blows. Use strong attacks, and if needed use the Quen Sign to increase your defense. You don’t have to kill him (since you can’t), but you must hurt him enough to trigger the next cutscene. Push him against the wall and keep him there with a series of quick attacks.

Pay close attention to the next cutscene, because Letho will tell you that he will look for Triss. This cutscene triggers the next main quest (Where is Triss Merigold?) and it will update the current quest, based on your earlier decisions.

The following cutscene is also affected by the decision you have made when Iorveth asked for his sword. If you helped Iorveth, he will appear in the ruins, after you fight Letho. Otherwise, Roche will be the one who comes to talk to you.

In both cases, your next move is to travel to Flotsam and look for Triss. Where is Triss Merigold? quest starts now.

Main Quest -– Where is Triss Merigold?

After you interrogate Derae, at the inn you will receive the following update:

“Though Demavend was already dead, Letho still had business in Aedirn. He had to get there fast, so he kidnapped Triss Merigold and forced her to open a magical portal to the town of Vergen on the Aedirnian border. Geralt was too late and could not prevent the sorceress’s abduction, but he began pursuit as soon as he was done with Flotsam.”

Act 2 –- Following Iorveth’s Path

Main Quest -– Prelude to War: Aedirn

„Geralt knew that Letho teleported somewhere into the area of Vergen, and Triss Merigold arrived into the town’s vicinity along him. The Witcher began looking for the kingslayer’s trails.”

Main Quest –- Hunting Magic

“A murderer’s dream was another trail in Geralt’s search. He found it in the harpies’ nest and, witnessing the discussion between Auckes and Letho, he learned the name of their employer. Demavend’s death was ordered by the sorceress Sile de Tansarville.”

Main Quest -– Where is Triss Merigold?

“Geralt was still trying to find the kingslayers, but two of them were already dead. Only Letho, the craftiest and most dangerous of the tree, remained alive. And it was him that Geralt wanted to find most of all.”

Main Quest -– Vergen Besieged

After you finish Vergen Besieged the quest updates as follows:

“How surprised Geralt was when he heard the terms of Henselt’s capitulation. The defeated king of Kaedwen was to accept Sile de Tansarville, the woman standing behind the assassinations of the northern monarchs, as his advisor.

Henselt had no choice and Geralt could only stands by, powerless and angry, watching the intrigue bear fruit. By all appearances, Saskia’s victory was in truth a victory for Philippa and Sile, and both sorceresses must have had plans reaching far further than the Pontar Valley.”

“Yet, Sile de Tansarville did not command the kingslayers by herself. She cooperated with Philippa Eilhart, another mistress of magic.”

Act 3 -– Following Iorveth’s Path

Main Quest -– For a Higher Cause!

When you start the third chapter, allied with Iorveth, The Assassins of Kings updates again:

“The story of the Assassins of Kings ended in Loc Muinne. But before the conclusion arrived, a series of unexpected events took place. If you wish to know more about Letho, the power that stood behind him and the motives which had spurred his nefarious deeds, be patient and listen.”

After you finish For A Higher Cause! in Loc Muinne, you will receive a new update, but it depends on the decision you make regarding Philipps’s fate.  If you decide to save Triss, the quest updates as follows:

“Geralt had acquired another piece of the puzzle. In talking to the imprisoned Philippa, he learned that Sile de Tansarville had hired the assassins of kings on behalf of a secret organization known as the Lodge of Sorceresses.

The magicians, however, had underestimated Letho’s treacherous nature and lost control over him. Interestingly, Triss Merigold had also been a member of the Lodge – at least until the other sorceresses had stopped trusting her. Other revelations were not long in coming.”

Main Quest -– Enter the Dragon

If you save Sile during the Enter the Dragon quest, you will receive a new update:

“After fighting the magically controlled dragon in Loc Muinne, Geralt finally got Sile de Tansarville. This time Geralt allowed her to flee, knowing that her deeds would be widely known and that the sorceress was done for.”

At the end of the same quest, the quest updates again:

“After the fight, Geralt returned to the city to find Letho. As he climbed the wall, Triss Merigold offered him a helping hand. The witcher and the sorceress headed to meet Letho”.

The events that occur at the ends of this quest depend on the choices you have made through the game. Your final goal is to find Letho in the Temerian Camp. Accompanied by Triss or Roche, you will enter the Temerian Camp through the front gate near the entrance to Loc Muinne.

First talk to him and you will be able to access a new memory, which updates the Returning Memory quest.

Now, it is up to you to decide how to finish your business with Letho and the game. You can fight him, or you can let him go. Both decisions will end the quest as well as the game.

Combat Tip: If you decide to fight Letho, push him against a wall and use the Aard Sign to stun him, then continue to attack him until his health bar depletes.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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