Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: Poker Face Vergen Side Quest

Poker Face: Vergen is a chapter two side-quest, which can be completed if you sided with Iorveth in Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition.

Poker Face: Vergen is similar to Poker Face: Flotsam, meaning that to complete this specific side quest you have to defeat a series of NPCs at dice poker.

To begin this quest, you have to reach the north-eastern area of Vergen. In the center of this area you should see a statue showing a fat female carrying a jug of water on her shoulder.

While facing the statue, look behind it and notice the red door to the right (a small fire burns on the ground near the entrance).

Inside the house, there are two dwarves: Cornelius Meyer and Bruno Biggs.  Talk to them to activate Poker Face: Vergen. Make sure you win both games.

Quest Description

“Geralt grew fond of playing dice poker and he started looking for other players just after arriving in Vergen. It turned out that there were many enthusiasts of the pastime there. Geralt met players at the inn, among them the innkeeper himself.

He also heard that the elder, Cecil Burdon and the local blacksmith’s apprentice would never refuse a quick game. However the best players would not play just anyone. The witcher had to make a name by wining with the dwarves meeting at the smithy first.”

When to start

After Subterranean Life


The rules of a dice poker game haven’t change since you left Flotsam. Assuming that you have completed Poker Face: Flotsam, place your bets against Cornelius Meyer and Bruno Biggs.

After you defeat them, head back to the inn and beat the innkeeper.

Your fourth opponent is Cecil Burdon located in the eastern Vergen. If you track the quest, you can clearly see on your map, his location.

Beat Cecil Burdon then return to the house where you started the quest.

Note: It you play this quest at night, you will find Haggard, your final opponent in a bed near Cornelius Meyer and Bruno Biggs.

Haggard is a very tough opponent and also a lucky one. Don’t challenge him if you don’t have enough money in your pockets. After you beat Haggard, the quest ends.

Note:  It is a good idea to ask Haggard for some meteorite steel instead of Orens, after you defeat him. It is a valuable resource which will help you craft better items. Also, if you didn’t complete The Harpy Contract, make sure you purchase the Harpy Trap Diagram and all Harpy Traps from Haggard. 

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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