Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: For A Higher Cause Quest

For A Higher Cause! is the first main-quest of the third Witcher 2 act. It can be completed if you allied with Iorveth and it’s activated as soon as you approach Loc Muinne.

Along with Iorveth you start act 3 in the mountains near Loc Muinne.

Your first objective is to reach the city’s gates; however this task can be trickier than you think, and it is somehow connected with the first Witcher game.

Quest Description

“Behold the last part of the story about Geralt and the assassins of Kings. In his search for the kidnapped Triss Merigold and the treacherous Sile de Tansarville, Geralt arrived at Loc Muinne, an ancient city once inhabited by elves.

The witcher was in the company of Iorveth. Truly, should Geralt lead a Manticore on a leash, he would attract less attention from onlookers.”


Begin the quest by descending the hill towards the gates of Loc Muinne. Stay alert because you will be attacked by harpies.

When you reach the bottom, you will notice that the road is blocked by several Knights of the Flaming Rose. At this point, you should follow Iorveth who knows a secret passage to Loc Muinne, but if you completed the first Witcher game, and Siegfried survived, you will be able to enter the city without being attacked.

Assuming that you attack the knights, and manage to defeat them, when you approach the gates you will observe that they are locked, so, your best choice is to follow Iorveth through the caves nearby.

Iorveth will be your guide through the tunnels, so stay close to him. He will also help you defeat several Endregas and an Arachas, by keeping them distracted. Eventually, if you follow him you will exit the subterranean maze and enter the city through some ruins.

While exploring the ruins outside Loc Muinne, you will enter a larger area where you will encounter some gargoyles.

Combat Tip: Stay mobile and stun them with your Yrden Sign. Land fast attacks and after you defeat one, move back because the gargoyles explode. Don’t use fire-based spells on them.

After all stone gargoyles have been removed look around and you should see some stairs that take you to an underground chamber. Investigate it if you wish to complete An Encrypted Manuscript side-quest, but you can also return here later. For now, you should focus on the main quest.

As you advance, you will reach an area well-guarded by knights. Iorveth will tell you that to get to Philippa you have two options: get arrested or go through the sewers. Don’t try to get arrested because you will lose your weapons, even if this is the fastest way to reach the dungeons.

Instead, head towards the guards but always stay close to the right side of the ruins. Eventually, you will reach a small ramp and on top of it you will see some bounty hunters.

Near the ramp, to the right is an adjacent chamber. If you go inside a nobleman will stop you. It is Silgrat, and you have met him in Vergen (Bring it On: Vergen side-quest).

Fight Silgrat and make sure you win, to complete A Score To Settle side-quest. Now, look around and you should see some dice poker players.  Talk to Aylaya and Filly and challenge them to a dice poker match to activate Poker Face: Loc Muinne.

Next, head west and using the map below, locate the entrance to the sewers.

When you enter the sewers make sure you open your map and findthe northern chamber, because there you will find a very important item. Using Geralt’s medallion, detect the chests in the area. The one to the left contains the Armor of Ys Diagram and the one to the right the Vran Armor Diagram.

These two items will help you complete the Mystic River side-quest (assuming you have followed our walkthrough so far).

After you get the two diagrams, exit the sewers through the indicated point marked on your map, and you will assists a new cutscene showing the Nilfgaardian ambassador and Philippa.

After the cutscene kill all soldiers and then talk to Philippa. Ask her as many questions as you can, but keep in mind that at the end you have to make an important choice.

If you decide to help her, you will start a new quest called The Spellbreaker, if not you will start the final part of the quest called Where is Triss Merigold. As soon as you make your final decision, the current quest ends.

The Assassins of Kings quest updates again.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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