Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough: A Rough Landing Quest

A Rough Landing is the first main quest of the first Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition act, and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it.

A Rough Landing is automatically added to your quest-log when you approach Flotsam, accompanied by Roche and Triss Merigold.

Your ship approaches the beach and from there you must travel on foot to reach the town, because a new monster lurks nearby, which means that the harbor is closed.

Additionally, Roche prefers to inspect the surroundings since he doesn’t trust the informant he has to meet.

Quest Description

“Vernon Roche’s ship finally reached the vicinity of Flotsam, a trading post governed by commander Loredo. Roche wanted to meet his informant, yet, unsure of the commander’s loyalties, chose not to dock in the harbor, but rather to land on a beach and conduct a bit of reconnaissance before bringing the ship in.

He took to scouting in the company of Geralt and Triss.”


Begin the quest by following Roche and Triss. You must jump off the ship and then stay near your companions.

Make sure you loot the chest on the beach, and you will find the diagram required to forge a new Witcher’s Silver Sword (A Sword for Monsters side-quest).

Move north on the beach and you will suddenly hear a flute. A cutscene starts showing Iorveth in front of you. During the cutscene we find out that Iorveth and Roche are old acquaintances, but they have some unfinished businesses, and they hate each other.

During the cutscene you will have the chance to speak to Iorveth. The answers you give won’t change the game’s story. Just tell Iorveth why you are there, because you can’t avoid the upcoming fight.

Roche, eventually, loses his temper and attacks Iorveth who orders his archers to take you out. Fortunately, Triss casts a protective barrier, but this spell drains her powers and she falls to the ground. Roche helps her and the three of you must reach the city before the Scoia’tael arrows end your journey.

At this point all you have to do is to follow Roche and remain inside the bubble created by Triss. Along the way you will be attacked by more Scoia’tael.

Combat Tip: As long as you don’t exit the bubble, the arrows can’t hit you; however, keep in mind that the Scoia’tael will follow you inside.

The Scoia’tael elves are redoubtable ranged units but they are weak melee fighters. The fastest way to kill them is to use strong attacks. It is a good idea to loot their corpses, and eventually equip one of the swords they carry.

Stay near Roche and advance slowly until you reach the city’s gates, where a guard stops us. During the final cutscene of this quest, you find out that an execution takes place in the city.

You will also see Iorveth talking to the kingslayer. The assassin tells Iorveth that he knows you and your weakness.

The Assassins of Kings side-quest updates again, and A Rough Landing ends. The next quest in line is By The Gods – Stringing Up Sods.

Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Walkthrough
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